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9 Cool Hollywood Regency Master Bedroom Ideas

9 Cool Hollywood Regency Master Bedroom Ideas

  • Hollywood Regency is a glamorous, luxurious, and high-octane style that can help you re-energize your master bedroom!
cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas

Master bedrooms are a bastion of intimacy and rest. Naturally, it needs to convey an aesthetically pleasing (and even motivating) atmosphere. The Hollywood Regency style can create a sensual, modern, and uncluttered setting with a timeless & gender-neutral appeal.

The remarkable designers featured here today will inspire you to create a glamorous, energetic atmosphere straight from a Hollywood production, to your bedroom.

Use Metallic Highlights

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 1Source: J and J Design Group

This cool Hollywood regency master bedroom idea from J and J Design Group captures the essence of Hollywood regency by using a soothing gray textured wallpaper to highlight metallic decorations. The sun-like midcentury wall mirror and the glamorous metallic nightstand lamps give a high-shine accent to an elegant combination of sober textiles and wooden furniture.

Applying A Mid-Century Sexiness Concept

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 2Source: Habachy Designs

Habachy Designs shows us in this Buenos Aires residential project how powerful contrast can convey the 1950’s concept of luxuriousness. The dark walls and floor amplify the glamour of the silvery bed, and the use of large nightstand art deco lamps provide sufficient light to convey mystery and intimacy in a master bedroom. Furthermore, the black-coated chandelier and the use of intense red textiles reminds us of Madonna’s Eva Peron.

Adding Some of That Chic Glamour

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 3Source: JCD Homes

The cool Hollywood regency master bedroom idea seen above is from JCD Homes. In this Alpine Residence project, their team’s brilliance allowed them to exploit the chic side of the Hollywood regency style.

The black upholstered bed, white sheets, and pink rug carpet create an eye-popping contrast. Simultaneously, the use of symmetry and abundant natural light allows the Cubist Pendant chandelier (by Kelly Wearstler), the ceilings golden trims, and the mirrored nightstand to shimmer.

Vibrant Blue Decorations for Dark Settings

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 4Source: Atmosphere Interior Design

In this cool Hollywood Regency, master bedroom Atmosphere Interior Design cleverly uses a black, grey, and white color pallet to match with the room’s matte textures and wooden floors. You’ll notice that by adding a metallic chandelier and lapis lazuli decorations (pillows and chair) you add vibrant, colorful accents to an otherwise sober room.

Being Creative: Unlocking the Power of Red

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 5Source: DKOR Interiors

Nothing conveys the glamour of vintage Hollywood like using intense red: DKOR Interiors exquisitely curated this cool Hollywood regency master bedroom by fully using the style’s flexible color pallet.

Reflection and symmetry are two key characteristics that allow this room not to overwhelm their users as the coral red accompanies the lavish white leather tufted bed headboard. Equally important, the use of rich textiles, ornate forms, and a large wall mirror allows the natural light to produce a rich and beautiful atmosphere.

Striking Decorations in a Modern Setup

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 6Source: Maienza Wilson Architecture & Interior Designs

In this cool Hollywood regency master bedroom ideas, Maienza Wilson Architecture & Interior Designs shows us that there’s nothing casual about Hollywood regency timeless glamor. This modern master bedroom was conceived as an uncluttered space that features a neutral color palette with a mix of bold decorations. Notice how the striking yellow pieces (such as the curvy bed bench & the art deco nightstand lamps) merge well with the squared lines of the room furniture.

Shining Up Contemporary Spaces

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 7Source: Urban Living Furniture

Perhaps the most underrated characteristic of the Hollywood regency style is its versatility. In this cool Hollywood regency master bedroom idea, Urban Living Furniture curators reproduce this style in a contemporary setup. In the picture above, you can see how the light-toned ceramic and traditional furniture are enhanced by slick decorative pieces as well as the rooms’ elegant gray color pallet.

Using Contrast and Jazzy Decorations

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 8Source: Victoria McClure Interiors

Victoria McClure Interiors presents us with a remarkable and cool Hollywood regency master bedroom idea. By keeping furnishings and architectural elements simple (clean lines and uncluttered surfaces) their team empowers this master bedroom’s natural light. Hollywood Regency is all about glamour, and Victoria McClure’s team conveys this aesthetic by combining predominantly black, white, and light gray colors with magenta details that are further galvanized by the mirror and metallic benches.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Colorful

cool hollywood regency master bedroom ideas 9Source: Molly Erin Designs

Hollywood Regency can appeal to the most bombastic and colorful tastes. In this very cool Hollywood regency master bedroom idea, Molly Erin Designs present us with a colorful, kaleidoscope-like wallpaper for a master bedroom environment full of life. The bold use of patterns and chic colors is definitely a nod to Art-Deco decadence, overpowering the orthodox approach of using metallic pieces to evoke a Hollywood regency design.


Infusing your master bedroom with Hollywood Regency’s high-octane glamor can be an original and effective way to reenergize your master bedroom. After all, the style’s concept revolves around visual appeal and stimulation which can positively impact your every-day mood. The designers above often use high-shine lacquered finishes, metallics, and precious fabrications to complement elegant color pallets in different ways, and we hope they can inspire you to develop your personal take on this flashy and cool design style!