Emma Wright

Emma Wright

Emma is Home Refinery's interior and design editor. When she's not obsessing over her next home decorating project, she can be found bargain-shopping at vintage stores, mixing and matching new color palettes, and writing for one of many major home publications for which she contributes.

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modern japandi minimalist home 4
Home Decor Trends to Watch For in 2020

2020 is the start of a new decade, and perhaps you are among those who want to build or buy their dream house this year.…

modern japandi minimalist home
Japandi Minimalist House by Rachael Miklas

Japandi design fully embraces the modernist, rustic Scandinavian design and incorporates the timeless minimalist Japanese design to truly push the boundaries when it comes to…

contemporary chic home design tina marie home refinery
Metropolitan Chic Home Tour by Christina Kairis

Contemporary interior designs are part of a fluid concept that focuses on the latest design trends. It adds Avant-Garde decorative elements to stay current and…

custom modern farmhouse design christriano homes
Modern Farmhouse Design by Christiano Homes

The modern farmhouse style is all about balancing the outdoors’ freshness & coziness with the elegance that modernity provides; this beautiful Orange County home shows…

wayfair bayou breeze metal wall decor homerefinery
10 Best Cheap Home Decor Sites to Save Big on Your Next Project

Buying home decor online can be frustrating. On one hand, there’s a nearly endless supply of styles, colors, and product availability. On the other hand,…

contemporary house jaffa group home refinery 2
Luxurious Contemporary House Design by Jaffa Group

This beautiful estate located in White Pine Canyon represents the contemporary style in all of its facets. The contemporary mountain style architecture perfectly feeds into…

12 Best Living Room Decorating Ideas to Drive Your Creative Inspiration

Our living rooms are host to memories with friends, family members, and loved ones. Of all the living room ideas, the company within may be…

bold blue living room by morgan hunt homerefinery 1
Bold Blue Paneled Living Room by Morgan Hunt

Paneled walls are a great way to create a strong traditional design style. Interesting things happen when traditional wall panels collide with bold, modern colors.…

coastal rattan twin bedroom design weiss home refinery 1
Coastal New England Twin Bedroom by Palmer Weiss

Coastal designs always impress with their light, lofty, and inviting motifs. This guest bedroom design from Palmer Weiss showcases a beautiful entanglement of rattan, custom…

Pink Traditional Twin Bedroom Design by Balcon Studio

Twin bedroom designs are always interesting. The unique ways by which designers showcase the underlying duality of the design can either inspire or hinder. This…