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Bold Blue Paneled Living Room by Morgan Hunt

Bold Blue Paneled Living Room by Morgan Hunt

Emma Wright
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Paneled walls are a great way to create a strong traditional design style. Interesting things happen when traditional wall panels collide with bold, modern colors. This unapologetically-blue living room is one such case that deserves every bit of attention it receives.

The blue living room space was designed by Morgan Hunt and showcases her mastery of color management. Hunt uses bold blues on the wall and upholstery and balances things out with a large area rug complementing the window dressing. While this space seems to be used as a child’s playroom we’ve no doubt many an adult socialite would feel right at home.

Bold Blues, High Ceilings, & Natural Light

bold blue living room by morgan hunt homerefinery 1Source: Morgan Hunt

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This impressive living space has been outfitted as a playroom for children and showcases some truly inspired children’s furniture selections. The bold blue paneling on the wall matches the window trim and bookcase to present an unapologetically-blue color pallet. The light window dressing, massive area rug, and copious natural light help keep things from turning too moody.

bold blue living room by morgan hunt homerefinery 2Source: Morgan Hunt

This detail shot shows the ornate carvings on the traditional loveseat as well as the beautifully-designed accent chest. Note the contrasting style of the clear plexiglass framing around the Zebra here—this helps back the bold play by Hunt to modernize the otherwise traditional feel to this space.

bold blue living room by morgan hunt homerefinery 3Source: Morgan Hunt

This shot shows a view into the blue living space taking from an adjacent room. Note how the natural light hitting the blues of the windows spread the color throughout the house. The choice of seating and accent pieces in this adjacent room is also very supportive of the experience one can expect in the living room.

More Information

For more information and photos of this project visit the official Morgan Hunt website to stay up-to-date on all her projects. You can also follow her on Instagram where she frequently posts about interior design and decorating projects.