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Best Furniture Brands: Quality Design, Style & Luxury

Best Furniture Brands: Quality Design, Style & Luxury

  • Shopping for furniture? Not all furniture brands are created equally and knowing which ones offer the highest quality and greatest value will help you rise above expectations and stay below budget.

Furniture helps define the style of our homes and our daily lives. There are more furniture brands on the market today than one can reasonably keep track of. Finding the best furniture brands can be a daunting task. Here you’ll find a no-nonsense list of the highest quality furniture brands to help streamline your design endeavors.

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The quality of furniture can be measured by many traits. Durability, functionality, aesthetics, and even availability. The furniture brands listed here are the top-rated for all such considerations and each has long histories of making some of the highest quality furniture in the world. Some of these brands have been around for more than 100 years. With no further ado; we introduce to you the best furniture brands in the world.

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tower place dining collection by lexington furniture homerefinerySource: Lexington Furniture
The Tower Place Dining Collection by Lexington Furniture


Lexington has been around since the early 1900s where it got its start in North Carolina. They’ve pioneered quality design and modern style since then and today help define the meaning of luxury furniture. In the world of furniture, there are trendsetters that often fail to receive their fair share of recognition from the public-at-large. Whether you’ve seen Lexington designs or not—you’ve seen designs influenced by them.  Lexington is one of the best furniture brands in the world and defines modern luxury furniture.

Hooker Furniture

sanctuary mirrored headboard bedroom collection by hooker furniture homerefinery 1Source: Hooker Furniture
The Sanctuary Bedroom Collection by Hooker Furniture


Hooker Furniture is another North Carolina based company that’s been around for more than a century. Over the course of their history, this company has developed the skills needed to survive in a market that shifts as rapidly. They continue to roll out exciting new collections and add on to existing collections at least twice a year. Hooker furniture is one of the best furniture brands, without a doubt, and have as diverse a catalog as we’ve seen. Whether you’re in the market for curvy and traditional or sleek and modern—Hooker Furniture has something to offer.


bernhardt furniture candace collection homerefinerySource: Bernhardt
Candice Collection by Bernhardt Furniture


Bernhardt furniture is a family-owned brand that was founded in 1889 in the heart of North Carolina and continues to define the furniture industry. Their catalog features quality furniture designs ranging in style from Cottage and Traditional to Modern and Contemporary. Bernhardt is a furniture brand that often fails to be recognized as the trend-setting entity it is. Furniture designers around the globe look to Bernhardt for definitions of style to create their products. You may not be familiar with Bernhardt directly but there’s little doubt that many of the furniture you’ve seen was inspired by them.


cameron bedroom collection by stanley furniture homerefinerySource: Stanley Furniture
The Cameron Bedroom Collection by Stanley Furniture


Stanley Furniture was started in the early 1920s near the Virginia-North Carolina border. Since then, their presence in the furniture industry can be characterized by innovation and style. Their catalog illustrates their competency in solid wood designs but also portrays their astute eye for modern design. Stanley has some truly incredible Coastal collections but also executes well in the Manhattan/Penthouse style as well. There’s no deficit of style in their catalog and Stanley Furniture continues to impress as the years go by.


magnolia manor dining collection by liberty furniture homerefinerySource: Liberty Furniture
The Magnolia Manor Dining Collection by Liberty Furniture


Liberty Furniture is a relative newcomer among the brands listed here, having only gotten their start in the 1990s. They hit the ground running and quickly established themselves as one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world. Today, Liberty Furniture has a catalog of affordable styles so deep one can get lost. Whereas one might pay many thousands of dollars to luxury brands, Liberty offers very similar designs for only hundreds. If you’re looking to furnish an entire home without hitting five-figures (or six, yikes!) Liberty is a brand you need to keep on the radar.

Universal Furniture

townsend dining collection by universal furnitureSource: Universal Furniture
The Townsend Dining Collection by Universal Furniture


Universal Furniture is a China-based furniture brand that rose to success in the late 1970s when trade agreements between the US and China were opening up. They utilized local resources to offer furniture similar to the American Made solid wood brands, at much more affordable prices. Today they’re the furniture brand behind some of the best-selling furniture collections in the world. Their catalog features timeless designs ranging from cottage mimetics to American coastal designs. Their Paula Dean collection has shattered sales records in more than one furniture retailer and Universal Furniture continues to inspire with their designs.


coaster elevations monrovia living room set homerefinerySource: Coaster Furniture
The Monrovia Living Room Set by Coaster Furniture


Coaster Furniture has been in business for nearly 40 years and has made a name for itself by balancing quality and affordability. This furniture company brings together the latest in styles and presents a product designed for the majority of shoppers in mind. Coaster offers 4 distinct product lines: Everyday, Sleep, Elevations, and Essence. Each of these unique catalogs encompasses furniture designed for specific lifestyles and budgets. If you can’t find something in the Coaster catalog, you might need to re-think your shopping list!


