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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables to Keep Game Night Classy

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables to Keep Game Night Classy

James Quinn
  • Puzzled on where to store your favorite pastime? These jigsaw puzzle tables can help you find the perfect fit for your next masterpiece!
Cosco 500 Piece Folding Puzzle Table

Puzzles are a great way to have fun with the whole family. The downside is they often take up valuable table space, get in the way during daily life, and add to room clutter. A jigsaw puzzle table can help keep puzzle-piecing a fun and clutter-free hobby!

Finding the best jigsaw puzzle table there are some considerations to make. Are you looking for hidden storage? Maybe just a few extra drawers? Are you looking for solid wood, luxurious, a marvel of a puzzle table? Maybe a folding, hideaway puzzle table is all you need. Keep these considerations in mind while viewing some of our favorite options.

500 Piece COSCO Folding Puzzle Table

Cosco 500 Piece Folding Puzzle TableSource: Cosco Home & Office
This Folding Puzzle Table by Cosco is easily stored between uses

This Folding Puzzle Table from Cosco Home & Office offers a great minimalist option for puzzle fans. It features a solid-wood design, has a brown vinyl top for easy cleaning, and features folding legs for easy storage. This table can easily serve as a small dining table, extra workspace in a home office, or an accent table for extra living room storage.

Size: 29” H x 32” L x 32” W

500 Piece Dash Rectangular Puzzle Table

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Table by Lattitude RunSource: Latitude Run
This 500-piece sized Jigsaw Puzzle Table is a dual-purpose option that can alternatively serve as an artist or drafting table

The 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle Table by Latitude Run is a dual-purpose option that doubles as an artist’s table or drafting table. This stylish, modern, functional design offers extra storage, a folding top, and an easily-cleaned transparent top. This is a great affordable option for those looking for dedicated puzzle tables. This is a great example of how an adjustable puzzle table allows for more flexible use.

Size: 31.5” H x 43.25” W x 24” D

Loughlin Solid Wood Drafting Table

Loughlin Solid Wood Puzzle Table by Winston PorterSource: Winston Porter
This Loughlin by Winston Porter is a Drafting Table by Design but a perfect stylish option for a puzzle table

The Loughlin Solid Wood Drafting Table by Winston Porter is an excellent dual-purpose jigsaw puzzle table option. Its features include a sliding front drawer, a folding top, and solid-wood design for longevity. This piece can serve well as an arts and crafts table, a drafting table, or the perfect puzzle table. This wooden puzzle table will help fuel game night as well as servings as an inspiring addition to your home decor.

Size: 42” W x 28” D

500 Piece Woburn Rectangular Puzzle Table

Woburn Jigsaw Puzzle Drafting Table by Williston ForgeSource: Williston Forge
The Woburn Jigsaw Puzzle table is a multi-purpose design with a sturdy folding top

The Woburn Jigsaw Puzzle Table by Williston Forge is an excellent dual-purpose option. This design features a folding top, solid-wood design, and stages a rustic weathered oak top on an industrial metal base. This table features a built-in front tray area to help surface work maintain position when the top is in a tilted position.

Size: 43.25” H x 47” W x 29” D

Americana Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Americana Adjustable Height Drafting Table by Studio DesignsSource: Studio Designs
The Americana Drafting Table is a perfect stand-in jigsaw table option.

The Americana Drafting Table by Studio Designs is a great option for a puzzle table. This design features a folding top, sliding drawer storage, and convenient footrest area. The folding mechanism is made of sturdy metal to ensure longevity and precision of function. Another added bonus is the folding-front keyboard tray-style drawer. This design could also double as a computer desk for smaller spaces.

Size: 54″ H x 42″ W x 30″ D

500 Piece 35″ Vinyl Folding Puzzle Table

Kestell 52 Inch Viny Jigsawl Puzzle TableSource: Kestell Furniture
This 52″ Vinyl-Topped Puzzle Table by Kestell is Designed for 500 Piece Puzzle Sizes

The 52″ Vinyl Puzzle Table by Kestell features a solid-oak, folding design, that is both convenient and classy. This puzzle table comes in a range of finish options for the wood and a number of different top material options including wool and faux leather. This table is the perfect option for those looking for a dedicated jigsaw table with style but without too many bells and whistles.

Size: 35” L x 35” W x 29.5” H

Bits & Pieces 38″ Folding Puzzle Table

38 Inch Folding Puzzle Table by Bits and PiecesSource: Bits & Pieces
The 32″ Folding Puzzle Table by Bits and Pieces is one of the most popular puzzle tables on the market

The 32″ Folding Puzzle Table by Bits-and-Pieces is one of the most popular designs on the market today. This “fold-and-go” design comes with easy storage, functional felt topping, and a folding wooden design. This portable puzzle table is certainly a hobbyist table designed for casual and temporary usage. Having a puzzle table with cover such as this allows for easy transportation and helps avoid cluttering a room.

Size: 38” L x 27” W x 28” H

Custom Options

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Table from Etsy Seller JigsawpuzzletablesSource: Jigsawpuzzletables
This Custom Jigsaw Design from Etsy Seller Jigsawpuzzletables offers a great premium option

This Custom Jigsaw Puzzle table by Etsy Seller JigsawPuzzleTables showcases the beauty of custom designs. Custom options such as these offer additional storage, more refined surface areas, and can be catered to match your existing home furniture. Custom tables such as these won’t be budget-friendly in most cases but can offer a level of uniqueness unmatched by commercial options.


Finding the best jigsaw puzzle table is no easy task. Amidst the wide range of options is also the ocean of possibilities that are drafting tables, artists’ tables, and arts-and-crafts tables. All these options have are likely to offer additional storage, reinforced tops, and sturdy solid-wood design.

Check out our list of the best furniture brands if you’re still having trouble locating the puzzle table of your dreams. These furniture companies offer high-quality designs and have many pieces of furniture that could easily be dual-purposed into puzzle tables.