10 Fantastic Bachelor’s Chests for Your Room

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fantastic bachelors chests to buy

Bachelor’s chests are multi-purpose pieces of furniture, ideal for small bachelor pads. Despite their size, they can be versatile pieces that complement any bedroom decor. No matter the interior design of your preference, a bachelor’s chest can help you overhaul guest and master bedrooms alike.

Searching and comparing a bachelor’s chest to get a perfect fit can be a challenge. This is why we want to present you with these 10 fantastic bachelor’s chests to buy. With the help of these top furniture designers, you’ll unlock your bedroom’s appeal and fix any storage issues you might have today!

Multipurpose Latitude Run Bachelors Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 1Source: latitudes-furniture.com/
Latitude Run® 4 Drawer Bachelor’s Chest

The first item in our list is a modern take on traditional bachelor’s chests: the Latitude Run® 4 Drawer Bachelor’s Chest. It was elegantly designed by Latitudes Furniture as a multipurpose 4- a drawer that delivers elegance and functionality to a small bachelor’s pad.

Its dark wooden finish helps you bring a sophisticated look to your bedroom while providing a scratch-resistant top with enough space for décors, pictures, or every day carries. Additionally, its ample drawers allow you to store a variety of items (such as spare blankets, clothes, or even desk supplies) making it a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 31” H x 31.75” W x 18.75” D

Elegant Slate Designs Bachelor’s Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 2Source: slatedesign.com/
Slate Designs Navy Blue 4-Drawer Bachelor’s Chest.

This wonderful Navy Blue 4-Drawer Bachelor’s Chest allows you to overhaul your bedroom regardless of your existing interior design style. Its sturdy construction gives you a durable yet sophisticated personal furniture piece that comes in different colors, making it a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 34” H x 36” W x 18” D

Vintage Tate Stone 5-Drawer Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 3Source: tovindesign.com
Tate Stone 5-Drawer Chest.

This classy, vintage-inspired bachelors’ chest from Tovin Design can be a wonderful addition to any 1960’s styled bedroom. Its ash and hardwood veneers finishing give you that rustic look that can complement any bedrooms’ neutral color pallet. Thanks to its 5 drawers you can store plenty of everyday use apparel with ease, making it a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 75” H x 32” W x 20” D

Brass Detailed Palmer Bachelors Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 4Source: brownstonefurniture.com/
The Brass Detailed Palmer Bachelors Chest by Brownstone Furniture.

This mink finish, Palmer Bachelors Chest is manufactured by Brownstone Furniture. Notice how its carefully designed silhouette helps create a slick, refined atmosphere for your bedroom. Its sandblasted surface, brushed brass feet and butt-joint drawer construction makes it stand out as a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 35.5” H x 45” W x 19” D

Classic Charcoaled Bachelor’s Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 5Source: bernhardt.com/
The Bernhardt Linea Bachelor’s Chest

The classic bachelor’s chest you see above was designed by the Bernhardt Furniture Company. This traditional, three-drawer nightstand can serve as a vintage nightstand or storage unit, depending on your room’s needs. Its wideness and darkened looked can give you a nice contrast to your typical white bed sheets or any neutral-toned carpet floors (making it a simple yet fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy).

Size: 32” H x 38” W x 19” D

Spanish Colonial Bachelor’s Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 6Source: amini.com/
Villa Valencia Bachelor’s Chest.

Michael Amini designed this gorgeous Villa Valencia Bachelor’s Chest inspired by the Spanish colonial style. Crafted from Birch solids while incorporating Pecan and Elm Burl veneers, this distinctive bachelor’s chest can instantly elevate your room’s status through sheer embellishment and top of the line craftsmanship. What a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy!

Size: 33” H x 46” W x 20” D

Pan-Asian Bachelor Chest Elegance

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 7Source: barclaybutera.com/
Chaparral Bachelors Chest by Barclay Butera Furniture.

This Chaparral Bachelors Chest is manufactured by Barclay Butera Furniture. Through a carefully detailed array of horizontal edge lines, its elegant Asian reminiscent silhouette complements your rooms with a luxurious appeal. Not to mention that is black Onyx finish and nickel details further make it a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 36” H x 43.5” W x 19.25” D

Sierra Living Concepts Bachelors Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 8Source: sierralivingconcepts.com/
Mango Wood 5 Drawer Bachelor’s Chest by Sierra Living Concepts.

If you’re looking to add an artistic yet highly functional furniture piece for your bedroom, look no further than Sierra Living Concepts, Hand Painted Mango Wood Bachelor’s Chest. This color-dynamic mango wood, unconventional bachelor’s chest comes with 5 drawers, enabling you to keep your everyday essentials at hand. Besides, this beautiful piece was crafted out of recycled wood that was hand waxed to preserve the vibrant colors for many years. The latter also makes it easier to clean, thus making it a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 31” H x 31” W x 16” D

Emma Mason Organic Bachelor Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 9Source: emmamason.com/
Emma Mason Mocha Bachelors Chest.

On a modern take of a traditional bachelors chest, Emma Mason created a casual but elegant 3 drawer piece that can seemingly blend with any organic interior design applied. Simplicity can equate to elegance, and this slick fusion of a contrasting travertine top with a cathedral cherry body proves the point; making this thoroughly crafted bedroom addition stands out as a fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 31.5” H x 44” W x 19” D

Noir Cliff Avant-Garde Bachelors Chest

fantastic bachelors chests to buy 10Source: noirfurniturela.com/
Noir Cliff Bali Teak Bachelors Chest

Looking for a piece empowered by architectural concepts? Noir brings it home with a beautiful and affordable bachelor’s chest. By creating an homage of line displacements, Noirs skilled artisans produced an appealing Bali Teak furniture piece that can enhance any abstract interior design you’re looking to achieve in your bedroom. Perfect for reduced spaces, we give you yet another fantastic bachelor’s chest to buy.

Size: 20” H x 45” W x 30” D


Bachelor’s chests have evolved with the predominant style movement, which is why we wanted to share with you a collection of all-encompassing bachelors’ chest that can satisfy different interior decorating styles for every bedroom. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, all of these choices provide you with all the necessary functionality you need, no matter space or accompanying furniture you match them with. If you’re interested in seeing how these wonderful pieces blend in different bedrooms, check out their designer’s website!