James Quinn

James Quinn

A furniture designer with a passion for design and architecture. Mildly obsessed with mid-century modern furniture, finding new room ideas, and discovering new color combinations.

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home refinery chandelier rewiring guide
Chandelier Maintenance: How To Rewire Chandeliers Easily

Does your chandelier flicker? Has it recently started shining more dimly than before? Perhaps you’re going through light bulbs at an alarmingly fast rate? Rewiring…

catalano adjustable height bar stools fluer de lis living
Barstool Height & Width: How Tall Should Bar Stools Be?

Choosing the perfect height barstool can be tricky – discover exactly how to choose the best barstool height for all counter types. Finding the perfect…

standard eletric fireplace instructions
How To: Using Electric Fireplaces For Beginners

Electric fireplaces are simple to use: no flames, no smoke and no mess. The electric fireplace has made modern house-heating a smooth exercise, but it’s…

Carerra Bedroom Collection by Lexington Furniture
Lexington Furniture: A Bold Trendsetting American Brand

Lexington Furniture is one of the most renowned luxury furniture brands in the world. They’ve got a rich history rooted in classic American solid wood…

Cosco 500 Piece Folding Puzzle Table
Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables to Keep Game Night Classy

Puzzles are a great way to have fun with the whole family. The downside is they often take up valuable table space, get in the…

Curata L Desk by Hooker Furniture
5 Best Type of Computer Desks for Working From Home

Having a productive home office involves careful consideration. Storage, desk space, and decor all contribute to productivity when working from home. At the heart of…

ant on leaf
How to Get Rid of Ants Inside & Outside Your Home (5 Simple Steps)

Ants can quickly become a nuisance in and around your home if left unaddressed. Before you pick up the phone to call an ant exterminator,…

keen architecture modern kitchen design
7 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire

Kitchens have been called the hearts of good homes. They are among the most energetic and industrious spaces and serve to fuel our daily lives.…

global views high point market showroom homerefinery
6 Top US Furniture Market Trade Shows to Discover New Designs

Total U.S. furniture and bedding sales topped $115 Billion in 2019 following nearly 3% growth from the previous year. Before consumers buy furniture, wholesalers sell…

magnussen home sutton place home office lateral file desk credenza homerefinery
Home Office Decor Ideas For Better Work & Design

Having a welcoming home office can be the difference in having a productive day or an unproductive day. Your desk, office chair, and even wall…