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7 Little-known Shipping Container Cabin Designs

7 Little-known Shipping Container Cabin Designs

  • Ever dreamt you had your own retreat? These shipping container cabins can be a refuge or a long-term investment you can rent to others!
shipping container cabins

Owning a shipping container cabin means you’re a short drive away from a refuge from work and worries. Be it the simplicity, the intrigue, or the affordability—shipping container cabins are captivating!

We all deserve to unwind and recharge from time to time, and these nifty cabins can quickly become summer homes or bungalows, depending on your need and location. These modular spaces are eco-friendly, affordable, and can be easily expanded with additional containers if needed.

Shipping Container Cabins are Smart Investments

For many, having a shipping container cabin that can serve as a vacation home is good enough from both personal well-being and financial standpoints (after all, you save considerable money on trips and lodging). But many opt to turn their vacation homes into AirBNB cabins they can rent to others as a way to recover their initial investment and even profit later on.

Today our review team has picked our favorite shipping container cabins for this year, featuring successful DIY projects as well as luxurious retreats built by proven professionals for you. Let’s begin!

The Jim Poteet Shipping Container Cabin

shipping container cabins 1Source: Poteet Architects
This shipping container cabin can serve as a garden retreat cabin or a stylish guesthouse.

Jim Poteet designed this gorgeous shipping container cabin for a San Antonio, Texas client. This cabin can turn into a garden retreat, a playhouse, or even a cozy guest house for last-minute visitors. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows allow visitors to enjoy the natural lighting during the day and breath-taking views at night.

shipping container cabins 2Source: Poteet Architects
The navy blue exterior and colorful modern interior design make this shipping container cabin something special.

This shipping container cabin includes a heating, air-conditioning system, fully functional bathroom, and state-of-the-art spray-foam and bamboo insulation. This build ensures that guests enjoy all the utilities and optimal temperatures a traditional home can offer.

The Backcountry Containers Cabin

shipping container cabins 6Source: Backcountry Containers
Backcountry Containers transformed this shipping container cabin into a luxurious bungalow.

When it comes to custom shipping container homes, few companies are as experienced as Backcountry Containers. Their talented team turned this shipping container cabin into a robust bungalow that serves as a summer retreat for the family.

This shipping container cabin features adjoined containers, a broad front porch, and a graceful observation deck capable of hosting barbecues with multiple guests. This level of craftsmanship is remarkable and proves that shipping container cabins can become luxurious vacation homes for anyone, especially if you add a storage container pool to your property!

Minimalist Shipping Container Cabin Rental

shipping container cabins 9Source: Tiny House by Saffy
This minimalist shipping container cabin rental generates monthly income for this talented couple.

Saffy and Dom built this gorgeous shipping container cabin and currently rent it to visitors for additional income. Shipping container homes are excellent investment opportunities due to being prefabricated structures, which saved this couple considerable money traditionally spent on walls and roofing.

shipping container cabins 10Source: Tiny House by Saffy
The insides come with fiberglass batt insulation and premium plywood lining.

The insides feature a sober color palette that perfectly fits the fresh Scandinavian design the couple chose for their shipping container cabin.

shipping container cabins 11Source: Tiny House by Saffy
This cabin offers its visitors marvelous views of the Australian countryside and its legendary fauna.

The shipping container cabin features a floor-to-ceiling picture window in one of its ends to leverage the countryside’s unique views. It also comes with a deck that invites you to enjoy the sun’s warm light with your freshly squeezed orange juice during the morning.

The Kubed Living K160 Shipping Container Cabin

shipping container cabins 12Source: Kubed Living
Kubed Living offers several pre-designed shipping container cabin models to their audience.

Kubed Living has a remarkable 5-step approach to designing shipping container cabins for their customers. Their K160 model offers a combination of comfort, efficiency, and luxury for your shipping container cabin.

shipping container cabins 13Source: Kubed Living
The K160 7′ custom-designed kitchen comes with a full fridge, dishwasher, and a pull-out dining table.

The K160 model features an optional deck perfect for gently tanning your skin while you enjoy a refreshing beverage and your favorite audiobook. You can also invite guests to wrap-up the week over some cold drinks and friendly banter under the lunar sky.

The CargoHome Mainsail Cabin

shipping container cabins 7Source: CargoHome
The CargoHome team has years of experience in modular homes and shipping container cabins.

The CargoHome Mainsail model is one of the best pre-built shipping container cabins available today. This 40′ container home comes with paneled pine shiplap interiors and custom-made wooden casements for the windows, creating an interior that resembles a beautiful modern farmhouse.

shipping container cabins 8Source: Cargo Home
This shipment container cabin allows you to enjoy all the amenities of a traditional home.

The kitchen area comes with granite or quartz countertops, a stove, a refrigerator, and a full-size sink. The custom cabinetry is not only masterfully crafted, but it also fits the interior’s theme to perfection. The rooftop deck comes with an optional rooftop garden, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor scenery of your summer home or woodland retreat.

California Shipping Container Cabin

shipping container cabins 16Source: The Container Home Project
The Container Home Project is a couple’s DIY project that rivals some of the most fashionable shipping container cabins out there.

This couple took inspiration from European shipping container cabins and decided to fulfill a life-long dream: building their own home. This loft-styled shipping container cabin combines glamour with industrial flair, easily noticeable by the contrasting contemporary furniture and exposed container ceiling. This seemingly odd merge of styles works surprisingly well and creates a truly unique living space for this couple.

shipping container cabins 17Source: The Container Home Project
The shipping container cabin sits atop a stunning six-acre property near the rim of a canyon.

This gorgeous shipping container cabin also offers a breath-taking view to the east of the deck, inviting you to marvel at nature’s unrivaled work with a hot cup of coffee. During the evening, you can use the glass roll-up doors and heating system to stay cozy as you watch your favorite show with your loved one.

Countryside Shipping Container Cabin

shipping container cabins 14Source: Tim Steele
This shipping container cabin combines three converted shipping containers.

This beautiful Tim Steele project features a spacious 800 square feet cabin in the often underrated New York countryside. The client had always dreamed of owning a cabin in the countryside, away from the cities’ hectic lifestyle.

shipping container cabins 15Source: Tim Steele
Tim Steele’s motivation was turning a shipping container into an exquisite living space.

The roomy shipping container cabin comes with a tasteful contemporary design that transports the luxurious city interiors to the quiet and charming New York countryside. This personal temple is always within driving distance of the city, allowing you to take a personal day off at any time.


Shipping container cabins are one of the hottest commodities for this year. These cabins are cheaper to build than traditional log cabins and are also faster to install, allowing buyers to enjoy their dream vacation home in just a few months. When we consider that these shipping container homes can turn into a source of passive income, it’s no wonder that so many investors are looking to establish their sustainable retreats this year.