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7 Impressive Barns with Living Quarters

7 Impressive Barns with Living Quarters

Emma Wright
  • Unless you own large animals, you might be wondering what you can do with your barn. Check out how these accomplished designers turned these empty barns into gorgeous living quarters!
barn with living quarters

Barns are excellent for housing horses, haystacks as well as storing equipment and supplies. These hallmark rural buildings have, over time, evolved into versatile structures with almost endless design potential.

Many have decided to turn their barns into spacious living quarters for guests and special events. Barns are traditionally wooden structures with a warm and cozy aura to them, making them ideal locations for hosting events or last-minute guests.

The Benefits of Refitting a Barn

Barns can have a comforting and natural appeal that reminisces simpler times. They remind us of pre-industrialized America, where past generations worked the land to provide for their families and establish commerce. Wood remains its typical structural material, making people feel more in touch with nature, even within their living quarters.

Today we’d like to show you how these accomplished designers and contractors have turned these empty barns into refined and welcoming living quarters. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Wyoming Horse Barn Apartment by Barn Pros

barn with living quarters 1Source: Barn Pros
This spacious barn can offers guests privacy and comfort.

Barnpros has quite the experience when it comes to refitting barn structures for housing purposes. Their streamlined process can make a project such as this come to fruition within weeks (instead of months). This Wyoming home used to be an empty barn, but it now presents complete harmony of size, scale, and detail as Barnpros’ team combined natural elements (stone, wood, and leather) with a warm color palette. They even managed to include a deck with a raised dormer roof, roll-up barn entry doors, and lots of decorative details.

New Jersey Barn with Living Quarters

barn with living quarters 2
Quarry View uses every architectural feature and turns it into an advantage.

The Quarry View are experts when it comes to construction. Their extensive portfolio showcases ambitious and small residential projects, each with careful attention to detail. This talented team has helped many first-time homeowners turn their barns into exciting and highly-functional living quarters that feel more like a second home.

barn with living quarters 3
Leather textures, exposed wooden beams, and entertainment centers make up this impressive living room.

Their team knocked it out of the park in this New Jersey project, refitting a barn into a house with fantastic views and farmhouse style interiors that project coziness and elegance in equal measure. Needless to say, that their state-of-the-art design and construction methods paid off when revolutionizing this farm structure.

Custom Residential Barn from King Construction

barn with living quarters 4
From soaring wood ceilings to skylights and dormers, King construction offers unique design opportunities.

King Construction is a custom builder firm that specializes in adjusting homes to any features their client request. They combine excellent customer relationships with tremendous attention to detail, allowing them to execute this barn with living quarters project with ease.

This remodeled barn can easily compete with luxurious farmhouses in terms of comfort and aesthetics. By adding full kitchens and bedrooms, as well as the latest modern amenities, you can make your dream home a reality without going over budget.

Small Barn with Living Quarters by Lester Buildings

barn with living quarters 5
Lester Buildings turns barns into luxurious vacation homes.

The Lester Buildings team knows that aspiring homeowners want their living spaces to be comfortable, stylish, and affordable. Refitting a barn with living quarters allows them to creatively fulfill their every need.

Their Martin City, MT project proves that with careful attention to detail and next-level craftsmanship, timber-based barns can turn into stunning homes with unique interiors.

Texan-Style Barns with Living Quarters by DMAX Design Group

barn with living quarters 6
DMAX Design Group uses technology and cutting-edge methods to create top-of-the-line barns with living quarters.

DMAX Design Group uses the latest technology to turn empty barns into exclusive homes. While the company offers models for every barn configuration, their Texas-style barn series has become a market’s favorite. This model features a classic farmhouse design that includes a 1st floor Master Bedroom & Bathroom Suite, 2nd Floor Guest Suites, a Timber Frame Great Room, Kitchen, and even Cupolas and Porches!

Barn with Living quarters by Morton Buildings

barn with living quarters 7
This gorgeous open-concept dining room intuitively leads guests to the entertainment center.

When it comes to barns with living quarters, few companies are as experienced as Morton Buildings. This Lonedell, Montana stall-barn with living quarters retains a rustic interior and integrates modern life comfort and convenience.

The Morton’s energy performer insulation package turns this barn into a super comfortable residence that stays cozy throughout the seasons. The comfy living room couch and entertainment season make hosting friends and family a breeze, while the guest bedroom bunk beds invite close friends to stay over for the night.

Michigan Heavy Timber Cabin & Shop Refitting

barn with living quarters 8
This barn with living quarters easily competes with many AirBNBs rentals

DC Buildings feature some of the most impressive and eye-catching barns with living quarters we’ve come across. Their team works nation-wide to deliver the iconic, historic charm that this American structure is known for.

The barn-with-living-quarters showcased above was refitted by DC Builders. Needless to say that it stands as the perfect environment for entertaining friends and family year-round. The upstairs living spaces feature a wet bar, gaming room, and custom bunk area for last-minute guests. The main level serves as a workshop and storage space for the owner’s hobby.


The current real estate market has a considerable entry barrier that forces aspiring homeowners to think outside the box. Luckily, barns can turn into attractive residences where family and friends can enjoy space and nature to their heart’s content. Alternatively, they can become a source of income for savvy homeowners that refit their empty barns into luxurious AirBNBs for rental.

Today, builders and interior designers combine technological tools with their expertise to transform standard barns into magnificent houses for their clients. We hope these projects inspire you when looking at housing alternatives for yourself or your family.