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7 Astonishing DIY Vanity Tables for Any Room Size

7 Astonishing DIY Vanity Tables for Any Room Size

  • If you’ve been longing for a space to sit, relax and do your makeup like a pro, then you're going to love this multi-styled list of DIY Vanity Tables!
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DIY Vanity Tables are outstanding gifts for Mother’s Day, daughters, and significant others alike. These projects adapt to almost any budget and yield a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful piece of furniture they’ll never forget.

Vanity tables are personal self-care stations where we develop our best versions of ourselves. They neatly stash our beauty products, our inner thoughts, and secrets as we disconnect from the outside world and dive deep into our feminine side. Because of this, vanity tables keep up with changing societal trends generation after generation.

The Positive Impact of DIY Projects In Our Lives

DIY projects are a wonderful thing. Materializing a piece of furniture into reality brings a special kind of joy only true artisans can describe. And while the creative process is a reward in itself, DIY projects allow the crafter to improve their concentration and self-confidence. By practicing their simple tooling abilities, they’re also able to reduce costs and even profit from their creations.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next DIY project or seek to create a unique gift for a loved one, these DIY vanity tables will spring your inner artisan into action!

Art Deco DIY Vanity Table

diy vanity tables 8
This flashy DIY Vanity Table can be finished within a few hours’ time.

This DIY Vanity table combines functionality and comfort with lofty extravagance. This Art Deco Vanity setup by Jenna Lafevor mounts a Gatsby-esque metallic vanity mirror and lamps in symmetry with an (also wall-mounted) black-gloss coated, wooden vanity table. This setup allows you to maximize space and enjoy a luxurious space dedicated to beauty.

Industrial-tyle DIY Vanity Table

diy vanity tables 1
One of the easiest (and cutest) rustic DIY vanity tables you can create.

Elisha has a great website that any DIYer would love. She showcases practical and appealing projects as well as furniture advice and home improvement ideas. Her DIY vanity table idea is as gorgeous as it is practical: all you need are four sections of any wood plank of choice, some cup hinges, and some basic woodwork to create this industrial-styled vanity table.

With rustic and concise style, the vanity set shows an industrial aesthetic that works in any bedroom. Three top sections serve as storage compartments, while the mirror (located in the underside of the central area) turns this spacious desk into a highly-functional vanity.

diy vanity tables 2Source: Pneumatic Addict
A multipurpose, customizable furniture piece that you can gift others or yourself.

On top of being a neat DIY vanity table, this beautiful furniture piece can also serve as a small home office desk for any room. The ample storage space is perfect for your cosmetics collection or anything you’d rather keep away from prying eyes.

Chic DIY Vanity Table for Small Bedrooms

diy vanity tables 3
This DIY vanity is a chic and practical solution for reduced spaces.

Kate from Kate Inspired created a compact and chic vanity table that tackles the need to maximize space in small bedrooms. She chose a beautiful Bordeaux black wall mirror and an Ikea shelf with a glass countertop that allows you to have everything on sight.

Once you’ve picked a matching stool or chair from the best online furniture stores, this vanity will be your place to sit, relax and do your makeup like a fashion model. If you’re looking to maximize your space, we recommend you this DIY vanity to keep all your products neatly organized.

Clutter-free Modern DIY Vanity Table

diy vanity tables 4
This stylish modern DIY vanity table maximizes space and utility.

IDEA RUMAN is an Indonesian retailer that features great DIY vanity table projects as featured above. This setup uses four small floating shelves, a desk, a stool, and a large mirror to create a stress-free self-care station.

This modern design offers a stylish contrast that perfectly fits black and white bedrooms. This beautiful arrangement will help you keep your room clutter-free and organized at all times, making it one of our favorite DIY vanity table projects to date.

Classical DIY-Vanity Table

diy vanity tables 5
This stylish modern DIY vanity table maximizes space and utility.

Angela Marie runs a wonderful blog chock-full of DIY project tutorials, woodworking lessons, and furniture design.

Her love for all things inspired by nature gives us this extremely budget-friendly, classic DIY vanity table tutorial. Conceptually, classical interior design styles are known for their elegance and lightness of touch. Notice how Angela evokes a Georgian sense of aesthetic beauty by selecting 19th century styled furniture pieces painted in White Heaven color, which also comes with wooden accents as organic details.

Hollywood Regency DIY Vanity Table

diy vanity tables 6
A DIY Vanity table that combines Art-Deco decadence and Mid-Century flair.

A DIY Vanity table that combines Art-Deco decadence and Mid-Century flair.

If you’re looking to create a high-octane, luminous DIY vanity table for your everyday glamour, then look no further than this Office.PDX Hollywood regency featured project. The key is to use a small vanity table with high-shine lacquered finishes or metallic details within the confines of a neutral-toned room.

Notice how the focal point of this breath-taking DIY vanity table is its light-bulb vanity mirror. This project proves that you can use two specific elements to create a dramatic and sensual, gender-neutral setting with timeless appeal.

Fully Floating DIY Vanity Table

diy vanity tables 7
This DIY-Vanity table double setup perfectly fits into corners.

Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid run a full-scale digital media brand with a blog that focuses on DIY, sustainability, and fashionable interior designs. Using low-cost IKEA floating shelves and wall-brackets, their tutorial can teach you how to revolutionize any home space that you think ideal for some quality self-care.

This project requires some basic woodwork to create the L-shape floating desks paired with a super cute vanity mirror that makes any plain white wall pop with glamour. Pro tip: Make sure to add darkened organic details or minimalist decors to contrast the predominant neutral color palette).


As you’d probably noticed from our list, DIY vanity tables can come in many different styles and configurations. With mirror and lights addressable in huge colors, models, and styles, allowing you to build anything that suits your room and thoughts. These DIY vanity table tutorials can guide you in a step-by-step progression towards creating something unique.

While we encourage you to reconnect your inner artisan, remember that you can also opt for a gorgeous vanity table from the best furniture brands at any time.