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Brooklyn Bloom: Silky Smooth Lumbar Support

Brooklyn Bloom: Silky Smooth Lumbar Support

Emma Wright
  • With a 10-year Warranty, this US-Made Latex Hybrid Mattress has quickly become a synonym for healthy, eco-friendly sleep. Join us for our review!
brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress

The Brooklyn Bloom latex hybrid mattress offers its customers an incredibly eco-friendly product, capable of providing unparalleled relaxation and comfort. With a reliable 120-Nights trial and a remarkable 10-Year warranty, it’s no wonder many consider it one of the best mattresses out there. Today we’re going to thoroughly examine what this product has to offer, and examine what customers are saying.

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brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress 1Source: Brooklyn Bedding
The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Latex mattress delivers muscle relaxation, tension relief, and top-notch breathability.

The Brooklyn Bloom latex hybrid mattress features unique pressure point relief and breathability technology in its eco-friendly design. Its 10-year hassle-free warranty covers any defects, and even body impressions that measure 1″ (or more). Coupled with a 120-Night Trial period, it’s evident that this company is very confident about what this mattress can do for you. Here are its dimensions.

  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Financing: Yes
  • Dimensions: 60″W x 80″D
  • Thickness: 12″
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Firmness: 4-7/10
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • In-Home Trial: 120 nights

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features our review team felt were most important, and contrasts our findings with real testimonies.

Maximum Pressure Relief

brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress 2Source: Brooklyn Bedding
The Talalay comfort latex and the mattress’ individually encased coils delicately adapt to your body and cradles you to a night of deep sleep.

The Brooklyn Bloom mattress has some remarkable pressure relief and muscle relaxation properties carefully built in its design. Its individually encased coils technology dramatically reduces motion transfer between sleeping partners while providing its users with deep comfort and muscle relaxation. Here’s what customers had to say:

No pain in my hips and my shoulder no longer goes numb at night. This bed is like sleeping on supportive but fluffy clouds! ” – Sarah S.

We just had our first night on the Bloom Hybrid Medium, and it actually feels more luxurious than the top hotel beds.” – Mollie

This mattress is very comfortable, with right balance of softness and support” -RK

State of the Art Heat Dispersion

brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress 3Source: Brooklyn Bedding
The natural, sustainable Talalay latex is renowned for its heat diffusion properties.

Similar to other high-quality hybrid latex mattresses, the Brooklyn Bloom mattress has spectacular temperature regulation. Its Talalay latex already has body heat dissipation properties, but it’s also aerated with holes for extra breathability. The top cover is made of organic cotton and sustainably sourced wool, adding an extra layer of heat diffusion. Here’s what their customers said about it:

Love the comfort and coolness of this mattress.“- Susan S.

The mattress is amazing! I sleep much more comfortable and feel cooler now with the latex foam.” – Mlee85283

Great quality. Great comfort. Great sleep. Great price. ” -Courtney L.

Customizable Level of Firmness

brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress 4Source: Brooklyn Bedding
The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Latex mattress comes in three different levels of firmness, allowing you to pick the level of support and comfort you need.

Another amazing feature worth mentioning is this mattress’ versatility, a clear advantage only the best mattresses can offer to its customers. While many other mattresses are made with one level of firmness as its standard, the Brooklyn Bloom offers three different levels of firmness you can choose from. Its high-density foam adds durability to guarantee the rest of its layers perfectly contort to the level of softness or firmness your body requires. Here’s what customers had to say about its different levels of firmness:

Restful sleep at last! Edge support is excellent. Softness and resistance or spring back are a perfect balance.”  – Deborah W

Amazing mattress! I didn’t expect it to be as soft or plush as it was for medium, but the support is perfect while still providing great comfort and softness. Perfect design! ” – Blaise G.

Great mattress! We were hesitant to get a soft bed as I like firm but my husband want to relieve some pressure points. We did get the softest and I love it.” – Linda F.

It is the perfect level of firmness and both my wife and I have been sleeping very well” – John S.

Trustworthy Warranty

brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress 6Source: Brooklyn Bedding
Brooklyn Bedding stands behind its products and strict manufacturing standards, allowing them to offer multiple warranties to their customers.

The level of trust Brooklyn Bedding has in its product is admirable, to say the least. With an ample 120-night risk-free trial (which greatly surpasses what most manufacturers offer), and a solid 10-year warranty, it’s clear that this US-Made mattress is something special. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a zero-risk option with free shipping and is delivered directly to your door with easy to set-up instructions. Here’s what customers said about this:

 “Excellent quality. Returned medium for firm with great customer service and no hassle.” Mary E.

Extremely comfy bed. Perfect combination of plushness and support in the Bloom Hybrid Soft. Exceptional construction and quality too” – Luci S.

Impressed with the Quality of the mattress. I would recommend Brooklyn Bedding to friends” -Robert P.


Our team’s review is based on experiences with a previous model of the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom latex hybrid mattress. Given the company’s extensive warranties and standards of production, we assume that their newer model shares a similar level of quality. If you’ve purchased a Brooklyn Bedding Bloom latex hybrid mattress within the last year and had a negative experience, please contact our team so we can review your input and update our review accordingly.


The Brooklyn Bloom hybrid latex mattress presents itself as a carefully designed product aimed to provide deep, comforting sleep to its customers while significantly lowering the impact on the environment. This mattress sports a wide range of firmness levels capable of providing delicate lumbar support, and a uniquely aerated varying density latex design that disperses heat. This simple, yet powerful combination explains how this eco-friendly solution has captivated the customer’s attention for quite some time now.