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9 Beautiful Beach House Nursery Ideas

9 Beautiful Beach House Nursery Ideas

  • The arrival of a new family member can be equally exciting and overwhelming, which is why choosing a nursery should be a fun and heartwarming experience. Beach houses are conveniently the perfect place to relax while figuring out how to enjoy your vacations while caring for the baby. In this article, you’ll see how a beach house relaxing vibes can infuse your nursery with a soothing atmosphere.
beautiful beach house nursery ideas

Beach house nurseries, like any other nurseries, must be able to bring a comforting, peaceful, and playful atmosphere for your little one’s early stages. Some essentials are important to consider: Try to always use a room that has great ventilation and abundant natural light. This will help create a space where temperatures are neither too cold nor too hot. 

Once your room’s ventilation and temperature control are on point, we invite you to check out these beautiful beach house nursery ideas we’ve put together for you. We guarantee you’ll get all the inspiration you need to build a comforting and serene nursery for your baby, with the best coastal style has to offer. 

Pastel Colors And Dark Furniture

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 1Source: Little Crown Interiors

Getting inspiration from an ocean theme is a wonderful and beautiful beach house nursery idea. Little Crown Interiors chose a pastel color palette that could resemble a coral environment, using walls decals and contrasting aqua & orange tones that blend well with darker furniture. This creative composition glows with calm, peaceful coral vibes straight from the oceanic floor. 

Minimalism and Rattan Furniture

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 2Source: Jessi Eve
Photo by: Villa Styling

Jessi Eve elegantly curated this beach house nursery using minimalism to achieve a cohesive and fresh room. We mentioned that natural light and ventilation are your allies: by choosing curtains that have light tones and aren’t too heavy, you can preserve a pleasant room that can help your newborn rest and play in complete comfort. Huge props to Villa Styling for accurately capturing the beach house nursery’s peaceful atmosphere.

Install Beige Carpet Floors

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 3Source: Bungalowblue Interiors

Beach house nurseries ought to bring you a relaxed and carefree atmosphere that can gently take you back to your favorite vacations by the sea. Bungalowblue Interiors chose a neutral color palette in which soft grays and a playful wallpaper, pair well with a traditional crib, and remind you that it’s ok to take a much-needed break from life as a parent.

Going Surfing: Wood, Blue, and Neutral Palette

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 4Source: Fab Fatale

In a most originally and appealingly fashion, the Fab Fatale Design Team created this surf-themed beach house nursery. Notice how these three colors go extremely well together: wooden furniture’s dark brown, wall’s soft gray tones, and the mural’s light blue. The composition captivates what beach houses are all about. Don’t be afraid to be creative, decorating pieces such as a small wall mounted surf-board convey the excitement that a baby’s early years will bring to your life. 

Wall Decals and Vibrant Colors

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 5Source: Luxe Report Designs

The following beach-themed nursery Luxe Report Designs created demonstrates you don’t have to choose a neutral palette for your beach nursery. In this project, these oversized wall decals with palm figures provide a vibrant and playful room, since peachy color variants were used. Monochromatic decals are trending right now, but we recommend you use softer, soother contrasts on your nursery.

Art Deco on The Beach

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 6Source: A Touch of Pink

If you love traditional or art deco styles, you can draw inspiration from this beautiful nursery room from A Touch of Pink. The important thing is to keep it simple: leave enough room to make it a comfortable play area while bringing detailed decorations to pepper up the nursey with style. Art deco favors contrasting colors such as black, white, and pastel pinks (or blues depending on your preference). The color combinations can either adapt to a beach house breezy atmosphere or deviate from a coastal style design. 

Sophisticated Nautical Nursery

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 7Source: Baby Chick

As we mentioned before, minimalism prevents you from cluttering your beach house nursery, which is ideal. In this Baby Chick beautiful beach house nursery idea the soft grey, pastel aqua, and cyan details provide a sophisticated nautical theme. The symmetrical furniture arrangement as well as its exquisite decorations keep this beach house nursery practical and cozy.

Farmhouse Atmosphere for A Clear Nursery

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 8Source: The Mountain View Cottage

This rustic, farmhouse nursery, featured on The Mountain View Cottage, couldn’t be more bright and graceful. From the whitewashed shiplap and framed quilt squares to the antique crystal chandelier, this sweet space is oh-so-country chic! The combination of patterns and grey, white and beige tones create this beach house nursery with a rustic dash of originality. 

Modern Beach House Nursery

beautiful beach house nursery ideas 9Source: Matt White Custom Home

The more spacious a beach house nursery room is, the more creative you can get. Remember: a sophisticated style doesn’t negate making a room cozy and soothing for your little one. Notice how the graceful decorations and artwork provide this nursery with a very elegant take most modern properties should implement. As if this wasn’t enough, Matt (from Matt White Custom Home) favored natural fibers to provide light and warmth to the room to avoid possible allergies for the newly arrived! No doubt an equally thoughtful and fashionable composition. 


Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming, but designing a beautiful and functional nursery doesn’t have to be a troublesome task, especially for any beach house retreat. By always favoring natural light, ventilation, and negative space you’ll be able to create a comfortable nursery for your child. And by choosing the right textures, colors, furniture, and decorations, you’ll realize that a beach house nursery can also adopt all sorts of fun, playful style mixes. We hope the work of these wonderful designers can positively influence your child’s nursery design.