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Top Prefab & Modular Home Builders

Top Prefab & Modular Home Builders

Emma Wright
  • Prefab homes have emerged as affordable solutions in this cruel housing market. These top prefab & modular home builders offer dream homes at jaw-dropping prices!
best prefab modular home builders

The best prefab modular home builders offer the dream home you thought you couldn’t afford. There’s no denying it: the current housing market can be incredibly harsh to aspiring homeowners or cabin owners alike. Thankfully, these companies offer effective, durable solutions at incredible prices.

These industry leaders use patented building methods, techniques, and high-quality materials to create something unique. These homes are appreciating assets that often surpass local building codes to ensure your home withstands the test of time. These structures are also eco-friendly and cost significantly less than their traditionally-built counterparts.

The Best Prefab & Modular Home Builders

Today we’ve taken a closer look at the best prefab modular home builders in the home industry and what they can do for you. Our review team considered building methods, materials used, warranties, and other relevant factors such as self-sufficiency and how eco-friendly these structures are.

These companies deliver dream homes that rival even the most luxurious properties out there. But homeowners today are also interested in monthly costs and the use of sustainable practices. After all, keeping your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills low are long-term factors to consider.

Without further ado, here are the best prefab modular home builders for this year!

S2A Modular Homes

best prefab modular home builders 1Source: S2A Modular Homes
S2A combines stunning home designs with state-of-the-art energy efficiency.

S2A Modular Homes is, hands down, one of the best prefab modular home builders. Their floorplans feature luxury homes, ADU granny flats, and large-scale projects such as housing developments and hotels. Their prefab homes rely on a Tesla Powerwall and FreeVolt PV Graf solar panels, allowing them to achieve Net Zero Energy Efficiency. This advanced system eliminates energy bills, and on a given month, utility companies may even write you checks for contributing energy to the grid. Neat!

Their home designs are also absolutely gorgeous, making them a solid choice for anyone that wishes to customize their home down to its last detail. We’ve reviewed some of our favorite models and floorplans recently, be sure to check them out!

Lindal Cedar Homes

best prefab modular home builders 2Source: Lindal Cedar Homes
Lindal Cedar Homes models come with a lifetime structural warranty.

Lindal Cedar Homes merge top-notch craftsmanship with extreme levels of customization to create unique homes that last a lifetime. The company’s catalog features more than 2,000 floorplans you can choose and customize to match your budget and needs.

Lindal Cedar Homes’ unwavering commitment to innovation and the preservation of our environment are some of the reasons why they’re the best prefab modular home builders today. Their post and beam modular houses are tailor-made to satisfy their customer’s needs through personalized layouts, extreme energy-efficiency, and unmatched structural integrity.

Connect Homes

best prefab modular home builders 3Source: Connect Homes
Connect Homes models are based on steel frame modules and can build up to three stories high.

Connect Homes offers a starter home that looks better than traditionally-built homes for roughly half the price. This brief but powerful offer has established the company as one of the best prefab modular home builders today.

Connect Homes builds each of their homes with remarkable green features, such as a specialized cool-roof system that reduces air conditioning costs. Their optional solar-ready customization allows you to install solar panels that feed your property with clean energy.

All of their models offer imposing exteriors as well as gorgeous interiors that suit modern, contemporary, and even traditional designs with ease. We recently reviewed some of our favorite Connect Homes models for this year, be sure to check them out too!

Method Homes

best prefab modular home builders 4Source: Method Homes
All Method Homes come with Leed and Energy Star certification standards, as well as glamorous interiors.

Method Homes are thoughtful, sustainable structures built using innovative construction methods. Their precision-engineered houses follow strict manufacturing standards that aim to minimize waste and guarantee structural integrity while significantly speeding up the construction process.

Method Homes combines unique modern aesthetics with Zero Net Energy levels of efficiency in all of their models. Their talented team will not only deliver a home you’ll be proud to call your own, but it’ll also produce the same amount of renewable energy onsite as it consumes over a year. This environmentally-conscious feature will help you keep the energy bills low and save you considerable money over time.

Huntington Homes

best prefab modular home builders 5Source: Huntington Homes
Huntington Homes catalog features over 75 models that fit all tastes and design choices.

