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Apt2B: 100% USA-Made Quality Furniture

Apt2B: 100% USA-Made Quality Furniture

  • Looking to quickly outfit your home? Apt2b offers high-quality products made in the USA at the best prices!
apt2b furniture collections

Apt2B is a furniture company that combines simplicity, high style, and incredible prices. Their collections decorate your home with a cohesive aesthetic that connects with your personality and design tastes. The brand features the work of talented designers such as Kyle Schuneman to deliver avant-garde pieces to your home.

Today we’ve picked some of APT2B’s latest collections and reviewed, what we believe, are some of their best pieces to date.

The Apt2b Westmont Bedroom Collection

apt2b furniture collections 1Source: Apt2B
The Westmont Bedroom Set adds modern flair to your bedchamber.

The Westmont collection features a dazzling contemporary bedroom set that’ll revolutionize your bedroom. The Westmond set features a low-profile bed constructed with solid mahogany wood and draped and wire-brushed veneer accents. The Westmont bed comes with a brushed-bronze steel base capable of holding your mattress without the use of a box spring, making it stylish and highly functional.

apt2b furniture collections 2Source: Apt2B
The Westmont Collection features a beautiful onyx nightstand.

The Westmont collection also comes with a sophisticated nightstand that matches the bed’s aesthetics (notice the brushed-bronze base and strong mahogany build). Spacious as it is stylish, this nightstand conveniently stores your books, jewels, and other essentials.

apt2b furniture collections 3Source: Apt2B
The Westmont Dresser has all the glitz and glam of Hollywood Regency style.

The Westmont brushed steel dresser is also part of this gorgeous bedroom set. Personally curated by Kyle Schuneman, the quality and craftsmanship of the Westmont dresser are worthy of a Hollywood regency bedroom. The brushed brass mount bars give way to the removable felt-lining in the top drawers, offering neat little details that all quality furniture should offer.

apt2b furniture collections 4Source: Apt2B
The Westmont Chest comes with a powerful black oak finish and classy dovetail joinery.

Lastly, we got the Westmont chest. The chest’s delicate drawers represent jazzy elegance, while its sanded and stained interiors offer ample space for luxurious pieces you’d like to keep safely stashed. The Westmont Chest is the final piece of this glamorous metropolitan bedroom collection currently on sale on the APT2B website. While the chest perfectly fits with the room’s aesthetics, we invite you to check out some of the other bachelor chests we’ve reviewed in the past for additional options!

The Logan Living Room Collection

apt2b furniture collections 5Source: Apt2B
The Logan Living Room Collection comes in two different sizes, perfectly adapting to your living spaces.

The APT2B Logan collection features vintage glamour in over 50 different colors. Its button-tufted back cushions are comfortable and stain-resistant, making them very easy to clean. All of the Logan Collection pieces are hypoallergenic and breathable, making them a safe choice for those who suffer from allergies.

apt2b furniture collections 6Source: Apt2B
The Logan Apartment Size Sofa comes in 50 different colors and finishes.

The Logan collection also features an apartment size sofa that perfectly adapts to smaller living rooms. The furniture comes with an exceptionally sturdy wooden frame and a modern shape that elevates any room’s aesthetic, proving that Apt2B creates quality furniture for all living spaces.

apt2b furniture collections 9Source: Apt2B
The Logan 2Piece Sectional Sofa is perfect for hosting movie nights with your friends!

If you’re looking for a two-piece sectional capable of hosting movie nights, the Logan Collection has you covered. This two-piece sectional sofa is stylish and super cozy, offering some old Hollywood glamour and next-level comfort.

apt2b furniture collections 8Source: Apt2B
Hosting a last-minute guest? No problem! The Logan Sleeper Sectional Sofa can house an innerspring or memory foam mattress.

The Logan collection sleeper sectional sofa houses a queen size mattress of your choosing: it can be a Deluxe innerspring mattress or a premium memory foam mattress. The mattress upholstery and button-tufted back cushions are soft to the skin as well, making all of the Logan pieces an excellent choice all-around.


Apt2B was founded in 2010 and is one of the largest furniture e-commerce platforms today. The founders Alex Back and Mat Herman have turned Apt2B into a modern and contemporary furniture retailer that offers their clients quality pieces at outstanding prices. Most of their products are manufactured in the USA with high-quality materials and construction methods. By operating locally and without a formal retail space, they’re able to attach amazing price tags to every collection they release without sacrificing quality.

Overall Review

Apt2B has turned into one of the best online furniture stores today. Their vast catalog offers modern, mid-century, contemporary, and even minimalist pieces built for large farmhouse rooms or small city apartments at competitive prices.

An overwhelming majority of their customers are not just happy with Apt2B offers in design and style, but are also pleased with the quality of the products they produce and sell through their online outlet. Considering their versatility, successful business model, and consistently tasteful furniture collections, Apt2B is no doubt one of the best furniture brands available today.