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8 Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas

8 Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Beach house designs seek to transmit those vacation and relaxation vibes that typical nautical themes convey. Thankfully, You don’t need to live by the coast to recreate a breezy, yet sophisticated ambiance into your home. Today, we'd like to share with you some beautiful beach house master bedroom ideas that are easy to implement. 
Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bedrooms are the centerpieces of personal space, intimacy, and rest. Naturally, every master bedroom needs to be soothing and relaxing, providing you a serene atmosphere through symmetry and aesthetically pleasing colors, textures, and décor. Luckily, our beautiful beach house master bedroom ideas check all of these boxes!

These Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas can inspire you when putting together a new concept for your master bedroom. The key is to be mindful of details and choosing the right kind of color, textures, and gorgeous furniture. The designers featured today can help you achieve that charming beach house decor feels in a breeze. 

Combine Strong Blue Tones with Patterns

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 1Source: Lisa Hincher of The Good Home Interiors & Design

This master bedroom design by Lisa Hincher of The Good Home Interiors & Design offers the sophisticated look that navy blue typically brings to beach houses. Given the eye-striking coastal feel this color brings, its harmonious to combine it with other calming and muted tones such as light grey, white and hued versions of blue. This wonderful gradient transmits calm and relaxation instantly.

Navy Blue Walls and White Sheets

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 2

On this SLC Interiors gorgeous project, we see a guest bedroom making full use of a powerful navy blue tone. While this was designed as a guest bedroom, the concept is sound: combining navy blue with a soothing pale blue color choice and a hint of green recreates a wonderful subtle aqua looking tint. You can enrich the atmosphere by using striped sailor floors, and overall white textures for furniture and decorations.

Adopt a Minimalist Approach

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 3Source: Mary Hannah

There are many beautiful beach house master bedroom ideas that revolve around strong blue colors. Nevertheless, going with a neutral palette can give you a perfect tone to go with a minimalistic approach. Interior Designer Mary Hannah, excellently produced a modern and appealing room that pairs well with rattan pieces or any traditional decorations and furniture you may wish to add. Also, special thanks to Stylish Productions for the stunning photography work and styling. It perfectly captures the synergy between the room’s minimalist style and the abundant natural lighting.

Combine Blue & Beige For A Beachy Ambiance

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 4Source: Jewel Toned Interiors

Drawing inspiration from the sun, sea waves, and the relaxed feel of a beach atmosphere can reproduce similar imageries in your master bedroom. Notice how Jewel Toned Interiors contrast an aqua coated wall with sand and beige colors that can emulate a beachy ambiance. 

Get Chic With It!

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 5Source: Chango & Co.

Being chic at the beach will never go out of style! On a beautiful adaptation of this style, Chango & Co. designers chose a colorful and brighter decoration in which blue striped carpets and bed sheets pair up with a pastel-patterned wallpaper, peppering the sight with colorful details in the midst of abundant natural light.

Install A Playful Wallpaper

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 6Source: Nancy Hill Interiors

Nancy Hill Interiors shows us how organic, darker tones such as this chocolate wallpaper can still give us the airy and pleasing atmosphere of a beach house. The wallpaper sticks with the beach house theme by using aqua colored fish figures to reminisce those vacation days by the sea.

Create An Aquarelle Shelter

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 7

This gorgeous bedroom from Whitten Architects goes for a serene, aquatic take for a beach house master bedroom. By blending watery blues, turquoise, and touches of green pastel color you can get an ocean reminiscing ambiance. It’s almost as if the light refracts underwater into a soothing aquarelle that leads to your underwater shelter.

Introduce Ocean Decor To Your Bedroom

Beautiful Beach House Master Bedroom Ideas 8Source: Brittney Nielsen

Beach homes are often elegant and refined yet somehow carefree, almost as if they flutter through life’s traditional worries. By going with coastal style colors (milky blue-toned colors) Brittney Nielsen manages to design a bright, peaceful room. Surfaces are clutter-free and the seashell decorating pieces accompany a truly soothing master bedroom.


Emulating the beach in your master bedroom is a clever and wonderful way to reminisce nature within your resting sanctuary. Freshness, relaxation, and a sense of careless simplicity can contribute to your rest more than you think. Our living spaces can reflect our lifestyle as well as influence our mood, so don’t be afraid to adopt some of these beautiful beach house master bedroom ideas. Thank you for reading!