Huntington Homes deviates from cookie-cutter floorplans and instead offers a vast catalog of floorplans you can choose from. Their superior craftsmanship and incredible prices make them one of the best prefab modular home builders to date, especially for anyone that values customizable interiors.

The company offers several energy efficiency packages that include optional solar panel systems and advanced insulation materials that keep energy bills extra-low. The Huntington Homes team also guides you through the design and material picking process to ensure you get your dream home at the best possible price.

Everywhere Shelter Co.

best prefab modular home builders 6Source: Everywhere Shelter Co.
Everywhere Shelter Co. modular homes combine avant-garde aesthetics with sustainable building practices.

Everywhere Shelter Co. is the best prefab modular home builder when it comes to sustainable building practices. All their models come from an advanced facility powered by 2,676 solar modules, guaranteeing that your home comes with a null carbon footprint from the moment it’s being built.

Their team offers unparalleled support and turns the often difficult task of acquiring a home into a standardized four-step process. The company helps you customize your pre-engineered plans while other team members handle the permit and property paperwork for you. Their prefab homes also come with fascinating exterior and interiors, making them a top choice for first-time homeowners this year.

Yankee Barn Homes

best prefab modular home builders 7Source: Yankee Barn Homes
Yankee Barn Homes models are durable, stylish, and budget-friendly.

When it comes to custom modular homes, Yankee Barn Homes is one of the best prefab modular home builders today. The company offers pre-made plans as a starting point, allowing you to customize every last detail of your home alongside your personal architect and design team. This hands-on approach and level of dedication guarantee that you’ll own a home that perfectly adapts to your needs and budget.

Their catalog features anything from summer homes with an airy beach-style interior to stunning modern farmhouses you’ll yearn to come back to after a long day at work.


best prefab modular home builders 8Source: Honomobo
Honomobo H series come with strategically designed floorplans and a factory-controlled building process that keeps them on a fixed budget.

Honomobo is one of the best prefab modular home builders and one of the few companies listed here that works exclusively with shipping containers. By using shipping containers as building blocks, this creative company creates luxury homes built with durable materials that weather the most challenging conditions.

Their H series features models that adapt to any budget and space requirements. From home office spaces to large luxurious properties, their catalog offers sophistication and glamour at incredible prices.

Blu Homes

best prefab modular home builders 9Source: Blu Homes
Blu Homes, on average, use 50% less water and electricity thanks to its advanced green design.

Blu Homes has delivered more than 300 projects across 21 states, and with more than ten years of experience, they’re one of the best prefab modular home builders today. Blu Homes merge the need for environmentally-conscious housing with Dvele advanced systems and technology to create sophisticated living spaces.

Their models come with state-of-the-art air filtration systems that significantly reduce mold particles as well as volatile organic compounds throughout the day. Your water is also filtered with a powerful UV-purification system to guarantee cleaner water even in remote locations.

Deltec Homes

best prefab modular home builders 10Source: Deltec Homes
Deltec Homes prefab houses are self-sufficient thanks to their net-zero design.

Deltec Homes is, without question, one of the best prefab modular home builders today. Their models are safely built inside their fabric, while the foundations are laid on-site, allowing the company to create and install homes faster than most builders. This process also safeguards materials from the elements and unforeseen circumstances, which guarantees that all projects are built on-budget and on time.

Deltec Homes floorplans also carefully maximize energy efficiency and functionality at all times. They’re actually one of the very few companies with a net-zero design, which allows you to fully power your home with renewable energy!


Prefab modular homes are, to many, a sorely needed solution in an increasingly bleak housing market. Being able to own your dream home at just a fraction of what it’d normally cost is an offer few would pass on, especially when you consider the money-saving effect these energy-efficient homes bring to the table.

Many of these builders allow you to power your home with clean energy and slash energy bills thanks to their next-level insulation materials. From an investment standpoint, homeowners are not only making a smaller initial investment, but they’re also likely to get their return much faster than most due to monthly energy savings.

Whether you’re an aspiring first-time homeowner or you’re looking to build and rent a summer vacation home for passive income, prefab modular home builders have answers to your burning needs. Feel free to visit their website and catalogs and prepare to redefine everything you thought you knew about houses!