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7 Interior Single Designer Blogs You Should Visit

7 Interior Single Designer Blogs You Should Visit

  • These awesome single designer blogs are the ultimate sources of inspiration, information, and practical advice for future projects!
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Interior designers have a way to expand our minds: they tap into the possibilities that a room has to offer instead of focusing on its limitations.

Beyond the conceptual part of a project, their ingenuity and personal experience can then help you follow your budget and save a lot of money in the process. Sometimes this can be a little bit frustrating, as ideas clash with costs only to compromise on what you originally wanted. Thankfully, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Interior Designer Blogs for Home Projects

The internet continues to be a limitless source of information and a space for learning and studying in almost every discipline known. Interior Design is not the exception, which is why blogs that address residential and commercial interiors continue to stay relevant.

These bloggers are experts in the field and make themselves known through their online presence. They know how to get the best value out of your budget, help you avoid costly mistakes, and guide you to clever solutions for tough-to-solve problems. More importantly, their blogs can serve as trustworthy sources to contrast ideas and take your projects to a whole new level. Without further ado, here are our favorite single interior designer blogs for this year!


interior design blogs 1Source: Kate Inspired
Kate is an interior design enthusiast with a passion for do-it-yourself projects, fashion, makeup, and home décor & organization.

Kate’s posts focus on being as detailed as possible, especially when it comes to small room interior designs, maximizing space, and bringing forth an aesthetic look through effective order and distribution. Her blog is a one-stop-site for home-related DIY tutorials and unique projects such as her kitchen transformation, living room remodeling, or even her DIY makeup vanity piece.

DigsDigs by Mike and Margarita Yarmish

interior design blogs 2Source: Digsdigs
Digsdigs posts are informative, detailed, and well-written.

Mike and Margarita Yarmish have run DigsDigs for more than 12 years. Their main goal is to inspire anyone to live a more stylish and happy life by pouring all their passion for interior designs into each post, giving you the best description and advice in textures, colors, type of furniture, and decorations.

DigsDigs specializes in Home Design, making it an ideal stop for homeowners looking to renovate their living spaces. They go above and beyond in providing specifics on pretty much all possible styles of house and apartment designs (no matter the size of your home).

SUKIO by Desiré Greene

interior design blogs 3Source: Sukio
If you’re looking for ideas that can help you make your residential spaces elegant and exciting, Desiré’s blog is worth visiting!

Desiré Greene brings you a fresh new perspective on interior design through her website and Pinterest account. Her interest in visual design, writing, photography, and technology makes SUKIO a vas library, brimming with posts on art and architecture, interiors, and even everyday life advice.

Jennifer Rhode Blog

interior design blogs 4Source: Jennifer Rhode
The Jennifer Rhode blog features residential and commercial design projects.

Jennifer Rhode owns and curates all the content in her namesake blog and has turned it into a remarkable source of inspiration for contractors and interior designers. Her articles on remodeling projects are detailed and fun to read and can easily take you on hours-long journeys of discovery and amazement.

Décor by Carol Fisher

interior design blogs 5Source: Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher’s blog features top-notch interior design tips.

If you’re looking for vibrant, creative interior design rich in textures and details, then you need to stop by Carol’s blog. Carol Fisher and her team founded a website that serves as more than a portfolio: her site uses each of its projects as a gathering point for interior design enthusiasts and veterans alike.

Her posts serve as online tours that introduce ideas and concepts that merge to create something new. This level of creativity and mastery over interior design and color balance makes her posts something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Michael Gainey Signature Design Blog

interior design blogs 6Source: Michael Gainey
Michael’s posts offer a professional interior designer’s perspective and key takeaways on various projects.

Michael Gainey has built an outstanding career as an interior designer, creating new looks that liven up his client’s everyday life. His unique approach allows him to create spaces that reflect a homeowner’s lifestyle, interests, and life experiences to create personalized spaces.

His blog posts cover interior design profiles, strategies for maximizing space, outdoor residential design trends, and expert remodeling tips. Each article takes you inside his world and thought process and are some of the most insightful pieces you’ll find online.

TRAN+ THOMAS Design Studio Blog

interior design blogs 7Source: TRAN+THOMAS
The TRAN + THOMAS design blog offers professional advice on remodeling projects and furniture selection.

Jill Tran and Carmen Thomas formed a design studio filled with talented professionals and insightful writers. Their blog showcases guides on everything you need to know to make your home interiors shine. Their posts cover flooring, furniture selection, decorations, use of space, home-office designs, and many other useful topics for your future projects.

Their pieces are thought-provoking and filled with rich images that make each article fun and easy to read. This blog is, without question, one of our favorite single interior designer blogs.


Interior Designer Blogs allow us to connect and even interact with these proven professionals. Putting a name to a particular decor or interior design style (as well as the materials, products, and resources needed to materialize it) is easy thanks to these blogs.

Being able to turn to an interior designer that can help you find an interior design style that resonates with you is a blessing. These blogs take it a step further and guide you towards the proper materials, products, and resources you’ll need to finish your journey as well, making them priceless assets you can access at any time.