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Do you sleep well at night? According to research, more than 100 million Americans aren’t getting the amount of sleep needed to ensure proper health 3. Further research states mattress quality is the single biggest determinant of poor sleep for those complaining of chronic pain 2. Modern mattress brands have invested millions to pioneer new technology for true luxury sleep while still remaining affordable. This article reviews some of the best mattress options on the market today and why they deserve your consideration.

Getting Better Sleep

Mattress quality found to be the largest influence on sleep quality

Before we dive into our considerations of the inherent qualities found in the best mattress, let’s first take a moment to consider the importance of sleep. After all—to consider a mattress completely one must understand the many positive effects it may offer. In a 2015 sleep survey, the National Sleep Foundation found that the environmental factors played the largest role in sleep quality. Among these factors mattress quality was the most important influence on sleep quality 1. Second to mattress quality, this survey found that temperature was the next leading environmental factor. This is a clear signal that having the best mattress possible is one of the best ways to ensure quality sleep. This study also revealed that people that sleep well at night report having a 50% better overall state of health and quality of life 1. Simply put—the quality of your mattress has a direct impact on your health and quality of life. Endeavoring to find the best mattress possible within your budget can have a profound impact on your quality of sleep and, according to research, your health, and well being!


Sorting Through The Chaos

Knowing which mattress brands to choose from can make all the difference

The mattress industry has undergone some remarkable changes in recent years that everyone should be aware of. Brands like Casper, Leesa, and Purple have pioneered the direct-to-consumer pricing model that has greatly reduced average mattress prices. Today there are many other brands that have continued to develop products capable of delivering quality sleep that has historically been reserved by big retail brands that have exorbitant prices. These new brands offer tremendous warranties, extended in home trial periods and typically ship for free in conveniently-sized boxes.

each mattress in this guide brings something unique to the table and should each be given careful consideration

These mattress brands have pioneered what is now referred to as the ‘bed in a box’ sales model—meaning their mattresses ship directly to homes in vacuum-sealed boxes of convenient size. While not true for all the mattress reviews seen here, the vast majority offer memory foam mattresses that are able to be vacuum sealed in boxes which ship easily with ground carriers such as UPS. Some of these products have straightforward, layered memory form construction. Other more innovative designs feature patented materials, hybrid innerspring technology, and a handful of other unique approaches to luxury mattress design. On the whole, each mattress in this guide brings something unique to the table and should each be given careful consideration.

Top Rated Mattresses (In No Particular Order)

Hand selected from an ocean of potential options

Some of these are hybrid mattresses with memory foam and coiled springs, some are latex, and some are exclusively memory foam. Shipping, warranties, return policies, and general feedback from customers have all been taken into account to compile this list. Ultimately, however, these reviews are the only opinion and not based on any numbers or data provided by anyone other than the manufacturers themselves. We recognize that each individual likely has their own sleeping style and position that may be impacted by different types of materials. To help better account for individual preferences we’ve taken into account the length of in-home warranties and return policies to help describe the process you might expect to face should you purchase a mattress you end up disliking. In most cases, these brands have all developed powerful in-home trial programs that are backed up by seamless return policies which require no hassle from consumers. Below you’ll find our top recommendations for the best mattress in no particular order.

The Nectar Sleep Mattress uses a quilted memory foam gel to provide amazing contour support.

Nectar Sleep is one of the fastest-rising stars on the market today and have been giving many so-called ‘big guys’ a run for their money. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to their innovative designs as well as their awareness of market demand. If you’re looking for overall affordability this is likely the best mattress for you. The Nectar Sleep memory foam mattress comes in a 5 layer design which features a broad approach to addressing the needs of the many. This means that Nectar Mattresses are perfect for the vast majority of sleeping styles and preferences but don’t accommodate the more sensitive sleepers. Doubling down so hard on this single design has allowed Nectar to manufacture the products in such a way as to offer near-unbeatable prices. The Nectar Sleep mattress has a Tencel cooling cover, a quilted gel memory foam top layer, a regular memory foam layer underneath that, and the two more foam layers to offer base support for all night comfort. These mattresses come with a 365 in home trial, ship for free, and have a LIFETIME warranty.

