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9 Bold Black and White Nursery Ideas

9 Bold Black and White Nursery Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Black & White is a timeless interior design concept that delivers fresh and luxurious spaces while transmitting a much-needed clean and relaxing atmosphere. An interesting and elegant approach that you can fully use when decorating your little one’s nursery.
bold black and white nursery ideas

Nurseries are places where, for a short period of our lives, we concentrate oodles of time. It’s the place where babies get to experience their first sense of care, attention, and love from their parents. However, creating a comfortable, enjoyable, and stylish space isn’t only positive for your baby: it can also help you muster the energy needed for some long nights and days ahead.

Designing or redecorating a nursery is a life-changing home project, which is why we’ve chosen to show you some of these renowned interior designer’s bold black and white nursery ideas. These inspiring takes on how to prepare a comforting atmosphere for you and your baby will surely spark your creativity and help you create something unique

Duo-Chromatic Walls

bold black and white nursery ideas 1Source: Max and Duke

The first black and white nursery ideas come to us from Max and Duke. Their balanced and stylish approach to this room features a duo-chromatic wall that establishes a delicate and elegant balance of colors throughout the room. The white furniture and black details present on the decor follow the wall’s color balance to create harmony. 

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Doing Murals: Wall Art For Your Baby

bold black and white nursery ideas 2Source: Gray House Studio

The next black and white nursery ideas were curated by Gray House Studio. For this project, they decided to integrate a gorgeous mural that covers most of the room’s back wall. The mural is accompanied by a neutral color palette, careful furniture placement, and delicate decor to keep it as the room’s focal point. This graceful balance between the room’s furniture, decor, and its mural is truly a testament to the level of detail this team puts into each of their projects.

Installing a Dynamic Wallpaper

bold black and white nursery ideas 3Source: WinterDaisy

For interior designers, rooms are essentially white canvases in which curators and homeowners imprint a style as well as a philosophy. WinterDaisy wished to transmit a tranquil dynamism, the peaceful rest of a newborn, and the swift, intense development that takes place in the early years of their lives. The elegant, yet playful wallpaper perfectly matches the room’s patterned rugs and create a wonderful composition.

Gender-Neutral Chic Nursery

bold black and white nursery ideas 4Source: Jessica Van Gaalen

On a more natural light favoring approach, Jessica Van Gaalen also uses a cost-effective black & white vinyl decal, a black patterned carpet, and traditional furniture. The room is as peaceful as it is chic, which is an excellent choice when designing a gender-neutral space for your newborn. The addition of grey decor completes the black to white gradient present in this wonderful composition.

Art Printed Wallpapers & Art Deco Fashion

bold black and white nursery ideas 5Source: Foxy Oxie

Foxy Oxie shows us how versatile a nursery can be when taking advantage of the emptiness provided by white walls. Their black and white flower printed mural is absolutely stunning and is worth praise on its own. However, the patterned black carpets, the white furniture, and golden decor details infuse luxury and art deco overtones to this truly special room. 

Add Pastel Colors Through Fabric

bold black and white nursery ideas 6Source: Foxy Oxie

How about a fresh, contemporary chic approach for your baby’s nursery? oh.eight.oh.nine showcase their bold black and white nursery idea by incorporating pastel colors (through fabrics and decoration) into their black and white nursery. The white walls and natural lighting feed off each other and make the contemporary furniture pop in true chic fashion. 

Patterned Floors for Confined Nurseries

bold black and white nursery ideas 7Source: JWS Interiors

Creating a breezy and stylish feel in reduced spaces can be challenging. JWS Interiors decided to paint the walls in a soothing white tone and introduced a stylish patterned black and white flooring. By combining subtle black accents and a mix of white and black furniture, the area looks ample, elegant, and masterfully balanced. This project shows that the right pattern and color balance can turn any room into something truly special. 

Introducing A Third Color To The Palette

bold black and white nursery ideas 8Source: Anita Roll

Introducing a third color to a black and white nursery is a bold move, and Anita Roll shows us how to do it with mesmerizing ease. The green striped patterned wall sprouts forth and evokes a serene, comforting feel that delicately contrasts with the room’s white base tone. The black furniture and decor complete the composition and its majestically enchanted forest vibes.

Modern Scandinavian Nursery

bold black and white nursery ideas 9Source: OLLI + LIME

OLLI + LIME birthed these bold black and white nursery ideas to the world. Their modern, Scandinavian style nursery is solemnly elegant and reminds us that sometimes, less is more. The nursery’s wall features small black details on the wall and plenty of negative space and delicate furniture, true to Scandinavian minimalist roots. Thanks to this, the nursery remains a peaceful, fresh, and highly functional room without sacrificing modern elegance. 


These bold black and white nursery ideas can help you create a pleasant and sophisticated look for such a special room. The work of these design experts is both versatile and gender-neutral which makes them easier to adapt to any particular style you prefer. Feel free to visit these, and other projects from these fantastic designers’ websites, we are sure you’ll find neat ideas that can make your nursery the best of the best for your little one!