5 Best Type of Computer Desks for Working From Home

  • Working from home? Knowing which type of computer desk to use can help your home office be more productive and enjoyable. This list should help get you started!
Curata L Desk by Hooker Furniture

Having a productive home office involves careful consideration. Storage, desk space, and decor all contribute to productivity when working from home. At the heart of any home office are desks. For those with computers, sometimes finding the best desk isn’t always easy.

When it comes to computer desks, there are a lot of options. Finding the best computer desk is a matter of knowing the options, knowing where to shop, and—above all else—knowing your own needs. Below you’ll find the most popular types of computer desks and how they’re designed to make working from home easy.

Back Panels for Cable Management

bdi flat solid wood deskSource: BDI
The Format Computer Desk by BDI features a back panel for cable management, folding keyboard tray, and solid-wood design

The Format Solid Wood Computer Desk by BDI showcases a solution with many benefits. First, the solid-wood design will ensure performance and avoid knicks, dings, and depressions that could affect writing. Secondly, this desk features a covered back panel that is great for hiding excess wiring. The folding computer tray drawer, along with accompanying sliding drawers, provides basic storage options as well.

Computer-Specific Design Features

brookhaven credenza printer draser hooker furnitureSource: Hooker Furniture
The Brookhaven Computer Credenza by Hooker Furniture features a sliding printer drawer perfect for home offices

The Brookhaven Credenza Desk by Hooker Furniture showcases how the utility of these secondary pieces of furniture can serve as perfect computer desks. This is clear by the ample storage, folding keyboard tray, and large surface area. Credenzas are designed to serve as storage and extra workspace to writing desks. Credenza computer desks, such as the Brookhaven, often feature technology-specific designs such as sliding printer drawers.

Adjustable Height for Standing or Sitting

Airtouch Adjustable Standing Desk by SteelcaseSource: Steelcase
The Airtouch Adjustable Desk by Steelcase allows easy transitioning from standing or seated positions

The Airtouch Adjustable Height Standing Desk by Steelcase offers a convenient way to stay productive and healthy in the workplace. This desk raises or lowers in height to accommodate seated or standing positions. This particular design features a wireless solution using compressed air rather than pneumatic presses or mechanical gearing. Simple, easy-to-adjust, and flexible. What more could one want?

Standing Desk Converter

Hensley Adjustable Height Standing Desk Convertor by Symple StuffSource: Symple Stuff
The Hensley Adjustable Height Computer Desk by Symple Stuff is a budget-friendly way to transform any work surface into a more functional computer desk.

The Hensley Standing Desk Convertor by Symple Stuff showcases a more budget-friendly option than adjustable desks. This design allows one to convert any regular-height work surface into a standing-height design. This is a great way to add some extra storage space on the surface and keep your blood flowing during peak work times. Manual standing desk convertors can be found for less than $150.

L-Desks & Peninsula Desks

Curata L Desk by Hooker FurnitureSource: Hooker Furniture
The Curata L-Desk by Hooker Furniture showcases the added surface area provided by L-Desk designs

The Curata L-Desk from Hooker Furniture illustrates the added surface area provided by this popular design. As an added bonus, this luxury computer desk features a standing/sitting design for more flexible work positions. L-Desks and peninsula desks provide a more budget-friendly option than springing for an executive desk + credenza desk combination.

Common Questions

Where is the best place to buy computer desks?

Quality computer desks are available for purchase from most all online furniture stores as well as local furniture dealers. Online stores have a wider selection, lower base pricing, and generally offer free shipping. Local dealers may have better closeout pricing depending on several factors such as seasonal availability, new stock arriving, or open-box items.

What are the best computer desk brands?

Most of the best furniture brands on the market have a computer desk option in their catalog. There are certain brands such as Steelcase, BDI, and Versa that specialize in office solutions. Buying from trusted brands will help assure high-quality construction and rich sets of design features.

What’s the best cheap computer desk?

Standing height conversion desks are budget-friendly options that can transform any tabletop surface into a multifunctional computer desk. For dedicated computer desks, the cheapest options can be found from local stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or online from Amazon. Keep in minder that cheaper generally means lower-quality also.

How tall are computer desks?

Standing desks are 30″ in height and standing desks are 36″ in height. Exact dimensions will vary, but these are common among many major furniture brands.

Do computer desks have drawers?

High-end computer desks feature drawers, sliding keyboard trays, and printer shelves. Not all computer desks have these features, however, and you should carefully consider the needs of your home office before making a purchase.


Computer desks are an essential piece of furniture for any modern home office. There are options available that accommodate laptops, multiple screens, and varying heights. Knowing how you plan to use your desk, what your workflow demands of a desk, and your budget will help to find the best option. The types of computer desks listed here are among the most popular. Don’t be afraid to get creative though, and think outside of the box!