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Back Pain: How Your Mattress Might Be Hurting You

Waking up with back pain is a part of daily life for millions of Americans. Grimacing through morning routines to loosen muscles only to have them stiffen back up during work hours begets a dangerous cycle of poor spinal health. There are many ways to help address the presence of back pain such as chiropractic work, physical therapy, lifestyle alterations, and even strengthening exercise such as yoga. Mattresses are among some of the most...
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Bed in a Box: The Mattress Craze Sweeping the World

Mattresses have an inordinate amount of influence over our lives. We spend roughly one-third of our entire lives on mattresses—yet so few feel they have the best mattress possible. Many suffer from lower back pain, chronic fatigue, and generalized mattress dissatisfaction yet are unable to address the issue because of expensive prices. New mattress brands have been sweeping the nation in recent years with a new business model dubbed Bed in a box which...
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10 Classic Bedtime Stories For Kids & Adults Alike

Bedtime stories are among the most essential routines for quality sleep for children. Even when one has the best mattress in the world the added comfort of an imaginative bedtime story can help woo us all to sleep! Classic stories of moral development, trying struggles, and fabled lessons were cornerstones of bedtimes stories for kids throughout our history. These stories can transform a regular mattress into an vessel for creative imagination and help not...

Hummingbird Food Recipe: Safe Ingredients for Happy Birds

Hummingbirds are among the most delightful of Mother Nature's creations. Their fluttering, darting, often juvenile movements are often among the first signs of summer. Hummingbird feeders placed prominently about one's yard can help attract these harbingers of warm weather. Hummingbird food is often sold as cheap commercial byproducts likely harmful to hummingbirds and the environment. We're going to cover some safe and easy DIY hummingbird food recipes to help avoid such nasty alternatives. Hummingbirds 101 Hummingbirds...
House on the Point

10 Modern Home Designs for Creative Inspiration

Modern homes are among some of the most enigmatic architectural designs in the world. Modernism has evolved throughout our history and tends to carry different definitions depending on who is offering an opinion. Many of the best modern home designs in our past have gone unrecognized for decades—seemingly too far ahead of their time to be appreciated. We've put together a list of modern home designs to provide an in-depth survey of just what modern...
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7 Tiny Houses You’ll Fall in Love With

Tiny houses are some of the most popular new takes on what modern living can be. Their affluent interiors often stand in stark contrast to the unassuming exteriors, though make no mistake—these homes are becoming insanely popular! Whether a design seems best suited for mobile travel or if it's designed for permanent living—tiny homes are all unique conceptions of maximizing style and function without excess. What Are Tiny Houses? Tiny houses come in many shapes, though typically...