Nectar Sleep Quilted Gel Memory
The hybrid design of the Tomorrow Sleep mattress provides the benefits of both memory foam and microcoil designs

Tomorrow Sleep is the new kid on the block though their team has decades of experience within the mattress industry. They’ve applied their deep engineering and materials science know-how with a direct-to-consumer pricing model that has really left a lot of heads spinning. The line of Tomorrow Sleep mattresses was designed to create a ‘microclimate’ to better control the comfort of sleep throughout the night. This design features three separate layers of foam topping for ideal contour and airflow support which rest on a bed of individually-wrapped innerspring coils for support. In addition to this unique combination of foam and steel, Tomorrow Sleep mattresses make use of side foam forms for superior ventilation. This hybrid design is regarded as the best mattress design by any for its ability to harness the benefits of several different types at once. These mattresses come with a 100 in home trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty. Tomorrow Sleep has become positioned to be at the bleeding edge of sleep technology by developing an entire line of complimentary sleep supporting products in addition to their mattresses. This includes breathable memory foam pillows, plush pillows, comforters, sheets, a sleep monitoring system, and even blackout curtains. This mattress company has clearly paid attention to the research detailing how important sleep is for our collective health. For those looking for a reliable luxury sleep experience without taking out a loan—Tomorrow Sleep may be the best mattress for you.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid
The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is a true luxury mattress, measuring in at 15″ thick and topped with a tufted cashmere blend.

DreamCloud is another relative newcomer to the mattress market and has hit the ground running. They’ve taken their extensive experience within the mattress industry to, especially feedback from consumers, and have crafted a new mattress that should leave many luxury mattress brands fearing for their bottom lines! The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid offers an eight-layer design meant to address the needs of any sleeper while. The topmost layer, a Truetufted Cashmere blend, presents itself much like a cloud in many ways—it’s soft, fluffy, and feels as smooth against one’s skin as one might imagine a cloud from a bedtime story would. This mattress also features a layer of microcoils for better overall weight distribution and breathability. Other layers in this mattress include gel-infused memory foams, quilted memory foam, and even a natural latex for a bit of that nice “springy” action. Overall, we’re pretty big fans of this mattress. It’s a bit pricey compared to other regular mattresses but almost cheap compared to other luxury models. If you’re shopping for a cheap mattress this one isn’t likely going to be your best option. If, on the other hand, you’re shopping for a luxury mattress—this one might be the winner. Comes with a lifetime warranty, year-long evaluation period, and free shipping.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid
Leesa Mattresses have a layered design to offer support and contouring

Leesa is among one of the most renowned and well-established mattress brands on the market today. This company was founded on the principle of providing a quality mattress for a better price. They’ve assembled a myriad of industry professionals to help engineer what many argue to be the best mattress for the money. They offer a 100-night risk-free trial, free shipping and returns, and have committed themselves to donating 1 mattress for every 10 sold. Their multi-foam design consists of a top layer of Avena foam meant to promote airflow, a secondary layer of memory foam for contour and a third layer to provide a dense supportive base. Leesa mattresses are CertiPUR certified to be free of many harmful ingredients and come with a 10-year warranty. This has become somewhat of an industry standard among foam mattress designs but should always be considered a plus. When trying to decide upon the best mattress to meet your needs, Leesa offers a uniquely familiar design with tremendous comfort.

Leesa Polyfoam
The Chill by Cocoon Sleep comes in a wide range of firmness levels.

The Chill Memory Foam is a mattress designed by sleep-science behemoth Sealy, representing their subsidy brand Cocoon Sleep. This mattress has been designed with decades of market experience and is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality when compared to would-be competitor mattresses. This mattress comes with different comfort options to help accommodate a wider range of sleeper preferences—namely those that like a softer sleep vs. those that like a firmer feel. This mattress is one of the few memory foam options we’ve found (that we feel is of high enough quality to discuss) that offers a really soft feel. Cocoon advertises the firmness level of their “soft” version of the Chill as being able to be constructed to meet a 3/10 firmness (that’s really soft) if desired. For what this mattress is, we feel that it is a bit overpriced. However, for those looking for a super soft memory foam mattress, it’s certainly one of the few quality options on the market currently. Overall, this is one of the better memory foam mattresses out available today.

