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The Best 7 Outdoor Barstools to Buy for Counters & Bars

The Best 7 Outdoor Barstools to Buy for Counters & Bars

  • Upgrade your counter and bar with the right barstools to help you prioritize both functionality and comfort for a compromise-free finish.
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Sometimes choosing the right barstool can be a challenge for your patio. You want the stools to be comfortable enough for people to sit on, but you also want to make sure that they match the decor without taking away from it.

If you’re finding that an overwhelming problem, why not take a look at the following designs for some inspiration. We’ve collected a series of modern, functional, and comfortable bar stools that are just the right fit in terms of literal counter height, and, figurative in the sense of matching your home.

Why are counter height bar stools great for entertaining?

Realistically, counter height stools are going to be the most practical option for enjoying some company outside. They easily move from section to section of your patio, and they are just the right height (between 34″-36″) for guests to sit at a counter or bar top without having to reach too far for their drink or a snack.

These are positioned in such ways to allow for casual conversation while enjoying drinks, casual dining outdoors, or even playing tabletop games. Counter-height tables and barstools are an easy sell for anyone looking for refreshing new ideas for entertaining. However, there are some important considerations one much keep in mind before buying new furniture—barstools included.

What should you be looking for in a bar stool for your counter?

First, consider the importance of the back and arms of your barstool. While classic bar stools are just seats with a pair of sturdy legs, newer versions offer greater comfortability with higher backs and arms for added support.

Second, you’ll want to extend some thought towards the vibe that you’re seeking to create. After all, your bar stools are a reflection of the rest of your outdoor entertaining space, right?

Wooden stools, for instance, are common in homes, bars, and lounges. When you want that classic bar feel, wood’s your main material to trust. Upholstered stools, on the other hand, provide stronger connotations of upscale bars, hotels, and more sophisticated settings.

Lastly, metal as a barstool material is more rustic, edgy, and sophisticated, giving it a more welcome home in contemporary or distinctly stylish venues. However, rustic, edgy, and sophisticated don’t necessarily translate to comfortable. Consider whether you’d prefer prioritizing comfort, style, or falling somewhere in between.

Types of Barstools to Choose From

With all the above in mind, the last hurdle in selecting a set of barstools is style. As with most furniture, barstools come in a wide range of styles, materials, shapes, and sizes. Below are a few of the more popular design styles on the market today. Just keep in mind that sometimes price doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Look at the reviews, consider your space, and try to imagine what will work best in your home.

The Simple Barstool

simple barstoolSource: Mercury RowThis mesh-textured metal barstool creates comfort in its subtly curved back and integrated arms that create an easy seat. This minimalist barstool also includes built-in legs for comfort and support.

A more modern-inspired design, this barstool is comfortable to sit in and is incredibly durable against the weather, making it a sensible choice for individuals looking to get hardy furniture that’s likely to have a longer lifespan than other types of barstools.

The Geometric Sitter

geometric sitter barstoolSource: Hashtag HomeWith a stately and authoritative geometric presence, this counter height barstool oozes a classic, streamlined style that sits well within almost any environment or ambiance.

Constructed from lightweight resin, it boasts structural strength and resistance to the elements that are nothing short of impressive, yet, it remains lightweight and easy to move around if needed.

Modern and straightforward in all of the best ways, this design will go well with an outdoor café or a service counter.

Aluminum Shortback

aluminum shortback barstool by 17 storiesSource: 17 StoriesRefreshingly simple and designed for just about any space, this aluminum barstool offers a dependable straight back and piped bars for leg support. Classic and simple, they’ll work well in a minimalist’s patio design.

From decorative use to full-blown entertaining, these vintage, stackable stools are ready to serve your needs as required. Their minimalist color and appearance make them a staple for anyone that’s serious about having guests around for a function.

The Comfy Metal Barstool

comfy metal barstool by lattitude runSource: Lattitude RunThis steampunk-like style is completely unconventional in its use of pipe frames and juxtaposed cotton cushions.

Surprisingly comfortable, this style features an adjustable seat that can be raised or lowered, making it the perfect accouterment to any function. The swiveling seat will be greatly appreciated by guests, as it allows better movement for the sitter.

Perfect for the modern space, this barstool is going to give you a little extra comfort with the cushioning and will be precisely the incentive your guests need to stay a little longer.

The Single Cushion Wicker

wicker barstool with cushion by atlantic contemporary lifestyleSource: Atlantic Contemporary LifestyleKeeping it simple with synthetic, easy-care wicker, this cushioned barstool provides reinforced footrests, an adjustable cushion, and a tall back for ample body support during functions and dinners.

Sturdy and constructed from high-quality materials, this barstool is incredibly resistant to the elements – making it the perfect addition to any outside entertainment area. Simple yet effective, this is the ideal design that anyone looking for a simple outdoor barstool should aim for.

The Minimalist Swiveller

woven wicker patio stool by rst brandsSource: RST BrandsUnderstated and underrated, this minimalistic styled barstool is pretty much a staple in outdoor entertainment venues.

It provides noticeable comfort, slight-back support, and a swiveling seat– making it a go-to for anyone serious about having guests around. Durable and easy to clean, this barstool is the perfect counterpart to any outside area.

With a small but effective footrest, this style provides everything that one could seek from a simple yet comfortable barstool.

The Farm-style Sitter

wood barstool madison saddle outdoor barn stoolSource: YardistrySometimes, a no-frills, simple design is the only thing that’s required – which is definitely the case with this straightforward and rustic wooden barstool.

The perfect companion to almost any and every outdoor seating area, this fixed bar stool provides a solid, stable feeling that is unlikely to be found in tall, more contemporary designs.

Akin to that of old farm stools, this style will take your guests back to simpler times of easy living – creating the perfect ambiance for any function with an underlayment of the revitalized farmhouse style.

In Conclusion

While there are numerous ways to add comfort to your outdoor area, choosing the perfect outdoor barstool is definitely one of the easier ways. It’s always important to thoroughly understand what impressions you want to make on your guests, and how any barstool you’re buying will assist this.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration from the above designs, making your barstool-choosing game that much stronger. If all’s gone well, this lookbook and design board has provided plenty of ideas that will inspire your next shopping trip! For more inspiration, check our list of some of the top furniture brands on the market right now.