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Connect Homes: Affordable Modular Dream Homes

Connect Homes: Affordable Modular Dream Homes

Emma Wright
  • Connect Homes get you the new home you've always dreamed of but thought you couldn't afford. Here are our favorite models for this year!
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Imagine having a starter home that looks just as good, if not better than traditionally built homes, for roughly half the price. Connect Homes builds modular houses in 15 standardized configurations that range from 460 square feet up to 3,200 square feet at half of the cost for a custom home.

These prefab modular homes are based on steel frame modules and can build up to three stories high, with luxurious interiors that rival high-end homes. These permanent, modular structures also use top-notch engineering to create homes that comply with local building code requirements. All their models also include a custom foundation design that adapts to local soil conditions. This level of detail ensures that your new house becomes an appreciating asset capable of weathering the elements as well as potential local disasters with ease.

Gorgeous Prefab Modular Homes

Buying a custom-made house in today’s market is not only incredibly expensive: it’s also a tedious, drawn-out process that involves dealing with bureaucracy, permits, architects as well as contractors. The Connect Homes team not only cuts down on budget costs by roughly half, but they also handle all the tedious tasks and let you do the fun part: design your living space to your liking.

Today our review team has picked some of our favorite Connect Home models and took a closer look at some of their features. Let’s begin!

The Connect 4 Model

connect homes 1Source: Connect Homes
The Connect 4 comes with 1280 total square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Connect Homes is deeply committed to creating eco-friendly homes. All the Connect Home models come with a state-of-the-art roofing system that reflects up to 90% of incident heat and an R-38 insulation level (which exceeds building code requirements). The exterior walls also come with superior insulation levels that help you keep your house cool, allowing you to save money on your electric bills.

The Connect 6T Model

connect homes 2Source: Connect Homes
The Connect 6T features 1920 total square feet with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two stories.

Connect Homes offers a vast level of customization to make sure your home feels truly yours. You can choose a finish, fixture, or appliance of your choice and transform your home interiors into luxurious or minimalist living spaces.

connect homes 3Source: Connect Homes
A Connect 6T colorful kitchen interior.

The Connect Homes project managers and architects work alongside you to make sure you get the layout that best suits your needs as well! Their streamlined process guarantees you’ll get your dream home down to its last detail.

The Connect 1 Model

connect homes 4Source: Connect Homes
The Connect 6T offers 460 total square feet with one bedroom and a bathroom.

The Connect 1 Model offers a compact living space that fits your lot, lifestyle, and budget. The company quotes most of your home’s costs upfront, which significantly reduces budget overruns traditionally-built projects typically deal with. The Connect home process also saves significant money on architectural fees (since the plans are pre-made).

Almost all home modules are completed in the Connect Homes San Bernardino factory, and they include your home’s essentials such as doors, windows, electrical, plumbing and mechanical, and more!

The Connect 8 Model

connect homes 5Source: Connect Homes
The Connect 8 comes with 2560 square feet with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two stories.

The Connect Homes team has managed to redefine what it means to build a custom home. Most traditionally-built custom homes take up to two years to finish if we consider all the phases involved in planning and building the structure. Connect Homes can deliver and install a finished product anywhere between nine and thirteen months (these estimates include processing building permits and dealing with the local building department approval).

connect homes 6Source: Connect Homes
A Connect 8 model optional garage.

This Connect Home 8 model comes with a garage, which is considered an additional feature and was delivered well within the estimated timetable. The result is a modern exterior that projects sophistication right from the get-go.

The Connect 10 Model

connect homes 7Source: Connect Homes
The Connect 10 offers 3200 total square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The Connect 10 modular home is the largest model the company offers as of today. This model is perfect for anyone that enjoys ample living spaces and wishes to integrate a home office, an indoor workshop, or a welcoming guest room. The Connect 10 has it all: gorgeous exteriors with unique finishes and luxurious interiors that welcome guests to a home you’re proud to call your own.

connect homes 8Source: Connect Homes

With Connect Homes, you can choose to make your home ‘solar ready’.

All Connect Homes also come with a remarkable green feature: the ‘cool roof’ system. This specialized roof reflects most of the heat generated by the sun and cuts down on your carbon footprint and air conditioning bills. The Connect Homes team can even make your home ‘solar ready’ so that your home runs on a solar panel instead of the traditional grid.


Connect Homes was founded in 2011 by Jared Levy and Gordon Stott. Before Connect Homes revolutionized the construction industry, Jared spent his time designing high-end modern homes that would make homeowners ‘feel healthier, brighter, more connected to nature and your place in it’. His unique approach to functional modern design would earn him considerable renown over the years.

In 2004 Gordon Stott and Jared Levy launched Marmol Radnizer, an award-winning work featured in Time, Newsweek, GQ Magazine, and many other prestigious publications that saw the genius behind their modern prefab homes.

The talented duo would shift their attention towards addressing the needs of the everyday homeowner, by offering state-of-the-art, eco-friendly design at affordable prices. Over the next two years, Jared and Gordon would develop and patent a modular prefab system designed to make a difference in the environment and aspiring homeowners alike. And so Connect Homes was born.


Connect Homes has not only revitalized the construction industry, but they’ve also breathed new life into first-time homeowners’ dreams and hopes. Today’s housing market has made it incredibly difficult for younger generations to acquire a house, much less their dream home. One of the reasons is because it’s anchored to the construction industry’s outdated building standards.

This talented team has not only defied these standards to create homes that are stronger and more affordable than traditional constructions: they’ve also simplified the otherwise tedious and costly process of owning a home. If you’re looking to buy your dream home at roughly half the price it’d cost, and have professionals handle your plans and permits for you, then Connect Homes are the company for you.