Chill Memory Foam by Cocoon Sleep
Casper’s ‘The Casper’ is their best-selling mattress & pioneer of the bed-in-a-box designs

Casper mattresses are regarded by many as the original bed-in-a-box design. This company has pioneered what modern foam mattresses should provide and are constantly investing in new research and development to further improve their designs. Their lineup now consists of three unique memory foam mattress designs that offer a wide range of accommodation for every budget. The Casper is by far their most popular design and consists of 4 unique foam layers to provide all night support. The newer, more innovative, Wave mattress has been designed to be the best mattress possible regardless of price. Its 5 layer design features open-cell foam for superior breathability and temperature control, targeted firmness areas for unique physical support, and also features a hypersensitive top layer for unparalleled contouring support. Casper mattresses are among the best on the market and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any of higher quality for the prices they offer.

Casper Memory Foam
Saatva’s Luxury Plush mattress features organic cotton, microcoils, and a support coil system.

Saatva is no novice when it comes to designing high quality mattresses. They are among the most popular mattress brands on the market and have several different unique products within their catalog. Saatva mattresses are much more akin to what one might expect from a traditional mattress design rather than the predominantly memory foam designs from others. This mattress features a deeply padded pillow top which rests on a bed of individually-wrapped coils to provide an incredible system of weight distribution. In addition, Saatva mattresses are designed to have a tempered steel base coil system to offer even further lumbar and positional support. Saatva offers a 120 night in home trial, a 15-year warranty and offers but do not currently offer free shipping. These mattresses aren’t considered bed-in-a-box by design, and require delivery by a specialized carrier service which is arranged by Saatva. The Saatva inner coil mattress design offers a unique experience similar to what one might find in a traditional luxury mattress—though at a much lower price. To top things off, Saatva mattresses feature an Organic Cotton outer layer for a clean and crisp sleep. If you’ve grown weary entirely of entirely memory foam designs Saatva may be the best mattress for you.

Saatva Innerspring Mattress
Purple’s unique hyper-elastic polymer top layer offers unmatched weight distribution

Purple mattresses may not be considered the best mattresses by everyone out there—but they certainly are the most unique! These mattresses are designed from a patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material that looks like some form of a futuristic egg carton. This grid-like design allows the Purple mattress to offer an unmatched ability to promote airflow throughout the night. This top layer of has been specially engineered to provide maximum comfort at minimal cost. You may recall Purples near viral YouTube video in which they dropped a 330-pound sheet of glass onto their mattress while avoiding the breaking of 4 raw eggs.  Words don’t do it justice—just take a moment and watch the video. Purple mattresses might not be the best option for everyone out there but they are certainly worth strong consideration. Their patented polymer material rests on two lower layers of foam to provide all night support. These mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, 100-night warranty and free shipping. If for some reason you decide you don’t want to keep your Purple mattress they will schedule someone to come pick it up for free and refund your entire purchase price. Purple might be regarded as industry outlier by some be we believe they are a shoe-in for the best mattress company. Also, did we mention that it’s purple?

Purple Hyper-Elastic Polymer Mattress
The Affluent Rest memory foam mattress from SweetZzz give a true memory foam experience.

SweetZzz is a newer mattress brand compared to many on this list, but have put together one of the better memory foam mattresses we’ve experienced. The trouble with a lot of memory foam mattresses on the market today is that they’re only technically memory foam mattresses—meaning they don’t offer what we’d consider being a true memory foam experience. The Affluent Rest by SweetZzz has two high-density memory foam layers which provide a very characteristic memory foam experience. Another unique feature of this mattress is the 1″ thick cotton top layer which provides a soft separation between you and the foam of the mattress, as typical to most all mattresses, but also provides an extra layer of support and contouring. We found this to be quite unique, and also found ourselves being fans of the idea. Compared to other memory foam mattresses of similar design we feel the Affluent Rest is slightly more expensive—but then again we also believe it to be more characteristic of a true memory foam mattress. Overall, this is one of the better memory foam mattresses we’ve had the privilege of trying out.

