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Affiliate Disclosure: How We Make Money

Affiliate Disclosure: How We Make Money

Interior Design

We believe that the greatest homes and living spaces in the world are created through processes of inspiration. That’s why our helpful tools, researched advice, and expert recommendations are totally free. We like to help others harness their own inspiration in unique and innovative ways.

Links on this page may earn us a small commission when clicked. To learn more read our Affiliate Disclosure.


You may have noticed that we don’t have a lot of annoying banners or advertisements on our site. We believe that these annoyances limit the experience of our website, just like clutter might work towards reducing the experience of one’s home. Still, we have to help finance our efforts and this page is meant to help explain how we do this.

Types of Advertising

So how do we make money? We receive compensation from our certain manufacturers and retailers when readers buy their products. Many of the links on our website are what are known as affiliate links, which means we get a small commission if someone clicks through those links and then goes on to buy a product.

These types of relationships don’t inhibit our pursuit of editorial independence and we seek first to find inspiration and only afterward look for means of linking to products.

Sometimes these links are for specific products from specific manufacturers and other times they are for any products from a certain retailer. For example, this is an affiliate link to which will give us a small commission for anything you purchase. With links such as these, it’s easy for us to avoid conflicts of interest or product discrimination since Wayfair pretty much carries Everything Home®.

Our Personal Bias

While compensation may influence the products we review and write about, the order in which products or categories appear in “best of” articles, whether products appear on our site and where they’re placed doesn’t affect the analysis and opinions of our writers.

We try to feature as many products offers on our site as we can maintain, but will be the first to point out there are far more products out there than those which we have reviewed. Largely, our articles, galleries, and product reviews are biased towards those which we’ve had personal experience with.

These are the deals, designs, and concepts that we’ve found the most beneficial to us in our pursuit of Home Refinery and are, more times than not, the core of our focus in working towards inspiring others.

Our Affiliate Partners

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the affiliate partners that we work with for your reference. In keeping with the essence of full disclosure we’ve made each of these links into affiliate links so you can better understand exactly how they may appear in the content throughout our website.


In most cases, for convenience both to our editorial staff and to readers, we elect to place affiliate links to products available from major retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon. These retailers carry practically everything and have also invested millions to provide a safe, easy, and secure shopping experience. We are avid buyers of all things home as well and often recommend retailers and products we use ourselves.

Amazon <—Affiliate Link

As an Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases. Essentially, this is legalese for “if you click on a link from our website that takes you to Amazon we probably get a commission for anything you buy.” As with all affiliate links, this bears no additional cost to readers while still helping us out. That’s to say; affiliate links don’t make what you buy cost more, it just helps share the retailers’ profit with us!

Wayfair <—Affiliate Link

HomeRefinery often references products such as furniture, home decor, or even some types of services such as interior design. Wayfair is one of our favorite websites to find deals on great home decor and sometimes even furniture. Links on our site that point to Wayfair’s website allows us to earn a small commission when readers make a purchase. Again, no purchases you make will even be charged more for these types of links—it just means we get a small advertising fee paid to us.

Individual Manufacturers

In addition to offers from major retailers such as Amazon, we sometimes work directly with companies to share specific products to our readers. In these cases, we carefully consider product quality, company reputation, available product reviews, and conduct a thorough audit of products our self. These types of offers aren’t nearly as common since they are not always a good fit for us or our readers. Below are a few of the companies we work more directly with.

Nectar Sleep <—Affiliate Link

Nectar Sleep is an emergent ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress company that has helped to forever redefine how buyers consider mattresses. They are among a handful of mattress brands that have pioneered a new direct-to-consumer sales model to help provide luxury mattresses at manufacturer-direct pricing.

Zinus <—Affiliate Link

Zinus is another mattress company that has pioneered the affordable mattress option. Like several others, Zinus is able to manufacturer their mattresses in such a manner as to allow for direct-to-consumer shipping (Free) via standard ground carriers. We find this to be an exciting new way to buy mattresses and like to talk about companies such as these.

Affiliate Networks

In addition to partnering with individual merchants directly, we also rely on certain advertising partners to aggregate offers. This helps us keep costs to a minimum, allows our writers to focus on writing, and provides a greater diversity of product and shopping recommendations to our readers. One network our site relies on to provide this technology is Skimlinks. An example of a Skimlinks affiliate link is below:

Skimlinks<—Affiliate Link

Our Commitment to Readers

We commit ourselves to provide readers with our actual opinions about developing Home trends and the latest styles. At no point will we tell you we have a deeper insight than anyone else because at the end of the day design is largely considerate upon opinion. That’s to say; even though we spend the majority of our time searching for home decorating ideas  we might never find the perfect design for you.

Knowing this, we endeavor to provide you with inspiration and opportunity to better express your own design preferences and cater to the unique needs of your home. By using these types of affiliate links we are able to present content without annoying banner ads and also keep tighter control over the types of products you see recommended on our site.