Bcompact: Gorgeous Folding Stairs to Maximize your Space

  • Bcompact transforms wide, bulky stairs into luxury custom folding stairs. Start maximizing your space today!
folding stairs

Folding stairs remain one of the most creative and effective solutions for reduced spaces today. Having to deal with bulky, awkward stairs that limit your rooms and layout options is, thankfully, a thing of the past.

When it comes to folding stairs, you’ll want to prioritize safety, convenience, and style. We believe that Bcompact folding stairs check all of these boxes in an environmentally friendly package.

Safe Folding Stairs

When it comes to functionality-driven innovation, folding stairs are the hottest trend this year. With an emphasis on safety via specialized handrails, easy-to-use locks, and exceptional tensile strength, Bcompact folding stairs are the best in the industry. Today we’ve taken a closer look at their catalog and listed our favorite options for this year. Here’s what we found:

 The Bcompact Hybrid Stair

folding stairs 1Source: Bcompact
When it comes to maximizing space, the Bcompact Hybrid Stair is the safest and most eco-friendly option on the market.

The Hybrid stair works as a standard stair would, and it comes with a bi-folding handrail for added safety. This folding stair folds sideways to close in to the wall and can be equipped with a sprung loaded safety gate, as well as upper and lower locks to fix its position.

folding stairs 2Source: Bcompact
The Bcompact folding stairs are not only sturdier than their steel counterparts: they’re also eco-friendly!

The folding stair is also made out of sustainable bamboo, featuring a tensile strength greater than steel. Bcompact’s masterful use of materials and construction methods makes it the safest and most environmentally friendly choice in the folding stairs market.

These folding stairs are not only a clever solution for reduced spaces: they also allow you to overhaul your home’s layouts and unlock your home’s true potential. Bcompact, winners of the 2019 IF Design Award, manufacture each of their stairs in strict compliance with the latest building code regulations to ensure you get the quality and safety your home deserves.

The Bcompact Hybrid Ladder

folding stairs 3Source: Bcompact
Perfect for work areas or attics, the Bcompact Hybrid Ladder is an even more compact yet equally safe choice for your home.

If you’re looking for an even more compact folding stair, the Bcompact Hybrid Ladder is your best choice. The Hybrid Ladder features the Hybrid Stair structure and spring mechanism but instead uses narrower treads, higher risers, and even steeper angles.

The Bcompact Hybrid Ladder can come with a short fixed handrail for additional support, perfect for less frequented or reduced spaces in need of vertical access. The Hybrid Ladder comes with optional color stairs or a specialized finish for outdoor installations.

folding stairs 4

You can add a fixed handrail to any of the Bcompact folding stairs and ladders models.

The Hybrid Ladder stands as a space-saving folding stair perfectly fit for attics or work areas. This sturdy and incredibly innovative folding stair comes from the 2018 Gold Award in the European Product Design Awards winners and prioritizes safety and convenience above anything else.


It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention: a saying that perfectly adapts to Bcompact’s origins. Zev Bianchi, the owner of Bcompact, sought out compact living solutions during his time in New York. The city is known for its expensive and often reduced living spaces, littered with buildings designed for a lifestyle and individual needs from another era. It’s in this opportunity-rich environment that he realized just how many desperately need space-maximizing solutions.

Zev would later enroll in the Furniture Design & Construction course at the Parsons School of Design to further develop his skills and knowledge. He would later expand his studies at the Sydney Design Institute to become an Industrial Designer.

With his newly acquired knowledge and first-hand experience, Zev decided to create Bcompact. His company would later revolutionize everything we thought we knew on space-maximizing solutions through the clever use of folding stairs in reduced living spaces.


Bcompact believes in convenience and functionality, and their folding stairs embodies these ideals. Their folding stairs feature surprisingly sturdy and durable materials and allow homeowners to conceptualize entirely new rooms with cleverly reclaimed space. This alone makes it one of our favorite furniture brands for this year.

Their products are affordable, practical, easy to install, and can be shipped worldwide following strict building standards and rules. Whether you’re going for a traditional hybrid stair or a compact hybrid ladder for your workspace, their environmentally friendly catalog adapts to any design style and measurements.