SweetZzz Affluent Rest Memory Foam
The Green Tea mattress from Zinus may very well be the best mattress under $300 we’ve ever seen

The Green Tea memory foam mattress by Zinus is one of the most affordable mattresses on the market today. It’s received a phenomenal amount of positive reviews (nearly 10K 5 Star Reviews on Amazon alone) and for good reason—this mattress is perhaps the best mattress on the market for the under $300 price range. To be sure, this mattress isn’t a luxury model but it is better than many mattresses that one might find in stores retailing for upwards of $1000. It’s 12″ thick design consists of 4 unique layers of foam materials—the topmost being a 3″ thick layer of memory foam. This layered design allows the benefits of memory foam while avoiding the majority of heating concerns. This mattress is CeriPUR certified for durability and toxin-free materials, ships for free, has a 10-year warranty, and comes with a 100-night in-home trial. Great option for those looking for a hassle-free upgrade to their existing mattress while also minimizing their investment. Who wouldn’t want to sleep better for less?

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
The Amerisleep AS3 features several layers allowing for customized support

The Amerisleep AS3 (formerly named the ‘Liberty’) is a tremendous example of modern innovation in mattress design. This mattress features a four-layer foam design intended to maximize the benefits of memory foam while avoiding overheating. The third layer features a uniquely-designed form for promoting deep airflow throughout the night. This added airflow helps keep the Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur memory foam layer from retaining too much heat. The AS3 is a top-contender for the title of the best mattress. Its solid positioning is characterized by such considerations as the Celliant material used for its outermost layer of fabric. This material has been engineered to actually convert body heat into light which compliments the already breathable design. All things considered, the Amerisleep AS3 is one of the best mattresses around, and likely the best memory foam mattress on the market today.

Amerisleep AS3

Mattress Reviews

About Our Choices

We aren’t Scientists but we’ve done our research

Our picks for best mattress aren’t to be considered Scientific in nature. We’ve researched each of these mattresses extensively and have considered the attributes we feel to be most relevant for most people. Those with a preference for extremely soft or extremely firm mattresses will likely struggle to find an affordable option among the brands on this list. These mattresses have been chosen for their overall value rather than their ability to address any single need. Among the most heavily considered attributes were pricing, in-home trial periods, typical customer reviews, and the available warranty.

We recommend reading about each mattress to better understand the benefits of that mattress compared to others

We feel confident that each brand represented here poses a potential solution for those seeking a better night’s rest. The best mattress isn’t something that we can pick for you—all we can do is narrow down your choices. We recommend reading about each mattress to better understand the benefits of that mattress compared to others. For example, for those looking for the most affordable mattress, we’d recommend Nectar Sleep though for those looking for the most innovative mattress we tend to lean towards Purple. After assessing a brand’s reputation in the marketplace, asserting the quality of their customer service, and qualifying their products guarantees—the rest is up to you!

Final Considerations

The mattresses on this list represent the very best options on the market today. These companies have poured money into research and development to design luxury products at a fraction of the cost. For the most part, this is possible through the increasingly-popular direct-to-consumer sales models which eliminate all the middlemen involved in mattress sales. This means no markup from the wholesalers and no markup from the local mattress stores. When shopping for a mattress with these brands you are effectively shopping directly with manufacturers. Finding the best mattress possible will involve careful consideration of your individual needs. Are you a side sleeper? Do you prefer super soft mattresses? These types of considerations should be made carefully before selecting your top pick. Research clearly illustrates how important sleep is to our overall health and wellbeing. Mattresses have been found to be among the top issues for those experiencing poor sleep. If you are truly determined to get a better night sleep one of the most-assured ways to do so is to get a better mattress on which to spend your nights.


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