James Quinn

James Quinn

A furniture designer with a passion for design and architecture. Mildly obsessed with mid-century modern furniture, finding new room ideas, and discovering new color combinations.

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lawncare tips greener grass homerefinery
Tips for Growing A Greener & Thicker Lawn

Are you looking to have greener, healthier, and thicker grass? You are not alone. Most homeowners want to have a thick lawn, free of weeds,…

cockroach egg
Simple Tips to Get Rid of Cockroaches Inside Your Home

There aren’t many more unsettling sights in your home than encountering pests. Insects, rodents, spiders—they can all infiltrate your house and make you feel vulnerable.…

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These Are the Best DIY Security Systems

As safety becomes increasingly more important for homeowners, the number of available do-it-yourself security systems has skyrocketed. However, not all companies that claim to have…

blue wagon landscape modern farmhouse backyard pool homerefinery
10 Dream Backyard Ideas for Your Dream Home

Backyards are places where we relax, entertain, and rejuvenate. Creating your dream backyard is all about finding inspiration to drive your design. Whether you’re renovating,…

vitamin c showerhead banner homerefinery
Vitamin C Shower Heads: Naturally Detoxify Water & Balance pH

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient known to help combat everything from allergies to inflammation. Showerheads are those wonderful inventions that turn trickles into turnpikes…

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5 Teardrop Camper Trailers to Buy Now

There are few types of camper vans out there more iconic than the teardrop trailer. This iconic design captures the spirit of the open road…

Energy Efficient Kitchen Design
5 Potent Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Home

You’ve probably heard about the popular trend in recent years to “go green.” You can do your part as a homeowner to protect the environment…

outdoor rustic barstool
The Best 7 Outdoor Barstools to Buy for Counters & Bars

Sometimes choosing the right barstool can be a challenge for your patio. You want the stools to be comfortable enough for people to sit on,…

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Lantern Chandeliers: 10+ Elegant Lights to Buy For Dining Rooms

With so many different types of designs, finding the perfect chandelier can be a tough decision – luckily, our inspiration board has a range of…

contemporary kitchen with barstools
10+ Barstools with Backs & Arms to Buy for Entertaining

The ideal barstool is an essential item for any party – but, it can be tricky to find. Get the best ideas here for bar…