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10 Dream Backyard Ideas for Your Dream Home

10 Dream Backyard Ideas for Your Dream Home

  • Do you enjoy spending time in your backyard? These dreamy backyard designs will help inspire you to cultivate a welcoming and revitalizing backyard design in no time!
blue wagon landscape modern farmhouse backyard pool homerefinery

Backyards are places where we relax, entertain, and rejuvenate. Creating your dream backyard is all about finding inspiration to drive your design. Whether you’re renovating, landscaping, or simply adding on—having a pallet of backyard design ideas to peruse will help get you started.

Below you’ll find pools, gazebos, elegant lights, and even some miniature pools (yes, they’re as awesome as they sound!) The design ideas featured here may be from award-winning design firms but the inspirations behind them are accessible to all. When designing your dream backyard don’t limit your imagination—consider all the possibilities!

Sit-In Spa with Mini Pool by Aquavision

nespa winner aquavisions luxury mini pool spa backyard installSource: Aquavisions
This small pool/spa installation features a sit in design with a covered seating area within arms’ reach

This miniature pool/spa installation by Aquavisions won Gold at the 2017 NESPA awards—and for good reason! It features a sprawling lounge covered in a spacious open-air design. There’s a fireplace, inspired rock work, and all the makings for an unforgettable night. While a few meters short of a standard Olympic measurement—this sit-in pool/spa is a dream made real.

Hidden Pavilion Woodsy Pavilion

screen pavillion retreat private backyard greenhart garden homereifnerySource: Green Heart Garden Designs
This secluded backyard makes for an intimate setting perfect for any couple

This hidden pavilion backyard design by Green Heart Garden Designs is a stage of seclusion perfect for an intimate evening. With a privacy fence, ample foliage, and a covered pavilion for closer conversations—this dream backyard could bring calm to even the most raging of storms.

Modern Farmhouse Backyard

blue wagon landscape modern farmhouse backyard pool homerefinerySource: Blue Wagon
This backyard, landscaped by Blue Wagon Construction and Design, showcase a sprawling modern farmhouse design

This landscaping by Blue Wagon Landscaping and Design stages a modern farmhouse design suited for passing those lazy summer days. Complete with pool, airy seating area, and welcoming natural features, this dream backyard is as inviting as it is expansive. Perfect for hosting guests and small get-togethers!

Beach Style Patio by Smith Firestone Associates

santa barbara beach style patio smith firestone associates homerefinerySource: Smith Firestone Associates
Santa Barbara patio overlooking a sunny California landscape

This cozy beach-style patio by Smith Firestone Associates showcases a beautiful Santa Barbara backdrop. It features a beckoning outdoor fireplace with eye-catching metalwork, custom table designs, and an ample amount of outdoor furniture for semi-large gatherings. The massive area rug and overhead crossbeams create an open-yet-protected area we’re not soon to forget.

Stone Fire Pit Design by Alderwood Landscape Architects

alderwood landscaping stone fireplace backyard homerefinerySource: Parks Creative
This stone-centric backyard design showcases an open fire pit as the focal point

This beautiful stone-laden backyard design by Alderwood Landscape Architects showcases a natural arrangement of large stones, stone tile work, and  (you guessed it) a stone fire pit! If you’re not into stonework—this backyard might not be quite so dreamy. For anyone that favors a natural, Earthy, weather-proof design, however—this backyard is what dreams are made of!

Waterfront Party Dock

waterfront social room heather garret design homerefinerySource: Heather Barret Design
This waterfront “party dock” makes maximum use of minimum backyard space

No Yard? No Problem! This party-deck design by Heather Garrett Interior Design showcases an elegantly decorated social area serving as a stand-in for the traditional boat dock. This design showcases a welcoming array of seating, social, and lounging furniture all staged atop an outside-the-box design. This design illustrates that there is no excuse to not work towards your dream backyard design—even not having a backyard!

Modern Backyard Design by Vidal Design

modern backyard design by vidal design homerefinerySource: Vidal Design
Modern wood panels, crisply manicured grasses, and accentuating accessories stage this modern backyard

This modern backyard by Vidal Design showcases an astute pairing of decor, pristinely manicured landscaping, and an inviting pool. All this, in a relatively small space common to urban living. The modern lines of the architecture are masterfully complemented by the clearly defined edges of the landscape making this dreamy backyard a true masterpiece.

Private Garden Design

dream backyard garden by surrounds landscape architecture homerefinerySource: Surrounds
This backyard garden showcases custom fencing, well-allocated spaces, and vibrant natural plant life

This backyard garden design by Surrounds Landscape Architecture showcases a wonder of natural growth. The custom fencing, well-spaced growth areas, and extra details like stoned-outlines, curved accents, and matching custom growth supports  make this design truly unique. Not all dream backyards are about pools and custom barbecue grills. This design is perfect for inspiring a more natural, fruitful, and personalized backyard.

Eco-Conscious Zen Backyard

sustainable feng shui zen backyard ketti kupper homerefinerySource: Ketti Kupper
Stone and wood-centric design creating a zen haven for restful relaxation

This zen backyard design by Ketti Kupper showcases just how big of an impact that minimalist design can truly have! It showcases subtle landscaping choices accented by a very low-water design stage atop natural wood platforms and gravel. This small backyard design is an inspiring example of how small spaces are only limited by our imaginations.

Backyard Sports Court

sport court backyard basketball court design homerefinerySource: Sport Court
Custom backyard basketball install by Sport Court

This custom backyard basketball court by Sport Court is a perfect example of lifestyle considerations for one’s backyard. Sometimes, supporting a household’s recreation will provide more value than all the landscaping in the world. Other ideas include tennis courts, soccer fields, and even badminton!

Final Thoughts

The design choices we make for our backyards echo across the daily lives of our friends, family, and loved ones. Whether you’re planning a 4-acre masterpiece or simply trying to redecorate your existing backyard—there is always a stage to make a meaningful statement.

From outdoor furniture ideas and custom stonework to landscape design and gardening—no two backyards are ever restricted to any single approach. The inspiring dream backyard designs here showcase the wide range of macro design choices one can leverage to make their backyards leave lasting impressions.