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Cost Plus World Market: Tradition in Quality

Cost Plus World Market: Tradition in Quality

Emma Wright
  • Cost Plus World Market has perfect-fit collections for all rooms and purposes! Check out some of the best deals for this year!
cost plus world market furniture collections

The Cost Plus World Market furniture collections focus on utilizing space practically without neglecting style. Their offers cover anything from master bedrooms to outdoor areas, allowing you to create cohesively aesthetic homes.

Creating the space you need and populating it with furniture that suits your style is easier said than done. Conceptualizing rooms and having to browse through a staggering amount of options can be overwhelming! Cost Plus World Market knows this and instead offers pre-made collections and tips and tricks to make your life easier.

Great Variety, Great Prices, Great Designers

Cost Plus World Market offers modular and designer furniture pieces that adapt to interior design themes and motives to cover your every need. Whether you’re looking for true cosmopolitan fashion for your home or traditional high-quality furniture, their best collections for this year are the perfect place to begin your search!

Industrial styled Furniture Collection

cost plus world market furniture collections 1Source: Cost Plus World Market
A beautifully crafted lenga wood and metal table set that features four swiveling stools underneath its top.

If you’re a fan of industrial-style interior designs, then you’ll love the Cost Plus World Market’s Industrial furniture collection. Home spaces that feature sturdy surfaces or exposed architecture (such as iron reinforcements and wooden ceiling beams) perfectly match industrial-reminiscent furniture pieces. Case in point, this Galvin Cafeteria Table can give your dining area a stylish warehouse, factory-like appeal in traditional home settings or vintage apartments that need to resurrect into no-frill spaces.

Made from lenga wood and metal, you’re guaranteed to have a long-lasting furniture piece that can accommodate friends and family no matter the occasion.

Dining Room Collection

cost plus world market furniture collections 2Source: Cost Plus World Market
The Dining room collection features a brushed metal table as its centerpiece.

Modern setups tend to focus on creating a soothing atmosphere by merging organic materials with minimalist-driven interiors. Nonetheless, you can add metal furniture to the mix to project elegance via eye-catching, sleek furniture pieces such as this Brushed Metal Table.

This durable and versatile brushed metal table-top can come with matching brushed metal dining chairs. You can accommodate up to six guests in great fashion thanks to its beautiful matte shine, not to mention it can project a luxurious contrast with neutral & red-colored walls alike.

Bathroom Furniture Collection

cost plus world market furniture collections 3Source: Cost Plus World Market
The Maryella Bathroom Wall Cabinet keeps your grooming essentials organized on a daily basis.

Sometimes a limited budget can allow you to find creative ways to make a small bathroom more presentable and appealing. To specifically aid you in this, Cost Plus World Market expanded its bathroom furniture collection to give you both luxury bathroom items as well as gorgeous additions at a great price.

Their Maryella Bathroom floating cabinet makes reduced spaces appear larger. Crafted of solid hardwood and veneer, you can position this piece on top of a toilet, helping you keep everyday grooming essentials organized and out of sight while giving a classic look to your bathroom.

Farmhouse Collection

cost plus world market furniture collections 4Source: Cost Plus World Market
The Farmhouse collection features ample storage solutions with a stylish rustic touch.

Cost Plus World Market presents its Farmhouse Collection, covering your needs for kitchen, pantry, and home office storage in a single swoop. If you’re looking for reliable, spacious, and super-versatile storage solutions with a farmhouse appeal, then you’re going to love the Alder Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookshelf.

Listed as a bookshelf by Cost Plus World Market, there’s more to this piece than meets the eye. You can use it as your pantry storage unit and let its burnt-alder finish give your space a warm, colonial appeal. You can also use it as a bedroom armoire or remove its middle shelf to fit a 55 inches TV. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a traditional dining room storage solution that can help you display collectibles and organize your dinnerware, the Alder is also a perfect match.

Small Spaces Collection

cost plus world market furniture collections 5Source: Cost Plus World Market
The Small Spaces collection features versatile furniture you can add to any room in the house.

Cost Plus World Market features a Small Spaces collection for anyone looking to overhaul a tiny spare room. The Metal Sylvia is one of those cute and stylish tables that can work as a nightstand or a craft room storage unit when needed. Its old-school aesthetic and beautifully numbered drawers give it a timeless appeal. Plus, you get ample storage space on each of its oversized compartments, allowing you to maximize every inch of your room.


You might notice that the Cost Plus World Market has a vintage-styled logo that reminisces the 1950s, a retro reference that references their experience in the industry. The company started back then in the San Francisco area, importing original and handmade items from artisans all over the globe. Their decor pieces allow you to connect with different cultures, providing fresh decorating alternatives to predominant interior design styles, establishing them as one of the best furniture brands.

Cost Plus World Market consistently presents the best furniture for modern and traditional homes, neatly organized in aesthetically cohesive collections at affordable prices. That alone makes them one of the best online furniture stores today.


Cost Plus World Market just had to be part of our best furniture brands reviews series. Their mission doesn’t end in bringing you all kinds of furnishings options, they support meaningful social initiatives that foster equality and diversity acceptance.

Commercially speaking, Cost Plus World Market reaches out to artisans and craftsmen within and outside the U.S., offering them exposure and work opportunities for their quality goods. It’s safe to say that their seasonal discounts coupled with their intuitive website make them one of the best online furniture stores today.