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8 Best Drafting Tables & Art Desks

8 Best Drafting Tables & Art Desks

Home Refinery Review Team
  • Did someone say surface area? Drafting tables can bring a much-needed expansion to your home office workspace—these desks can do it with style!
Vintage Drafting Desk Homerefinery

A quality drafting table is as versatile as it is unique. These drawing desks can be used as architectural drafting tables, art desks, and even computer desks. Regardless of use-case, knowing your options can ensure your needs are met.

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One of the hallmark characteristics of a professional drafting table is an adjustable top. Other features such as storage, pencil racks, and sliding straight edges, and top material all factor into finding the best drafting table. Below you’ll find a list of top-rated artists and drafting desks that fit the bill for any professional or home office.

Drafting Table by Coaster Home Furnishings

Coaster Drafting Table
Coaster’s drafting table features a glossy black finish and tempered glass.


What we love: Compact design & Glass Tilt Top

Coaster is one of the best furniture brands on the market today. Their drafting table falls in an odd place within their catalog. Most of the furniture designed by Coaster sells at considerably higher price points. This glass-top tilting drafting table offers a much more affordable option than other products typical to their catalog.

Vintage Drafting Table by Studio Designs

The Vintage Drafting Table by Studio Design offers excellent stylistic imagination.


What We Love: Vintage Style & Stool

Perhaps you expect your drafting table to double as an artist’s table as well? The Vintage Drafting table by Studio Designs offers a much more aesthetically-pleasing design than most. This architectural desk features turn-knob adjustments to manipulate the tilt angle and minimalist design. This drafting desk is a steal compared to other similar designs!

Pavillion Drafting Table by Alvin & Co.

The Pavillion drafting table offers a no-nosense design with just the essentials.


What We Love: Compact Design & Affordability

If you’re looking for a basic drafting table for architectural work this may be your best pick. It’s cheap, reasonably durable, and offers the tilt-action featured by the best drafting desks out there. You won’t turn many heads with this desk but you’ll get the job done and have some money left over.

Split Level Workstation Drafting Table by Safco

Safco’s Split Level Design is Truly Remarkable


What We Love: Split-Level Design & Adjustable Height

Safco isn’t a household name (not yet anyway!) but they offer some truly remarkable furniture. Among their vibrant catalog, their split-level drafting table stands out with confidence. This architectural table comes with a lot of features including adjustable height, tilt-top desk, and second (split-level) surface for storage, and even a side surface for a laptop or sketch pad. This drawing desk was purpose-built for productivity and, at least in our opinion, is one of the best drafting desks on the market for the price.

Vanguard Drafting Table by Alving & Co.

The Vanguard’s Flip-Top Design offers a Very Efficient Design


What We Love: Flip Top & Solid Wood Design

Flip-top tables comes in many varieties. Some are good—even great—though many are poorly made and offer little utility. The Vanguard Drafting table by Alvin & Company offers a sturdy design complete with a footrest and under-top storage. This desk is the most akin to a professional drafting desk that we’ve seen for under $1000 and is certainly one of the best drafting tables on the market today.

Harvard Drafting Table by Safavieh

Safavieh’s Harvard Desk is modern, versatile, and incredibly affordable.


What We Love: Bargain Pricing & Extra Storage

Not all apartments have the luxury of unlimited space. One’s drafting table often doubles as ones’ dining table, studying desk, laundry board, and a hallway cabinet. Just kidding, don’t put your desk in hallways! The Harvard drafting table by Safavieh isn’t going to win any international awards for the luxury design. However, we do feel it offers one of the best well-rounded feature sets for a budget drafting table. This desk features sliding storage drawers, tilt-top capability, a flat surface for note-taking, and even auxiliary storage under the top. If you’re looking for a well-rounded architectural drafting table that won’t break the bank this is a clear winner.

Bureau Architect Drafting Table by Authentic Models

The Bureau Architect by Authentic Designs pays attention to even the smallest of detail


What We Love: Vintage Style & Authentic Design

Ever heard the saying They don’t make them like they used to? Well, that’s not always true! This drafting table might not be akin to the 8-foot-long tables one might find in an architect’s office but it certainly is of the same quality. We’ll be the first to admit this design kind of looks like a BBQ grill. Don’t let that fool you though—this is one of the best drafting desks on the consumer market. It features vertical filing storage, folding-leaf extensions, an adjustable top, and ample storage space. Not only will this drafting table support your professional workflow but it’ll impress your house guests as well!

Omari Drafting Desk by 17 Stories

Omari Drafting Desk by 17 Stories
The Omari Drafting Desk is perhaps the best overall design we’ve seen


What We Love: Everything!

This is our favorite drafting desk, hand’s down. You’ll sacrifice some features like extra storage but we think it’s absolutely worth it! We had a chance to view this desk at one of the past furniture markets and absolutely fell in love. It features a beautiful medium brown oak finish, a conservative traditional design, and authentic top-angle adjustment wheels to help support any workflow preference. This is the best drafting desk we’ve had the opportunity to experience ourselves and we feel that it comes in at nearly half the price that it should!

Final Considerations

Be it drafting, painting, or drawing—a solid table to support one’s work is essential. The drafting tables discussed here are only a fraction of tables available on the market. The features here include everything from tilt-tops to lift-tops but should impress upon you one thing: you’ll always be balancing quality vs. price when shopping for a new drafting table.

The models we’ve chosen to include here are excellent representations of this balance and we feel to be fruitful choices for any student of the arts. Check out our list of the best places to shop online for furniture to learn where you can find some of these incredible drafting tables!