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9 Beautiful Blue Pool House Ideas

9 Beautiful Blue Pool House Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Pool houses are attractive ways to add fun and convenience to your pool area. Today’s featured designers can help you create an adaptable, beautiful blue theme pool house!
beautiful blue pool house ideas

A pool house is an accessory building that adds new layers of functionality and fun to your pool area. Depending on its features, you can have a convenient space in which to change swimsuits, go to the bathroom, take a nap, watch some TV while enjoying the nice weather, or entertain guests on special occasions.

We gathered a selection of beautiful blue pool house ideas coming from these ingenious (and very successful) designers that can give you a fresh outlook on how to design, remodel or decorate this wonderful addition to your backyard pool.

Club House Concept

beautiful blue pool house ideas 1Source: Liberty Hill Construction

This beautiful blue pool house idea from Liberty Hill Construction consists of a small accessory house right next to the pool, the blue-colored outer coating and its traditional architecture give you a clubhouse feel. Perfect for family gathering and visiting friends, it offers a service bar, kitchen, and bathroom. All of these being necessary accommodation to avoid getting the main house drenched and messy!

Slidable Doors for Total Freshness

beautiful blue pool house ideas 2Source: Kate Coughlin Interiors

This beautiful blue pool house idea was curated by Kate Coughlin Interiors. Combining blue and white colors in stripe patterns gives the structure a Cabana feel to it. Furthermore, its wide collapsing panel doors allow this gorgeous house to be easily accessed during a particularly sunny day.

Repurposing Shipment Containers

beautiful blue pool house ideas 3Source: KAA Design

KAA Design has over 30 years of experience designing beautiful venues in California. Their sense of elegance and modernity is visibly evident in this affordable, beautiful blue pool house idea. Repurposing a shipping container and coating it with a gray-blue paint, they were able to quickly create a multi-purpose accessory pool building in a rather small area.

Creating a Versatile Living Room by the Pool

beautiful blue pool house ideas 4Source: Annie Lowengart Design

By evoking a coastal design (and taking full advantage of natural light), Annie Lowengart Design created a beautiful turquoise pool house. The interior resembles a small living room and features a kitchenette & wine fridge for quick refreshments. Evenings become more enjoyable as you comfortably watch your favorite shows, host a by-the-pool movie night or just listen to music with a nice cup of wine by the electric fireplace

The Cabin Experience

beautiful blue pool house ideas 5Source: Karr Bick Design, Construction & Homes

Karr Bick Design, Construction & Homes conceived a beautiful blue pool house idea by seamlessly making it part of the pool area. This easily accessible pool house has retractable doors, a service window, and even a built-in cabinetry.

beautiful blue pool house ideas 5 1Source: Karr Bick Design, Construction & Homes

Notice how the blue cabinetry creates a striking contrast with the wall’s white tones and other wooden elements. This beautiful blue pool house idea offers not only a kitchenette but also a changing room, bathroom, and a small dining area for hungry guests.

Enjoy Nature

beautiful blue pool house ideas 6Source: Crisp Architects
Photo by: Rob Karosis

The beautiful blue pool house ideas you see above are a Crisp Architects creation that allows you to relax and enjoy your pool area throughout the day. By setting tables and chairs right outside this light grey-blue pool house, you maximize the kitchen’s inner space while allowing your guests to bask in the warm sunlight. During the evening, you can enjoy the fireplace under the pool house roof and fight off the night’s chilly winds.

Using Space to Recreate Vacations

beautiful blue pool house ideas 7Source: Brooks & Falotico

When you have the space for it, there’s nothing like a u-shaped pool house. Brooks & Falotico team beautifully created this slug by showcasing the best of traditional style. Merging the backyard and with two out of three open entrances (kitchen-Dinner and living room), just gives that sense of vacation everyone seeks when taking some time off at a beach house.

beautiful blue pool house ideas 7 1Source: Brooks & Falotico

Notice how an electric blue tile goes beautifully well with the white cabinetry and ceramic floors as this ample kitchen gives an even superior comfort level when compared with a regular dining room.

Country Style Leisure

beautiful blue pool house ideas 8Source: DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

This beautiful blue pool house idea by DeGraw & DeHaan Architects shows us that a country style is perfectly apropos with the scenery that any pool area must convey. Brick floors pair up perfectly with the navy-blue umbrellas (and their sun chairs), while a small kitchenette area serves everyone’s need for drinks & snacks.

All-In-One Comfort Made in America

beautiful blue pool house ideas 9Source: Martha O'Hara Interiors

Lastly, Martha O’Hara Interiors went all out with a rather patriotic & beautiful blue pool house idea. Perfect for those 4ths of July summer celebrations, this rustic and cozy pool house opens up towards a backyard pool allowing you to enjoy a comfy living room. The rattan and semi leather furniture set the scene for a fireplace that also includes a TV in case you want to enjoy both day and night to the fullest.


Pool houses can be a fun and rewarding accessory building that provides outdoor entertainment and a whole new level of convenience. Usually, they complement the openness of your backyard without relinquishing comfort levels; making kitchenettes, fireplaces, and living rooms, popular elements of the beautiful blue pool house ideas showcased above.

Feel free to check each of these brilliant designers’ websites to gain even more inspiration or any necessary details that you may need when conceiving or remodeling your pool area.