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9 Beautiful Black and White Bathroom Ideas

9 Beautiful Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Black & White decor has a way of saying more with less. Making use of this minimalist's color pallet in small rooms like bathrooms can lead to big results!
beautiful black and white bathroom ideas

Bathrooms are, along with master bedrooms, the most personal spaces within a home. It’s a space of solitude where not only grooming and personal hygiene takes place, it’s also a place to unwind from our daily stress and even enjoy therapeutic experiences such as long warm baths. This is why its design must perfectly attune to your personality.

These beautiful black and white bathroom ideas can inspire you when putting together a new concept (or remodeling) your bathroom. The designers we present you have come up with excellent takes on beautiful black and white bathroom ideas that can positively inspire you in your exciting project.

Polished Black Cabinets & White Walls

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 1Source: Alex Caratachea

The bathroom above was designed by Alex Caratachea, black polished cabinets are excellent choices to create contrasts with clean white walls. The patterned tiles and the cabinets golden fixtures tandem add a touch of elegance and personality worthy of these beautiful black and white bathroom ideas catalog.

Add Organic Materials

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 2Source: Shannon McLaren Wilkins

Making the most out of an ample master bathroom isn’t always easy. However, combining black tiles with light wood colored ones can help you bring an organic touch to the traditional pristine feel that black & white themes always bring to a bathroom. The picture above shows how Shannon McLaren Wilkins used this to differentiate bathtub & shower areas from the rest of this bathroom negative space.

Incorporate Modern Decorations

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 3Source: Neil Barret

Beautiful black and white bathroom ideas are often related to the art deco style, which often uses marble, black & white floor patterns. Nonetheless notice how Neil Barret introduced other eclectic modern decorations and fine wooden furniture.

Create Elegant Contrasts

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 4Source: Maggie Griffin

Classical interior design styles are known for their elegance and lightness of touch. Maggie Griffin included a roman reminiscent mosaic floor while making the bathtub the centerpiece of the bathroom. By drawing focus to the latter, you can favor using white cabinets while this gorgeous bathtub displays a stand-alone beautiful black and white contrast.

Go For a Chic Art Deco Look

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 5Source: Kerri Rosenthal

Kerri Rosenthal’s Art Deco take on this bathroom combines several beautiful black and white bathroom ideas. By choosing a hexagonal patterned black floor to accompany the leafy wallpaper, a playful touch limits a (potentially) overwhelming white color presence.

Natural Atmosphere

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 6Source: Emily Henderson

The more natural light, the more a beautiful black and white bathroom idea becomes evident. Emily Henderson invited nature into this bathroom by incorporating ample windows and magnificent views. The light was wood detailings on the roof, window, and painting frames add an organic feel to this wonderful bathroom. 

Splendid Views as Decor

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 7Source: Moore House Interiors

Moore House Interiors approached this bathroom windows as if it was a painting, and made it the bathroom’s focal point. Additionally, they inspire all sorts of beautiful black and white bathroom ideas by choosing a bathtub centerpiece that contrasts with the black flooring. The natural lighting brings the whole composition together in serene harmony.

Luxurious Art Deco Style

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 8Source: Aman & Meeks

Aman & Meeks curated this Manhattan residence bathroom by going all out with a modern art deco take. Great Gatsby-esque elements such as the magnificent metal-based black & white bathtub. A beautiful metallic chandelier provides additional glamour as it crowns the bathroom mirrors and the black opaque floor. 

Achieve Depth With Color Combinations

beautiful black and white bathroom ideas 10Source: Roberto Di Donato

The psychology of color can’t be underestimated when designing a room. Roberto Di Donato masterfully uses lighter or brighter colors in smaller spaces to give the illusion of amplitude. Similarly, by using darker colors he can also offer depth to a larger space. Notice how the majority of the bathroom walls are jet black, but by alternating with a milky white shower wall, this area becomes a luxurious private shelter that instantly draws you in.


Using Black & White themes for your bathroom is an elegant and timeless concept that can help you achieve a sophisticated and pleasant look for such a private area. Fortunately, freshness and luxury are not limited to tiles selection, as high-quality furniture can heavily influence a bathroom’s look and feel.

You’ll notice that the ideas presented above from these design experts prove that you can mix this classical bathroom take with other decorations and materials to achieve serenity and beauty. We certainly hope these beautiful black and white bathroom ideas contribute to any bathroom design project on your mind! Also, feel free to check these designers’ websites for their take on other rooms as well!