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Classical-Georgian Home by Jan Gleysteen Architects (JGA)

Classical-Georgian Home by Jan Gleysteen Architects (JGA)

  • Jan Gleysteen Architects (JGA) explicitly defines this project as a Classical-Georgian home, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Elements that reminisce the classical period and its aesthetics are incorporated to create this home in typical Western fashion.
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The Georgian interior design is deeply influenced by classicism. It revolves around Roman-inspired arched hallways, as any beautiful state built during the reign of King George in the North American Colonies. This beautiful home portrays the architectural and interior beauty of early American history, where the British sense of elegance fuses with the ever-pleasing colonial decors.

Only a handful of designers such as Jan Gleysteen’s award-winning teams can beautifully merge the eternal classical aesthetic with the modern elements that define current architectural styles.

Luxurious Classical Home Design

luxurious classical house home refinery 1Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

The classical architecture gallantly introduces itself: the main entrance is preceded by a traditional red brick road, the Tuscan type classical columns near the balcony-crowned door seal this grand welcoming, instantly setting the atmosphere for a jaw-dropping house tour.

luxurious classical house home refinery 2Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

Once inside, you’ll notice a neutral, simple colored palette that synergizes with the natural light that gently flows through the ample colonial style windows. The wooden steps and staircase handle seamlessly mesh with the stonework emulating Cumberland grey colored floor. This entryway is perhaps the most contemporary of spaces in this otherwise traditional home.

luxurious classical house home refinery 3Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

The dining room precedes the kitchen area as fashioned in colonial times, nonetheless JGA designers modernly connected this area through negative space (absence of walls), easing transit and favoring familiarity and unity when enjoying casual meals. Notice how the grey texture diversifies the neutral palette and how the hardwood floors mosaic adds horizontal lines that favor amplitude and spaciousness. An incredibly sophisticated, yet warm sight to be sure.

luxurious classical house home refinery 4Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

The kitchen also favors natural light by multiplying windows and entry points. This area also allows the use of a kitchen island to accommodate guests, or serve as an alternative dining room if needed. Colonial lamps use warmer lightbulbs to replicate the coziness chandeliers offered during Georgian times, enjoying the best of both eras.

luxurious classical house home refinery 5Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

Master bedrooms are the centerpieces of personal space, nonetheless, classical interior designs (true to their essence) made fitting rooms central focal points. This house presents a JGA designer’s take on a fitting room, in which closets are divided and expanded by service cabinet islands. These islands house accessories, shoes, and other articles that enhance wardrobe capacity and order.

luxurious classical house home refinery 6Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

JGA designers elegantly curated this master bathroom by using marble tops and wall sections to combine its texture with the natural white palette preferred in classical bathrooms. Classical-Georgian interior designs often recur to certain Victorian-era elements: in this case, notice the freestanding ceramic bathtub that successfully recreating a 19th-century look.

luxurious classical house home refinery 7Source: Jan Gleysteen Architects

Notice how antique furniture pieces such as the consoles chair and delicate decor such as vase-red flowers beautifully complement the bright crystal-clear atmosphere, traditionally associated with cleanliness and hygiene. The marble floor connects this spacious, fully equipped bathroom that guarantees you’ll never run out of space for accessories and personal hygiene implements.


Jan Gleysteen Architects & designers managed to beautifully deliver the sober and elegant conception of traditional aesthetic beauty by introducing Neoclassical design elements into this Boston residence. Their many projects can be found on their website and official Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles along with their contact information. Be sure to visit them!