Bernhardt: High-End Family-Owned Furniture Brand

  • Bernhardt is a family-owned furniture company established in 1889. Their catalog features some of the most renowned designs in the world and this brand should be on every designer's radar.
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Bernhardt furniture is one of the most well-respected furniture brands on the market. Their catalog features and elegant showcase of current styles continue to expand yearly and feature awe-inspiring design. To put it simply; Bernhardt is a taste-maker of the highest caliber.

Among furniture brands, Bernhardt stands apart from most. Their long history, American heritage, and capacity for custom design make them among the best furniture brands on the market. They join other international phenoms in offering the latest, most highly-sought furniture on the market.

You’ll find their furniture is no bargain but, for those that appreciate hand-made designs and attention to details—there are few other brands that deliver like Bernhardt. Let’s take a look at some of what makes Bernhardt so spectacular.

Inspiring Designs

Bernhardt has a huge catalog. One could spend days combing through their many designs and still not see them all. Below are some of the most popular Bernhardt designs available for purchase from most online furniture stores.

Candace Collection

bernhardt candace collectionSource: Bernhardt

The Candace Collection by Bernhardt features a wide range of custom contemporary upholstered designs including sofas and arms chairs. This collection features seatback and inner armrest tufting, captivating nailheads, and timeless fabrics.

Santa Barbara Collection

bernhardt santa barbara dining collectionSource: Bernhardt

The Santa Barabara Collection by Bernhardt fuses traditional and coastal design styles into a mesmerizing showcase of timeless, light-hearted form and color. The Dining collection showcases a double pedestal table, upholstered side chairs, and host chairs meant to inspire. This collection is sure to wow dinner guests such as they’ve never been wowed before!

Accents & Occasional Collections

bernhardt profile occasional tablesSource: Bernhardt

In addition to specific collections, the Bernhardt catalog features a wide range of accents, occasional tables, and other select pieces guaranteed to make a splash in your home. The Profile coffee table showcases Bernhardt’s cadence with more modern design trends and showcases a beautiful pairing of warmly-toned veneers and a striking golden plinth base.


Bernhardt currently maintains several lines of products distinguished by their intended placements. Below is a brief description of each:

Bernhardt Hospitality – Commercial furniture for the travel and leisure industry such as hotels, spas, and corporate headquarters.

Bernhardt Design – Contract furniture and modern office designs mostly for the commercial marketplace.

Bernhardt Interiors – A unique collection of eclectic accents from world-renowned designers available in highly-customizable means.

Bernhardt Residential – The original line of “whole-home” case goods such as dressers, beds, dining tables and etc.


Bernhardt was founded in the late 1880s in Lenior, North Carolina. As with many centenarian furniture brands, Bernhardt was named for the founding family—in this case, the surname of John Mathias Bernhardt.

Bernhardt continues to maintain a corporate office in North Carolina, employees some 1500+ worldwide, and boasts a whopping 75,000+ square foot showroom at the High Point Markets IHFC building. They have received excellence awards from the American Home Furnishing Alliance (AHFA) reflective of their operation as a company.

Bernhardt Furniture
Bernhardt is a family-owned and operated furniture company located in North Carolina. Their 100+ years in operation have earned them a place among the best furniture brands in the world. Their high-end styles and design concepts continue to drive market demand year-in and year-out.
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