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Amerisleep is one of the best mattress brands on the market today and features several direct-to-consumer products priced far below comparable luxury brands. This mattress brand utilizes some of the latest materials technology such as Celliant® and Bio-Pur™ Foams to help make mattresses that offer more.

American Designed, American Made

Amerisleep is a proudly US-based manufacturer with a powerful direct-to-consumer sales model. They produce mattresses of different firmness ratings to address the needs of every sleep preference, make platform beds, and even have a line of pillows designed to help keep one cool at night. In recent years they’ve undergone a bit of rebranding which has resulted in a fresh new look and the renaming of some of their greatest products. For example, one of the most popular mattresses in their lineup—The Liberty—is now known simply as the Amerisleep AS3 Mattress. Other notable changes were among The Revere (now Amerisleep AS2) and The Colonial (now Amerisleep AS4).

Amerisleep Hybrid Mattress Box Size Home Refinery
The Amerisleep ships in a conveniently sized package for easy setup

Innovative Designs

The mattress industry has seen a dramatic shift in business model in recent years and now has quite a few brands with the direct-to-consumer pricing model. These so-called ‘bed-in-a-box’ brands offer consumers luxury quality mattresses for a fraction of the cost spent on comparable mattresses. Amerisleep goes a step further however and has endeavored to pursue the highest-quality products possible while still offering direct-to-consumer pricing. This has been seen in the use of their Bio-Pur™ materials as well as their licensing of the Celliant® material which has been designed to recycle body heat into infrared light.

Service Backed Quality

Mattresses are among the largest purchases many consumers will make in a lifetime. Amerisleep has taken this into careful consideration and developed services and guarantees to help accommodate. They offer free shipping on their mattresses, offer a 100 night in home trial period, and then follow things up with a 20 year warranty! Mattresses buying may be a bit of a leap of faith, but Amerisleep does everything in their power to help assure customers are confident in their purchase and that their mattress will offer them a continued amount of value.

Overall Impressions

Amerisleep is a great, innovative, and dedicated mattress brand that continues to deliver. An Amerisleep review can help provide one with deeper insight into what makes a quality mattress company. They have offered luxury mattresses at a fraction of the cost of many retail store brands, back their products by tremendous warranty programs, and even have devised a way to ship their products, for free, in conveniently-sized boxes. This mattress brand is among the best brands on the market today and their products are of the highest quality around. For those looking for mattresses to provide luxury comfort and last for decades—Amerisleep should be at the top of your list of considerations.

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