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5 Best Ping Pong Tables for Home Table Tennis Matches

5 Best Ping Pong Tables for Home Table Tennis Matches

  • Looking to have fun and stay active? Check out these ping pong tables to see how your leisure time could help keep you in shape!
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Ping pong is a fun casual game that not only entertains but keeps players active. Its concepts are such classics that the first computer games were modeled after it. Finding the best ping pong table for your home can be tricky, despite the games simple design.

Regulation-size ping pong table dimensions are 60″ wide, 107″ long, and 30″ high. That’s no small piece of furniture and certainly won’t fit in everyone’s living room. Taking the size of a ping pong tables into account can help better understand which table is best for you.

The 5 Best Ping Pong Tables

We’ve selected 5 ping pong tables we believe showcase the best option for different uses. We’ve accounted for pricing, average ratings, and common buyer comments. There are many more ping pong tables out there but these should help get you started.

Stiga STS 385 Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga STS 385 Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table homerefinerySource: STIGA
The STS 385 Regulation size ping pong table by Stiga

The STIGA STS 385 is a regulation-size table with a great set of features. It is foldable, can fold into single-player mode, has a convenient ball storage area on the ends, wheels for easy movement, and protective edge covers. STIGA is synonymous with quality within the table tennis market and this product is guaranteed to impress.

Foldable: Yes

Wheels: Yes

Dimensions: 56″ wide x 108″ long

Table Type: Indoor

JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table

JOOLA INSIDE 15 Table Tennis Table homerefinerySource: JOOLA
The JOOLA Inside 15 table tennis system features wheels, folding top, and is regulation size

The JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis System is arguably the best budget buy on the market. It comes with only the bare necessities but does so with the quality of the JOOLA brand. This table is advertised as “10 minutes from box to play” and is the ideal choice for anyone looking for casual fun with minimal investment.

Foldable: Yes

Wheels: Yes


Table Type: Indoor

Kettler USA Eden Indoor/Outdoor Table

kettler eden indoor outdoor ping pong table homerefinerySource: Kettler USA
The Kettler EDEN is designed to withstand outdoor conditions

The Kettler EDNE Indoor/Outdoor Table is an impressive design. This ping pong table features weatherproof design, a metal net design, and a sturdy chrome base. This is a stationary table designed to sit outside year-round without making game performance suffer. It comes with a 10-year warranty, has anchor-ready feet, and featured doubled-strengthened edges and underside.

Foldable: No

Wheels: No

Dimensions: 56″ width x 106″ long

Table Type: Stationary Indoor/Outdoor

JOOLA Foldable Indoor Conversion Top

JOOLA Foldable Indoor Conversion Top homerefinerySource: JOOLA
The JOOLA Foldable Conversion Top is a convenient option for pool tables and existing surfaces

The JOOLA Foldable Conversion Top allows players to easily make use of existing furniture to support their table tennis matches. This table features a clamping net, folding top, and metal support apron. This is the ideal choice for those with existing game tables (like a pool table) or a another suitable surface on which to support this conversion top. Being foldable, this option is easily stored between matches.

Foldable: Yes

Wheels: No

Dimensions: 56″ width x 106″ long

Table Type: Conversion Top Indoor

Revolution SVR Indoor Table by Killerspin

Killersping SVR Indoor Ping Pong Table homerefinerySource: Killerspin
The Revolution SVR Indoor Table Tennis Table showcases a magnificent, regulation design

The Revolution SVR Indoor Table by Killerspin is our pick for the best high-end ping pong table. Sure, there are some custom-built tables out there that look prettier but this is top-tier for what you can order online. This table is regulation size and showcases a look that would be perfect for any gaming club, billiards club, or table sports venue.

Foldable: No

Wheels: No

Dimensions: 56″ width x 106″ long

Table Type: Stationary Indoor

Types of Ping Pong Tables

Picking out the best table tennis table should involve carefully considering how it will be used. Below you’ll find a brief overview of some common types of ping pong tables. There are certainly others out there, but this list should get you pointed in the right direction.


Indoor tables are of higher quality and make use of better materials. These tables may include veneered surfaces, fine finishes, and even hand-carved features. These are among the most expensive tables and often serve dual purposes as dining, conversation, or desk surfaces.


Outdoor ping pong tables are built to withstand the harsh elements of nature. Here you’ll find plastics, or comparably durable materials, used for surfaces. Outdoor tables won’t always meet the IFFT’s guidelines for performance, such as ball bounce heights of 9″, but they’ll handle a little rain without a second’s thought.


Folding ping pong tables can be designed for indoor or outdoor and share one attribute: they can fold! This type of table is ideal for those looking to save space on a budget. These tables are cheaper than conversion tables but offer many of the same space-saving advantages. These are popular enough that you can find a cheap ping pong table from most online furniture stores.


Conversion tables are often custom-designed tables that serve as other types of furniture. A common example is a ping pong table that can double as a pool table. Often, this conversion is as simple as removing the table tennis top to reveal the billiards table beneath. Other conversion tables serve as dining tables, desks, or even changing stations for babies!


For the serious table tennis player, traditional tables are often the most alluring. This type of table is of fixed size, usually found in dedicated game rooms (or unused garages), but will often have wheels to allow some consideration for storage. These tables will offer the best player experience but often come at the expense of inconveniencing the daily flow through one’s living space.

Common Questions

Ping pong table ownership comes with several caveats. One should ask themself several questions before making such a purchase. Below, you’ll find some discussion of common table tennis related questions that will help you decide on the best type of ping pong table for your home.

How Tall is a Ping Pong Table?

ITTF regulation size is 9 ft. long x 5 ft. wide x 2.5 ft. tall, increased in size in 2018 to accommodate television viewing, though most consumer tables are not so large. On the other hand, quality consumer models such as the JOOLA meet ITTF regulation sizes.

Table Tennis vs. Ping Pong

These are ultimately the same game but the terms are often used to discern between player proficiency. Table Tennis refers to professional competitions while Ping Pong refers to casual games played in one’s home.

How Thick are Ping Pong Tables?

There is no official standard for ping pong table top thickness. The only official requirement is that the top surface is able to provide a bounce height of 9 inches when a ball is dropped from roughly 12 inches (30 cm) above the table. Many tables use a 3/4 inch thick of fiberboard or plywood that sits atop a thicker framing.

Can I Convert an Indoor Table to an Outdoor Table?

Not likely. Outdoor tables require weatherproof materials to avoid game-interfering degradation from the elements. One could, most certainly, attempt to refinish an entire ping pong table, re-coat it in a weather-resistant material, and then make similar considerations for the legs and other structural components. One could also, most certainly, purchase a separate outdoor table at less cost than that ordeal.

How much space should be around a ping pong table?

Ping pong tables require players to move around—side-to-size and back-to-front—the entirety of a game. It’s recommended to leave 5 feet on each end and 3 feet on each side to ensure a comfortable player movement. Remember, just because a ping pong table fits into a room doesn’t mean you can play there.


Ping pong tables are great ways to stay active and have fun. Knowing how you plan to use your table, available space, and the general market pricing will help ensure you don’t suffer buyer’s remorse. The ping pong tables listed here are those that our review team believes to represent the best options on the market. Finding the best ping pong table among them will require careful consideration of personal needs.