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Deltec Homes: Exciting, Green Prefab Homes

Deltec Homes: Exciting, Green Prefab Homes

Emma Wright
  • Deltec Homes offer self-sufficient, cost-effective, and highly resilient homes with beautiful open floor plans. Check out our favorite models for this year!
deltec homes

Deltec Homes have redefined efficiency in construction. Their prefab homes are not only built and delivered in record time, but they’re also self-sufficient living spaces designed to reduce your carbon footprint year after year.

Their roundhouse design packages offer unparalleled structure stability and allow you to get the most out of your square footage. These modular homes essentially look better than traditionally-built homes but come with an attractive price tag and keep your energy bills low month after month.

Deltec Guarantees High Performance, Green Buildings

Deltec Homes go above and beyond to create homes that perfectly adapt to the owner’s lifestyle. Their vast catalog offers aspiring homeowners comfortable living spaces that resonate with their needs and wants.

But what about self-sufficiency? Well, there’s a reason why Deltec Homes offer some of the best affordable prefab ADU homes: each floorplan is carefully designed to maximize energy efficiency and functionality. Their experience and research also come through in their net-zero designs (energy-efficient buildings, fully powered from renewable energy sources).

Additionally, Deltec Homes’ superb designs make the home construction process faster and less expensive in the short and long term. Let’s take a closer look at their building packages and see what they can do for you.

Balsam Floor Plans

deltec homes 1Source: Deltec Homes
The Balsam model is perfect for mountain settings.

This Deltec home model modernizes your typical mountain house through an open floor plan. The air-tight structure guarantees energy efficiency thanks to its passive solar design.

Its downloadable floorplan maximizes the available area, featuring a kitchen, dining, and living area together with a guest bathroom, two bedrooms, a master bedroom (bathroom included), a laundry room, and even an optional deck. The two-story home features gorgeous timber gable accents, making it an ideal cabin for a weekend getaway.

Ridgeline Floor Plans

deltec homes 2Source: Deltec Homes
The Ridgeline Packages are all about high-performance, premium green living.

All six variants of this award-winning house design combine a modern appeal with tremendous energy efficiency. The compost bins, rain barrels, and solar panels ensure consistent savings on your electrical bills (even while powering a home office and workshop appliances).

The Ridgeline concept creates light and airy homes with south-facing glass and vaulted ceilings that welcome indoor greenery with open arms. The Ridgeline models also come with enclosed propane fireplaces that keep you cozy and warm during evening reading sessions or lengthy TV series binges.

deltec homes 3Source: Deltec Homes

The Ridgeline model features ample spaces with a modern flair.

The Ridgeline package offers a spacious, highly customizable open floor design capable of hosting numerous guests or family members. You can also include patios, heated workshops, and garages without breaking a sweat. All of its bedrooms, home offices, and laundry rooms come with additional storage room and roomy closets as well.

Deltec Homes Solar Farmhouse

deltec homes 4Source: Deltec Homes

This Deltec Homes model features a classic farmhouse look with modern functionality.

Deltec Homes also offer specialized floorplans for minimalist interior design lovers. True to their ecofriendly house concept, their compact prefab DAU model maintains strict standards of energy efficiency thanks to a passive solar design and an air-tight building envelope.

Their team’s innovation and pursuit of creative house designs give you the option to have a two-story home with an optional deck and front porch. Aesthetically speaking, their Solar farmhouse package has a particular charm thanks to its high ceilings and open floor plans that grant your interior spaces with a vibrant mix of the old and the new for a comfortable, soothing vibe.


Deltec Homes, one of the best affordable prefab ADU homes building company traces its origins back to Asheville, North Carolina. Fifty years ago, their team of artisans and builders offered prefabricated home kits capable of providing comfortable, protected environments for families.

From an engineering perspective, their models excel in storm endurance and hurricane scenarios. Their customer testimonials vouch for the home’s structural durability and resilience in adverse scenarios. This attention to detail and commitment to their product’s quality explains their numerous awards and loyal customer base.


From the moment you contact Deltec Homes you can tell their team is a close-knit group that cares for its clients the way family-owned businesses do. Their team puts their very best into every project they undertake, from the pre-planning stage to the final installation phase. Their goal is to ensure you get the home you deserve.

Deltec Homes’ terrific planning and streamlined process allow them to build high-quality houses smoothly. Their outstanding attention to the client’s needs and input rightfully positions them as one of the best affordable prefab ADU home builders you can contact today.