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Emerging Modern Interior Design Trends Hitting the Market by Storm

Emerging Modern Interior Design Trends Hitting the Market by Storm

James Quinn

This has been such a big year for interior design industries. The trends are already setting a mark in different spaces so far. In a couple of years, there will be quite some significant changes in modern interior design, that it will be almost impossible to overlook them.

Emerging Modern Design Trends

If you have not yet considered renovating your home or office space with some of the trends in the industry, this post is for you. With the experts making predictions all over, and modernity kicking in quickly, several modern interior design trends can transform your home completely, this year and the next few years to come.

Softer White Wall Paint Colors

white modern bedroom

If ever there is a period that white has become a favorite color for everyone, it is now. The color white has attracted a lot of attention from designers everywhere, more so for its ability to brighten a space and reflect a calm and relaxed environment for people. In a period where everything is so tensed with politics and economies to worry about, going back to a home with soft whitewall paints can be the antidote you need. You can opt to go for shades of white that have other color components or go for a very pure white that does not have any grey in it, which will give your space a very luminous feel.

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Wood Finishes

modern wood finishes

The modern design is leaning more and more towards nature, which explains why wood finishes are a little more natural and less over-painted. For all your spaces, especially where you seek a lot of comfort and relaxation, like the bedroom, the wood pieces should go with BCV is at all to accomplish the modernistic trend. While you check out some of our mattress reviews to find the right mattress for your bedroom, look into getting new furniture whose wood finishes will complement this trend.

Sleek contemporary fireplaces

The fireplace in a home holds so many memories. It is why the designers today are going for contemporary fireplaces with strikingly minimal and subtle designs that are timeless. While the idea is to make the fireplaces completely blend in with the rest of the interior décor, the goal of the modern interior design is to keep it sleek and contemporary with less visual space.

Going green

Florals have always been a big deal in interior design. They are great pieces to tie together a home and make it lively. Overall, bringing nature home has always been a nice way to renovate a house. In this year and the next few ones to come, the emphasis will be on more green, with leafy patterns and prints. Experts are all out for decorating with lots of live greenery throughout the home. It is also why you will find plants in many homes in the coming years.

To tie together the whole modernistic theme, the trend of going green incorporates mixed containers in heights and sizes, more especially the containers with matte finishes or raw finishes like concrete. The whole idea is to give shape and texture and add life to a room, which is what small plants and trees introduce in a space. For best results, situate the plants alongside windows. You can also use them in large groups instead of individual pieces, to bring out a better aesthetic appeal.

Remember, having too many plants in your interior space can damage its overall integrity. Therefore, ensure you go green with moderation. This way, you will go a long way in boosting the beauty of your home and increasing its overall value.

Beige is Back

For a while now, the go-to neutral color for designers has been grey. Things are about to change because beige is back. The beige color has also been spotted on runways with some designers pushing it toward the nude color.

For interior design, beige is the new warm and neutral hue that will bring the pop of color in spaces to make them stylish. It also makes the perfect base for earthy palettes which will also invite the ‘natural’ into home interiors. Make good use of the beige hue in decorative accents, fabrications, and wall coverings.

Earth tones are not going away


In the spirit of going green and inviting nature into our spaces, earth tones will still have a home in many spaces. As the gray monochrome trend walks out, the replacement is not only beige but also, other earth tones like tonal reds, millennial pink, browns, greens, bold and burnt yellows, lush greens, among other pop of earth tone colors.

Sand and earthier colors like ochre, burnt gold, and terracotta are already finding a way into spaces, and the next few years may fixate wholly on the different earth tones. The idea is to make spaces warmer and more inviting with as much nature incorporated as possible.

Over and above, when it comes to the color tones in the shift from grey tones will mean more color saturation in different spaces, as a way to pull different feelings and emotions. Even the use of one color monochromatically can be a way to kick off this trend in a home.


With social media influence having a lot to do with this trend, slogans are making it into home decors. Cushions, rags, cups, pillows, storage, and candles are all rocking the slogans in homes. Whatever words mean the most to you, whether political, spiritual, inspirational or just puns, say it loud and proud through your accessories you invite in your home. The idea to voice pout your inner spirit by projecting your thoughts and belief in written form, only this time, not necessarily on paper. Have paintings, framed hand-written notes, clothing, and towels, among others.

Modern Vintage Lighting

Lighting is such an important bit of interior décor. Without proper lighting, none of the nice pieces you select for your space will add up. Ideally, you want as much light as possible in any space, and those means juggling between natural lighting and artificial lighting. In the modern interior design, vintage lighting, in place of bulbs, is a big trend, leaning more on brass and copper finishes, gold which is strong for hardware, faucets, and lighting fixtures.

The modern design tries to shy away from the usual exposed bulb along with wiring, and opting for stylistic cues are refined, well proportioned, and modern, and have sculptural lines and shapes. This means the wide usage of Stillnovo, Bauhaus or Sarfatti for lamps and wall sconces. Depending on how you interest your space to look like, you can invest in LED Chandeliers which are a super functional form of lighting, offering a sense of a sculptural form at the same time.


The use of glass is a continuing trend that is shaping modern interior design today. The variety of styles and details are what make the use of glass continue to be prominent in this field. Some of the styles include:

  1. Bright Green Looks – since the world is going green, bright greens for glasses are becoming the in-thing, especially in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Mixed Patterns – people today no longer worry about a pattern being ‘too busy.’ Given that the modern interior design leans more toward neutral colors like whites, it brings no harm to add mixed patterns on the glasses of soft furnishings in your home.

Several kitchen advances

In the next few years, your kitchen cannot look the same as it does right now, several experts have elaborated the place of matte black fixtures in kitchen spaces. Dark and cherry wood cabinets are no longer a trend to rely on. While get fixated on the matte black fixtures on your kitchen surfaces, there is more. Since the walls are white and the surfaces rock the matte black, there will be an existing need for color. To bring in some life in the kitchen area, the modern design will lean a lot of big, bold and splashy colors, more particularly on the kitchen appliances. In the use of color on appliances, homeowners will have to be a little more particular in their choices, based on factors like the location of the house.

Velvet furnishes

The trends from 2019 towards the future has a lot to do with feeling and experiencing spaces. Velvet furnishes are a lot about introducing texture and elaborating on touch. While it has been a style over the years, in 2019 and the years to come, velvet furnishes are viewed as a luxurious and comforting fabrication.

Final Thoughts

Every year, there are several trends that flood the market. People are always looking for a way to better their spaces and make their stays at home worthwhile. Overall, the modern design will slowly shift toward richer hues, warmer tones, warm palettes, funky textures, abstract silhouettes, bolder colors, and polished accents. Designers either go bolder or go home.