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These Are the Best DIY Security Systems

These Are the Best DIY Security Systems

  • Looking to fortify your home security without breaking the bank? These DIY home security systems can get help you get the peace-of-mind you deserve for less.
ooma diy home security system homerefinery

As safety becomes increasingly more important for homeowners, the number of available do-it-yourself security systems has skyrocketed. However, not all companies that claim to have a top-of-the-line product follow through on their commitment.

When when searching for the best DIY security systems on the market, you want to choose carefully. Another benefit of the best DIY security systems is that they work great for renters. Especially with a wireless install, you wouldn’t even need permission from your landlord to enhance the protection of where you live.

Choosing the Best DIY Home Security Systems

Now comes the exciting part, selecting one of the best DIY security systems specifically for your needs. No matter what type of home design you’re working with, these systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with minimal install hassle. Below are several possibilities. Keep in mind that in addition to do-it-yourself options, these companies also offer professional installs so that you could go either way.


simplisafe foundation packageSource: SimpliSafe
The Foundation package by SimpliSafe features a robust selection of sensors and monitoring devices for beginner DIY security systems

An advantage of SimpliSafe is its 60-day, no-risk free trial. After the trial period ends, you don’t have to sign a contract. SimpliSafe has five innovative packages that include “The Foundation,” “The Essentials,” “The Hearth,” “The Knox,” and “The Haven.”

SimpliSafe’s Foundation package is ideal for smaller homes and apartments. Starting at just $189, you’ll get one motion sensor, one entry sensor, a base station, and a keypad. On the high end of the spectrum is The Haven. This includes everything in the Foundation package and three additional motion sensors, three extra entry sensors, a key fob, siren, temperature sensor, smoke detector, water detector, and panic button.

Blue by ADT

adt blue diy home security system homerefinerySource: ADT
Blue by ADT offers a great custom platform for users to create a custom DIY security system

ADT’s Blue product is another one of the best DIY security systems available. For $199.99, you can protect your home with three cameras, one for the doorbell, one for the exterior, and one for the interior. For a nominal fee, you can add another sensor.

Blue by ADT has optional cloud storage for a 60-day period that starts at $2.99 a month. You can also go with an unlimited number of cameras at the same location for an additional $12.99 a month.


ooma diy home security system homerefinerySource: Ooma
Oooma’s home security system offers a wide range of custom sensors for a true DIY feel

Ooma is perhaps one of the most popular choices among the best DIY security systems, even though it doesn’t include cameras, home automation support, or very much third-party device integration.

However, when it comes to professional monitoring, Ooma is hard to beat. For only $14.99 a month, you’ll gain access to emergency services and have your home professionally monitored. The Ooma starter kit begins at $180. This includes one motion sensor, one water sensor, a door/window sensor, a smart security app, and a Telo VoIP hub.


abode iota kit deluxe diy home security systems homerefinerySource: Abode
The Abode Iota is an extensible DIY security platform that can easily accommodate upgraded hardware to meet user needs

If you’re new to the world of home security, you’ll appreciate Abode. The system is easy to install, and it integrates with your IFTTT, Nest, or Amazon Alexa to arm and disarm it. Best of all, it’s easy to customize.

You can select from two wireless kits, Iota and Smart Security. Iota starts at $299 and comes with one mini door or window sensor and a key fob. The Smart Security Kit starts at $229 and comes with everything in the Iota kit, except you’ll also get one motion sensor.

With Iota, you can choose self-monitoring for $0.20 a day or professional monitoring for $0.60 per day. The monitoring prices for the Smart Security kit are only slightly different.


alder diy home security system homerefinerySource: Alder
The Alder home security system has several extensible components that make installation and setup a breeze

Finally, Alder has an excellent do-it-yourself system, although it offers professional installation services, as well. For $35 a month, you’ll benefit from 24×7 monitoring. That consists of a team of experts that watches for floods, carbon monoxide leaks, intrusions, fire, and medical emergencies.

The DIY install includes a pre-programmed system along with easy-to-follow instructions. Since there’s no wiring or drilling involved, this system is excellent for both homeowners and renters.

Final Thoughts

Home security systems come in a wide range of offerings. There exists sensors, cameras, control panels, and video storage devices–among many others. Only you know the type of system that will best suit the security needs of your home. The brands listed here will help ensure you get the best quality DIY home security system possible once you figure out what you need!