klaussner furniture burbank bedroom collection homerefinerySource: Klaussner
The Burbank Bedroom Collection by Klaussner Home


Klaussner Furniture is made of a handful of brands including Klaussner Home, Klaussner Outdoor, Enso Sleep Systems, and Comfort Design. Between these brands, Klaussner offers a delightful catalog of timeless designs, contemporary styles, and functional furniture that is as high quality as it is beautiful to look at. The Klaussner catalog features bedroom, dining, and living room collections to help buyers create a unified design style throughout their entire homes.


weatherford dining collection kincaid homerefinerySource: Kincaid Furniture
The Weatherford Dining Collection by Kincaid Furniture


Kincaid furniture is another family-owned brand that started back in 1946 in the mountains of Western North Carolina. They specialize in solid wood designs and bench-made upholstery. Among their many award-winning designs, you’ll find aesthetic characteristics unique to solid wood manufacturing. Smoothly chamfered edges, mortise and tenon jointing,  dovetail drawer construction, and hand-carved curvature qualify Kincaid as one of the best furniture brands regardless of who may be judging. They continue to bring traditional solid wood designs to market that somehow embody their rich history while simultaneously defining modern furniture styles.

Magnussen Home

magnussen home pine hill rustic pine bedroom collection homerefinerySource: Magnussen Home
The Pine Hill Bedroom Collection by Magnussen Home


Magnussen Home got its start more than 85 years ago as humble cabinet makers based out of Canada. Today, this furniture manufacturer specializes in high-end styles incorporating quality features such as dove-tailing, solid wood manufacturing, and felt-lined drawers. Magnussen offers a wide catalog of designs encompassing home office, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even occasional tables.

Woodbridge Furniture

woodbridge furniture luna occasional collection venus coffee table homerefinerySource: Woodbridge Furniture
The Venus Coffee table by Woodbridge showcases an Ash veneer in an elegant white finish.


Woodbridge Furniture specializes in high-end, solid wood furniture. Their designs showcase hand-made quality craftsmanship that includes such features as front-and-back dovetailing, wood-on-wood drawer glides, and solid wood cases. This furniture company isn’t likely to find their way on any bargain buyer’s lists, but Woodbridge delivers timeless furniture designs of generational quality.

Restoration Hardware

living room collection restoration hardware homerefinerySource: Restoration Hardware
Rustic Modern Reclaimed Living Room Design Featuring Restoration Hardware Furniture

SHOP NOWRestoration Hardware. Where do we even begin? RH is regarded as a deity in the furniture world and is in a class all of its own. Unlike many of the brands on this list, Restoration Hardware manufactures limited runs of furniture based on material availability and sell directly through their own showrooms.  RH designs are characterized by neutral tones, modern design, and reclaimed materials brought to bear by some of the world’s most renowned designers. They are arguably the most influential furniture brand in the world and also one of the most expensive.


woodbridge dining collection bassett furniture homerefinerySource: Bassett Furniture
The Woodbridge Dining Collection by Bassett Furniture


Bassett stands out among luxury furniture brands in that they own and operate their own retail stores. In fact, Bassett operates over 100 retail locations in the United States. They got their start back in the late 1800s in Martinsville Virginia where lumber was an abundant natural resource. Bassett has a strong connection to the interior design community and offers one of the best customization services of any furniture brand in the world. They can customize the fabric, finish, and even design to help meet the needs of any project.


baker furniture originals collection homerefinerySource: Baker Furniture
The Originals Collection by Baker Furniture


Baker furniture started in the 1890s as a cabinet shop and has since taken the art of woodworking to astronomically new heights. Among the brands listed here, Baker is renowned among furniture designers to be one of the highest quality luxury brands on the market. Experiencing Baker furniture for the first time is like seeing color for the first time—it allows one to recognize what they’ve been missing all along. You’ll not find another brand more adept at refined elegance and artisan craftsmanship.

Furniture FAQ

Shopping for furniture is no easy task. The brands listed here are among the best in the world but you still want to ensure you get the right piece, buy from a trusted retailer, and get a good deal! Below are some common questions about furniture brands that can help guide your next furniture shopping endeavor.

What are good furniture websites?

There are thousands of websites that sell furniture online. Check out our list of furniture stores to figure out where to look first. These stores have good customer service, excellent shipping policies, and deal with returns/exchanges well.

Is Wayfair a good company?

Yes. is the leading retailer of home goods in the world. They offer a huge catalog of furniture, carry many of the best brands on the market, and offer free shipping for most orders.


Furniture isn’t something that should be purchased without careful consideration. Contrary to what companies like Big Lots and IKEA would have us believe, furniture can be a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

The furniture brands listed here offer unparalleled quality, both in terms of design and manufacturing. Now that you have an idea of which furniture brands are the best, check out our article on the 35 best places to buy furniture online