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Everywhere Shelter: Weather-Adapted Modular Homes

Everywhere Shelter: Weather-Adapted Modular Homes

Emma Wright
  • Everywhere Shelter Co. offers eco-friendly modular homes in four easy steps. These affordable prefab houses combine superior aesthetics and energy-efficiency practices in a single structure!
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Everywhere Shelter Co. offers more than gorgeous prefab homes: they offer you the opportunity to transition from city living into rural environments without sacrificing the comfort of modern life.

Everywhere Shelter Co. believes that simple is better. The often mindboggling task of acquiring a home is simplified into four easy-to-follow steps. Their talented team not only allows you to customize their pre-engineered plans to guarantee you get your dream home, but they also handle the permit paperwork for you.

Modern and Eco-friendly Prefab Homes

Everywhere Shelter Co. believes sustainable, green homes are the future. The company, unlike many others, certainly walks the talk and has optimized every step of its building process to cut down on its carbon footprint. Their facility (where they build all their prefab adu homes) powers itself through 2,676 solar modules that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

All the wood featured in their builds is also legally harvested and documented to meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Fiber Sourcing Standard. The process allows each of their models to be environmentally conscious and guarantees that their client’s footprint stays low from day one. Our review team was dazzled by their modular homes’ avant-garde aesthetics, so we’ve gone ahead and deep-dived into their catalog to list our favorite models for this year. Let’s begin!

The Hutch House Model

everywhere homes 2Source: Everywhere Shelter Co.
The Hutch features a bi-fold glass garage door, an integrated king bed, and a rooftop chill deck.

The Hutch is one of Everywhere Shelter Co.’s tiny prefab homes, and it’s the ideal starter home for young professionals and couples alike. You’ll be surprised to know that its minimal interior design provides homeowners with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even a small office with a closet, all within its 263 square feet.

Its bi-fold glass garage door is part of a 12-window system that lets you enjoy your surroundings while allowing natural light to flood your interiors. The Hutch also features an embedded ladder that leads to a ceiling terrace perfect for sunbathing or hosting BBQ gatherings with close friends.

The Haven Towable House Model

everywhere homes 3Source: Everywhere Shelter Co.
The Haven is a 38′ foot, 354 square feet of pure on-the-road joy that’s perfect for vacations and getaways.

Everywhere Shelter Co. took on the ambitious task of creating a transportable space that could feel just like a home: The Haven. The latter being a towable house that offers simplicity, elegance, and cozy little nooks in full vacation cabin fashion. This model is ready to be driven down the highway by most standard pick-ups with a Class V hitch.

This towable home offers its owners 354 square feet of inner spaces divided into a living room & kitchen open floor plan, a bedroom (with a closet!), and a bathroom (shower included). Aesthetically speaking, the Haven has a traditional façade that holds a beautiful modern interior and open-floor ambiance.

The Ayfraym House Model

everywhere homes 1Source: Everywhere Shelter Co.
When it comes to unique architectural housing styles, few home designs are as iconic as an A-frame house.

Finding their origins in Proto-Germanic culture, the Ayfraym house model by Everywhere Shelter Co. pays homage to a centuries-resilient architecture model.

The Ayfraym gives a relaxed rustic vibe as its steeply pitched roofs deflect pouring rains like no other. The house has an organic appeal with large vaulted ceilings that allow homeowners to enjoy beautiful views at any hour of the day.

This prefab house model comes with ample spaces through its near 200 square feet, two-story areas. The Ayfraym comes with an open floor kitchen & living room area, three bedrooms (with closet areas), two bathrooms, a deck (patio area), and a loft (opposite side of the patio) to enjoy your surroundings as much as possible.

The Galodge House Module Addition

everywhere homes 4Source: Everywhere Shelter Co.
The Galodge is the ultimate getaway cabin. It can also help you expand your property’s living spaces.

True to the concept of modular prefab construction, Everywhere Shelter Co.’s design team offers house additions such as the Galodge unit. This model’s clever structural name resulted from combining a Garage (first floor) with a Lodge (second floor).

The Galodge can also function as a standalone home all by itself, as its second floor comes with a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a master bedroom.


Everywhere founder Brand Winnie is an explorer at heart. He’s a seasoned traveler that decided to leave a comfy six-figure salary as a Creative Director at a Silicon Valley software startup to innovate and make a difference in the world.

His travels have taken him to two South Pacific Island nations and the vast American West. He converted his 30-foot travel trailer into a fully mobile home where he and his family would embark on a journey to the unknown: a trip of self-discovery to unveil nature’s secrets and our role in its domain.

Today, Brand invites all of us to embark on a life-changing journey: acquiring a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly home attuned to your surroundings. To leave the crowded urban life and discover nature without leaving behind the commodities of modern life. To find solutions to pressing environmental challenges in a home that you’ll be proud to call your own.


The Everywhere Shelter Co. believes that the future of housing is promising and full of opportunities. It’s clear that visionaries such as the people that work in this prestigious company are destined to spearhead changes in the construction industry.

The company embraces technology and has fully integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create highly detailed 3D models of their homes. Not only are they extremely accurate and help minimize waste, but they also allow customers to modify their floorplans in record time.

The company is also looking to integrate Augmented and Virtual Reality technology into its design process to allow customers to navigate their dream home before its built. This level of innovation and commitment places Everywhere Shelter Co. as one of the best prefab modular home builders today.