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10 Best Cheap Home Decor Sites to Save Big on Your Next Project

10 Best Cheap Home Decor Sites to Save Big on Your Next Project

  • Redecorating on a budget? These home decor websites offer incredible selections for cheap. Don't forget to check their daily sales sections!
wayfair bayou breeze metal wall decor homerefinery

Buying home decor online can be frustrating. On one hand, there’s a nearly endless supply of styles, colors, and product availability. On the other hand, it’s really easy to blow your design budget in one place.

We reached out to our network of professional designers to ask them which home decor websites they frequent to keep costs low without sacrificing on look and quality. Of all the home decor sites they suggested these are the ones that have the best deals, the best availability, and are likeliest to keep your project under budget.


wayfair bayou breeze metal wall decor homerefinerySource: Wayfair
Bayou Breeze Metal Wall Decor on Wayfair needs no introduction. They stock tens of millions of home goods ranging from mattresses and furniture to home decor and materials. Wayfair won’t provide the curation of some smaller more boutique websites but is still a far cry better than wading through the depths of sites like Overstock or Amazon.

Urban Outfitters

bohemian platforom bedroom decor urban outfitters homerefinerySource: Urban Outfitters
Bohemian Platform bedroom with botanical accessories and decor by Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is best thought of as a more affordable version of Anthropologie. It’s still got the same BoHo type kitsch designs but chops most price tags into comfortably fractional percentages. Urban Outfitters boasts several lines of inspiring home goods that cater to the rustic modern lifestyle but can be used creatively on nearly any home decorating project.

Joss & Main

joss and main doster mirror set living room decor homerefinerySource: Joss & Main
The Joster 3-Piece Decorative Mirror Set from Joss & Main Shown in an Eclectic Living Room Setting

Joss & Main is a member of the WayFair family of brands and showcases a very niched-down selection of home decor. The styles you’ll find here are primarily soft, bespoken, and slightly contemporary. If you’re on the prowl for chic decor, modernized traditional looks, or anything French-ish Joss & Main should be on your shopping list.


allmodern iron star accent homerefinerySource: AllModern
Modern Iron Star sculpture and matching decor from AllModern is another WayFair brand that features a curated staging of modern designs including furniture and decor alike. You can find modern rugs, lighting, throw pillows, wall hangings, and inspiring accent pieces here. Like many others, AllModern maintains an easily browsable daily sales page featuring closeouts, clearances, and seasonal sales items.

World Market

nouveau natural living decor world market homerefinerySource: World Market
Nouveau Natural living room decor collection from World Market

The WorldMarket website features a dizzying array of home goods, as well as some boutique foods, clothing, and jewelry. You’ll find their daily sales section constantly changing to offer the latest looks and most popular items (after they’re at low stock levels of course!) They offer free shipping for orders of $45+, have a typically offer 15% of first-time orders.


etsy distressed picture frames homerefinerySource: Etsy
Distressed Picture Frames Found on Etsy

Etsy is the go-to source for handcrafted home decor. Etsy is easy to get lost in, and doesn’t always showcase curated sales items as well as some other retailers. Nonetheless, Etsy should never be overlooked when shopping for home decor. This website features home goods from craftsmen, artists, and DIY-ers from around the globe. You might not be able to decorate your entire home from Etsy (at least not under budget) but you’re likely to find that perfect piece you never knew you needed.


target sideboard vases round accent mirror homerefinerySource: Target
Entryway Decor Collection from Target

Target’s selection of home decor shouldn’t even be mistaken as anything but bargain deals. There are certainly some more premium selections but the majority caters to the cheap home decor market—and does so well. Brick and Mortar Target stores have been the go-to sources for such projects as decorating college dorm rooms, young kids rooms, and first time renter’s apartments. Target’s home goods section has a little bit of everything and their daily sales are always tempting.

Nordstrom Rack

modern threads nordstrom rack homerfinerySource: Nordstrom Rack
Modern Threads Bedding available from Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom is synonymous with high-end consumer fashion though their “rack” presence offers affordable styles for low prices. The Nordstrom Rack website features a dense Home Goods section with great deals on brands like Calvin Klein, Anthropologie, and Jonathan Adler. They have daily sales, flash sales, and an enticing clearance section.


vanligen ceramic planter pots ikea homerefinerySource: IKEA
Vanligen Ceramic Pottery by IKEA

No introduction needed, right? IKEA has become such a large name in the Home Goods industry that sometimes it’s easy to forget they sales worth your attention. IKEA Family members have access to reduced pricing and the IKEA “Last Chance” sales section can be a great source for cheap home decor. Of course, you have to be willing to put in the time checking to see the latest products.

Uncommon Goods

uncommon goods recycled glass decor homerefinerySource: Uncommon Goods
Recycled Glass Decor from Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is not entirely different from Etsy, though their catalog isn’t presented as a marketplace with individual sellers. Rather, the UC catalog features a wide selection of niche home decor that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. This website is perfect for finding accent pieces, captivating wall hangings, and even pillows and blankets showcasing fabrics and designs you’ve never seen!


Home decor can help bring your interior design project to life. Whether you’re selecting accent furniture, wall art, or one-of-a-kind crafts—the sites listed above can help you save big. If you’re in the market for new furniture, check out our list of the best furniture websites also. Talk about saving big!