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9 Beautiful Eclectic Attic Ideas

9 Beautiful Eclectic Attic Ideas

Emma Wright
  • We all wish we could have just a bit of extra space in our home, but maybe the answer has always been right above our heads! Let’s discover your attic's potential with the help of these accomplished designers!
beautiful eclectic attic ideas

Attics are spaces full of potential: their unique architecture can help you achieve a modern atmosphere without dealing with constraints inherent to basements. They can also help you expand and even change your home’s day-to-day routine by adding utility and enjoyment to this previously unused space.

An attic’s extra storage can turn into a wide range of possible rooms, becoming home offices, craft rooms, living rooms, and even romantic rest pads that can fulfill different expectations without leaving your home. Let’s go ahead and see how these brilliant designers transformed all sorts of attics while providing additional practical and aesthetic value to their clients.

Making a Modern Home Office

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 1Source: Hammond Design

Hammond Design came up with this beautiful eclectic attic idea by turning this Boston home attic into a transitional style home office. Their brilliant team was able to use the attic’s geometric pattern to embed a triangular library, conveniently saving space for a desk and a small living room area.

Creating a Romantic Rest pad

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 2Source: Hopkins Designs

A beautiful eclectic attic idea is based on combining different elements that transform an attic into a room you look forward to visiting. Hopkins Designs wonderfully approached this attic (and its lack of natural light) as a project where a bohemian-style rest pad could present their clients with a romantic, getaway atmosphere.

Adding A Fully Private Guest Bedroom

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 3Source: Lindstrom Restoration

Traditional style bedrooms are cozy, welcoming, and soothing by design. Lindstrom Restoration efficiently curated this beautiful eclectic attic idea, by demonstrating how the styles’ neutral tones (beige wall and ceiling paint) enhance symmetry. The roof’s pattern crowns the delicate combination of contrasts and decor that round up this composition.

Creating a Contemporary Multipurpose Room

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 4Source: Dylunio dy Dŷ Interior Design

In this beautiful eclectic attic idea, adding multiple windows on the roof of this home allowed the Dylunio dy Dŷ Interior Design team to create a loft-style contemporary multipurpose room, perfect for any intellectual activity. You can either work or rest while enjoying the beautiful view outside of this elevated vantage point

Small Attic Turns into An Intimate Bedroom

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 5Source: Idea Space Architecture + Design

Exploiting an attic’s reduced space is an art that Idea Space Architecture + Design masters superbly. In this beautiful eclectic attic idea, their team leverages the dimensions of the attic in favor of privacy and coziness. Notice how through an eclectic approach, the attic is turned into a bedroom gifted by warm tones (red and brown colors) that coexist with neutral colors (white and beige), providing a bright but intimate space.

A Farmhouse Playroom for the Kiddos

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 6Source: Reclaimed Space

Demonstrating excellent ingenuity, Reclaimed Space conceived this home’s attic as a cool playroom in which kids can play and let their imagination run wild. This beautiful eclectic attic idea uses a farmhouse style to provide a gender-neutral, comfy area with plenty of puff furniture.

Making A Cool Living Room

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 7Source: The Natos

Given that attics are secluded and, at times, cluttered spaces, it’s important to brighten up the area ahead of thinking how to repurpose it. By doing this first, The Natos team were able to create a living room where all available spaces become a potential seat for anyone looking to enjoy some quality home entertainment.

Turning Your Attic into A Nursery

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 8Source: Bless This Nest

Bless This Nest brings us this fantastic and beautiful eclectic attic idea. This home attic was cleared out of its entire storage ahead of redesigning it into a farmhouse rustic nursery. Using metallic lights by the window and gray-wood furniture and wall paint, a gorgeous neutral color palette comes to place within this comfy nursery/playroom.

The Perfect Craft Room Area

beautiful eclectic attic ideas 9Source: Reclaimed Enterprises

Last but not least, how about turning your attic into a private craft room? You can draw inspiration from this Reclaimed Enterprises’ beautiful eclectic attic idea and fully use the elegant appeal of the classic, colonial architecture. By clearing the attic from any other element (except for a workshop kart and an easel), you can connect with your creative side in a quiet, secluded area.


Attics are generally underutilized spaces, which is why we wanted to share with you all of these beautiful eclectic attic ideas. Turning attics into rooms with a clear purpose and lovely aesthetics will help you add hobbies and new activities to you and your loved ones. Follow these talented designer’s lead and gift your home a new room without breaking the bank!