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5 Inspiring Round Swivel Barrel Chairs

5 Inspiring Round Swivel Barrel Chairs

Emma Wright
  • What's better than sitting in a luxurious chair? Spinning in one! These round swivel chairs are some of our favorite designs from top brands.
camino round swivel chairs homerefinery

Round swivel chairs make sitting around fun. They can be stylish, comfortable, and they’re even luxury options for high-end furniture seekers. Having such an accent chair around your home can add a fun change of pace to your lifestyle. Swivel chairs are more than just accents.

Having a swivel chair in your home office, reading room, or sitting areas can provide utility as well. Swivel chairs allow one to quickly (and easily) divert one’s focus. This is great when working on multiple surfaces, talking to multiple people, or reading multiple books. Below are some of the best round swivel chairs out there.

Island Fusion Swivel Barrel Chair

Island Fusion Swivel Barrel Chair by Tommy Bahama Home home refinerySource: Tommy Bahama Home
The Island Fusion Swivel Barrel Chair by Tommy Bahama Home features a stylish fabric and tightly shaped design

The Island Fusion Swivel Chair by Tommy Bahama Home showcases a brilliantly patterned, vibrant orange upholstery. This piece has tightly-formed lines, a straight-backed design, and would look great in any Coastal-style living space. Add on a few complementing accent pillows and this chair can be the showpiece of any room!

Size: 31.5” H x 40” W x 34” D

Go for a Spin Swivel Slipper Chair

Go for a Spin Swivel Slipper Chair by Caracole Home RefinerySource: Caracole Classic
The Go for a Spin Swivel Slipper Chair by Caracole Classic

The Go for a Spin Slipper Chair by Caracole Classic showcases an elegance transcendent of words. This design features luxe fabrics such as chenille and a textured custom geometric design on the exterior shell. This design hints at Mid-Century style while exuding luxury with its golden champagne metal base.

Size: 33” H x 27.5” W x 31” D

Camino Swivel Barrel Chair

camino round swivel barrell chair by bernhardt home refinerySource: Bernhardt Furniture
The Camino Round Swivel Chair by Bernhardt

The Camino Swivel Barrel Chair by Bernhardt comes in a wide range of upholstery options. This luxury swivel chair has inviting curves, soft seating accommodation, and an inviting presence. The wide range of fabric options available makes this chair easily paired with existing design styles. Add in an accent pillow to make this piece truly sensational!

Size: 30.5” H x 32” W x 32” D

Dmitri Swivel Barrel Chair

dmitri swivel barrel chair by alcott hill homerefinerySource: Alcott Hill
The Dmitri Swivel Barrel Chair by Alcott Hill

The Dmitri Swivel Barrel Chair by Alcott Hill offers a stylish addition at an affordable price point. This design stages a several traditional fabric options atop a slightly tapering rounded shape. This chair is definitely designed more for style than comfort but still boasts a nice accomodating seat cushion.

Size: 29” H x 33.5” W x 30” D

Vivienne Swivel Barrel Chair

Vivienne Swivel Barrel Chair by Home by Sean and Catherine Lewis home refinerySource: Home by Sean & Catherine Lewis
The 48″ round barrel chair from Home by Sean & Catherine Lewis is elegant and functional

The Vivienne 48″ Barrel Chair features a modern linen upholstery, straight-back design, and multitiered cushion design. With nearly four feet of depth, this accent chair is perfect for sitting for long periods of time, squeezing in with a friend, and accomodating things like books, snacks, and extra pillows!

Size: 33” H x 54” W x 50” D

Swivel Chair FAQ

Swivel chairs can be fun, stylish, and bring extra utility to any room. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to swivel chairs.

Where can I buy a round swivel chair?

Considering round swivel chairs are a bit of a novelty item, it’s recommended to shop among online furniture stores. Shopping online will ensure the best selection, pricing, and customization options.

Who Designed the First Round Swivel Chair?

The first known swivel chair was found in Thomas Jefferson’s Montecillo Estate. It was a revolving Windsor chair and the designer was unknown. It was made of poplar, mahogany, maple, oak, and hickory.

What are Barrel Chairs?

Barrel chairs are designed such that they have a semi-circular back that forms a single piece with the arms. Sometimes also referred to as a “tub” chair. Not all barrel chairs swivel, but nearly all are round in shape.

What are Round Swivel Chairs?

Round swivel chairs are a unique style of seating with a swiveling base and a half-sphere seating design. The chairs look like spheres that have been cut in half and have custom seat cushion designs. However, round swivel chairs can come in a wide range of styles and designs.

When did round swivel chairs become popular?

The first known swivel chair was used by Thomas Jefferson in the 1700s. The mechanics of swivel chairs continued to gain popularity—peaking in the 1950s-1970s, but still remain popular in today’s markets.

Why would someone want a round swivel chair?

Round swivel chairs allow one to easily redirect focus to multiple work surfaces or directions in a room. These types of chairs are popular for home offices, reading rooms, and areas intended for conversation.

How do I use a round swivel chair?

Round swivel chairs can be used by lightly pressing one’s feet against the floor in the direction opposite in which one intends to turn. To swivel left, push with your right foot. To swivel right, push with the left. For the thrill-seekers, push with either foot hard and then pull up both to enjoy a longer spin!


Swivel chairs have been around for hundreds of years. While perhaps not in vogue currently, they’ve seen strong love from the public in recent decades. Some of the best furniture companies on the market are still designing swivel chairs. If you’re on the fence about swivel chairs still, try this exercise in imagination. The next time you’re sitting down, imagine how much better the experience would be if you could easily twist and turn about!