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9 Beautiful Asian Zen Dining Room Ideas

9 Beautiful Asian Zen Dining Room Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Asian Zen style is becoming increasingly popular in today's hectic, information-packed world. We'd like to share with you some of our favorite Asian Zen Dining Room Ideas so that you can introduce some much-needed serenity and beauty to this crucial living area.
beautiful asian zen dining room ideas

Today, we’ve handpicked from all over the web some of our favorite Asian Zen dining room ideas and reviewed them for you. The Asian Zen style main purpose is to create a peaceful, inspiring home that transmits tranquility and quiet elegance.

Based on the Zen way of life, this style seeks to elevate simplicity to an art form. Its deep minimalist roots, clean straight lines, concealed storage, and natural materials make up for a powerful and calming overall look. Sometimes, less is more, and Zen interior design takes this principle to heart. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Use Natural Materials

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 1Source: Dirk Denison Architects

The first Asian Zen dining room ideas come straight from Dirk Denison Architects’ team. All of the Zen design fundamentals are perfectly covered: the minimalist approach, the wooden dining chairs, walls, and window frames as well as the neutral color palette. The dining room’s natural lighting, and delicate décor instantly fill you with soothing tranquility and Zen energies. By turning this dining room into a personal sanctuary, Dirk Denison Architects prove that less is more.

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Leverage Artificial Lighting if Needed

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 2Source: Liquid Design & Architecture Inc.

The professionals over at Liquid Design & Architecture bring us these state of the art Asian Zen dining room ideas. This Miami residence provides elegance and sophistication without cluttering spaces. Notice the clean, straight lines are present throughout the dining room (and even the kitchen), as well as the ample built-in storage. For lighting, the owners decided to use 18″ Lighting Pendant Cylinders instead of natural lighting sources and a stylized consigned wood bowl as central decoration (which proves that it’s okay to incorporate alternate lighting sources).

Trendy Zen Spinoff

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 3Source: Wicked Smart Homes

This beautiful dining room was designed and curated by Wicked Smart Homes, and it features a trendy spin on traditional Asian Zen design. When it comes to Zen interior design, you want to incorporate simple, yet high-quality furniture and low-impact colors or very subtle patterns; however this project proves it’s possible to veer off elegantly. The gorgeous patterned chairs establish themselves as the room’s focal point, yet still coexist with the property’s chosen color palette. Notice how the natural lighting, a staple of Zen design, is present as well as clear discernable lines and ample storage to avoid clutter.

Go with Earthy Tones

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 4Source: J.P Walters Designs

This absolutely stunning J.P Walters Designs dining room breaks with color palette standards. Asian Zen Design tends to stick to combinations of black and white, with sparse use of color, but J.P Walters’ team went with earthy tones with great success. The polished wooden floor mirrors the custom made suspended wood veneer, which is nothing short of genius. Furthermore, the Brindelle Terra Suede pendant provides the dining table lighting, which is delicately adorned by clay pots and succulents to provide an elegant, yet simple finishing.

No Dining Table Setup

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 5Source: Archillusion Design

The next Asian Zen dining room ideas come to us from Achillusion Design. This Beverly Hills home underwent a complete remodeling process and introduces a revolutionary approach to the dining room: the absence of a table. This dining room is otherwise text-book Zen: clear defined lines, a perfect balance of blacks, whites, and dark wooden walls for accent. The area is incredibly welcoming and fills you with deep serenity and calmness, beckoning you for a quiet dinner with your loved ones after a long day. While simple in appearance, the quartz countertop is masterfully crafted and clean, making it a bold, yet equally viable choice.

Incorporate Landscape as Decor

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 6Source: EYRC Architects

The EYRC Architects team turned this Asian Zen dining room into a true minimalist space. This Zen room is simultaneously energized by incorporating the landscape into part of its décor and integrating natural lighting through large sliding glass doors. The wooden floors, walls, and table are perfectly calibrated to create a harmony of earth tones that is both sophisticated and welcoming. The absence of clutter is notable, but it’s few pieces are truly luxurious: the Niels Moller chair and Oh Mei Ma aluminum pendant are exquisite.

Zen with Rustic Overtones

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 7Source: Envision Decking

These mesmerizing Asian Zen dining room ideas come to us from Envision Decking. This project shows that it’s entirely possible to combine the delicate Zen interior design philosophy, with rustic architecture commonly found in farmhouses. The use of negative space is masterful, with very sparse colorful décor that pleases the eye without overloading your senses. The spiced teak flooring offered by Envision Decking beautifully contrasts with the property’s rustic ceiling and gently reminds us of the vast, gorgeous outdoor waiting for you a door away.

Modern Zen Design

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 8Source: CIRCLE Design Studio

CIRCLE Design brings us these uniquely modern Zen Asian dining room ideas. Right off the bat, you’ll notice certain Asian Zen design staples: clean defined lines, minimal décor, built-in concealed storage, and abundant natural lighting. The modern spin comes in the form of a gorgeous patterned rug under the dining area. By implementing a delicate rug that replicates the property’s neutral palette, a certain modern spin takes this living area to the next level in terms of creativity. The Matte Black linear pendant, and webbed, blackened iron bowl complete the sophisticated décor wonderfully.

Maximize Built-in Storage Opportunities

beautiful asian zen dining room ideas 9Source: Tate Studio Architects

Zen interior design is all about creating peaceful, inspiring living spaces that better your well-being. It’s fair to say that Tate Studio Architects has successfully recreated these emotions through hard work and expert craftsmanship. The dining room itself is incredibly clean and easy on the eyes: décor is kept to a minimum, and the wooden floors are marvelous. The display wine cellar and storage racks ensure that the property remains minimalist at heart without sacrificing functionality. The ample storage allows owners to access utensils or useful items that the owners might need at a moment’s notice. This project is a perfect example of how to maximize built-in storage without sacrificing luxury and elegance.


Dining rooms are a major activities hub for any home. Asian Zen style and its philosophy believe that its centerpiece must be its occupants and not the room’s decor. So whether you’re having guests over, or enjoying dinner with your loved ones, a tranquil setup that eases the senses and, encourages the occupant’s energy to take over is fundamental. Thankfully, recreating these beautiful Asian zen dining room ideas is not a particularly expensive endeavor due to its minimalist and austere nature, so feel free to experiment!