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How to Pick the Right Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Pick the Right Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

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You spend almost one-third of your entire lifetime in bed, and the quality of sleep you get from it depends a lot on your mattress. As we all know, the mattress we sleep on every night has a significant impact on the quality of time we spend on top of it. You don’t just stay on the mattress to sleep. We also read books, watch movies, and even eating.

But you must be asking, it is evidence enough that it affects our sleep and, if so, how exactly?

The Science of Quality Sleep

It has something to do about our capillaries, you know, those tiny little blood vessels that run over our body. They regulate blood, and when we sleep, the resistance it gets from the mattress can affect its blood flow. When it gets restricted too much, it signals the brain to roll over. And you know, rolling over too much can interrupt our sleep.

So in a more straightforward sense, the right mattress can make sleep a more satisfying activity. But what is the definition of a good bed? Well, it depends on each person, as not all people like their mattresses soft and smooth. Others prefer it to be sturdy but soft enough to be comfortable. Some even like water beds.

Know Your Mattress Types

Finding the right mattress for you should be taken on a more personal level. You should be thinking more about what kind of mattress you want rather than considering the higher the price, the better it will be. A high price doesn’t mean good quality as the price is like that due to the material used and aggressive marketing.

Also, there are scientific studies that show us which type of mattress we should use to make us sleep better at night, but for some people, personal interests should matter. Also, some people have certain medical conditions that require them to sleep on a specific mattress.

If you are having a struggle in choosing one for yourself, here are some types of mattresses that you can choose.


Most people typically have innerspring mattresses in their homes as it is the most popular mattress in the US. Not only it has a more reasonable price than the other ones on this list, but they are also just as comfortable. This type of mattress has good quality, so a lot of people are recommending this one.

If you look inside an innerspring mattress, you can see that there are individually pocketed coils to preserve the comfy feel that you get from it. Also, it features several layers of cushion to prevent the loops from poking out the mattress.

Latex Foam

Over the years, latex foams have been popular throughout Europe lately and are currently gaining popularity in the US. Made from natural, synthetic rubber foams, they feature a latex foam cores rather than using innerspring for that comfortable feel.

If you have been using innerspring and just recently used a latex foam mattress, you might feel a little resistance on your back. It is because it supports your back to prevent joint pains and osteoporosis.

Also, latex foams do not hold as much as heat than their predecessors, so your sleep will be more comfortable.

Memory Foam

Also recently gaining popularity in the US, memory foams are the same mattress that is used by NASA. Memory foam is multiple layered with varying density of foam that can read someone’s weight and body heat that will envelop you for additional support for your body.

If you don’t like mattresses that hold too much heat, this foam is not for you. Foams such as kaya mattress feature memory foam, albeit they also add in innerspring for additional comfort.

Air Chamber Mattress

Air chamber mattresses greatly vary from inflatable air mattress that we use in case of an emergency. The price certainly speaks lengths as it is more expensive than his inflatable counterpart.

Air chamber mattress holds air pockets that can be adjusted through a remote. These air pockets serve as a support for the body, unlike foams that use innerspring and latex foams, although they also use several foams on top of one another for additional comfort.

With a remote, you can adjust the comfortable feel of the foam by merely dialing it to a more comfortable level. You can adjust it to be plushier, or go for a more firm holds as you try to find the best feature that you want.


If you are having difficulty sleeping on your old mattress, and not to mention it is already several years old, it is probably high time to buy a new one. If you want to try out mattresses in the store, experts suggest that you try them by laying on one, although not all stores approve of this. It is always best if you buy foam that suits your personal needs, rather than listening to other recommendations and scientific studies.