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Gablok: The Clever Way to Build Your Own House

Gablok: The Clever Way to Build Your Own House

Emma Wright
  • Buying a house in today's market can be a headache. Gablok makes getting your dream house affordable and easy!

Buying a house is a sign of bigger and better things. It stands as a significant milestone in your life-long personal progress for bachelors that embrace freedom, or the staging point to start a family.

Realistically, it may have become one of the toughest things to accomplish (especially if you’re young!). Living with your parents until you could save enough for a property was widely regarded as the solution, but this is no longer the case. When you consider most housing markets have seen between a 50% and 100% increase in price over the past 20 years, it’s fair to say the climb is steeper than ever.

Back to the Roots: Don’t Buy, Build it Yourself!

Buying a house is a stressful process that can make anyone feel anxious since your money and future are on the line. But perhaps this last part is the most powerful motivator behind a new trend of alternative housing, focused on providing a solution to the jumping-through-hoops experience of today’s real estate: self-build systems.

Gablok is a new construction method created by Gabriel Lakatos, and it’s all about bringing the LEGO experience in a practical and fulfilling way to real life. Instead of compromising on what the housing market has to offer, you can build your own home for a fraction of the price!

Convenience through Customization

gablok 1Source: Gablok
Gablok stands as a simple and efficient way to build a house by yourself.

Gablok is a self-construction method supported by new technologies and a solution-focused concept. Their wooden home kits simplify construction processes so aspiring homeowners can efficiently build their houses by themselves.

The Gablok process came to fruition after many years of research and testing in the field. Their cornerstone being their insulated, energy-efficient, and acoustic-performance blocks. All of which are arranged in 8 different types of units (beams, inlets, floor elements grids, belt blocks, and individual blocks), allowing you to build the exterior and interior walls of your wooden house.

Building Your Home, The Easy Way

gablok 2Source: Gablok

Gablok provides design and construction expertise for maximum convenience.

For a cool invention like Gablok to be sustainable, the company offers to design your house plans adjusting their construction method to your needs and wants.

Their multidisciplinary team provides you with guidance on the foundation for your house, as well as laying down your blocks. The rest of the construction process will always be up to you. The Gablok process relies on giving you a step-by-step plan so you can finish building your place as convenient and fast as possible. You’ll be surprised to know that some of their client projects have finished in less than a week!

Clean and Efficient Building

gablok 3Source: Gablok
Modular plans allow you to tackle technical issues and avoid excess costs and waste.

The beauty of building with Gablok is that their process avoids the excess waste associated with on-site processing. You assemble by arranging their insulated blocks until you only need to construct your house roof and your exterior walls finish.

But how does it all work? Each wooden-insulated block from the outer walls is secured together by a vertical rafter system. This system dispenses the need for a jointing system to attach each of them, making the assembly between blocks fast since it requires zero drying time.

When you finish each floor’s block array, the rafter system is merged with screws (all included in your building pack), keeping the structure nested as you progress wall by wall. This process allows your whole house to structurally work similar to a supported belt, keeping your interior load-bearing walls fixed through each step of the way.

Furthermore, your floor plan calculates all the necessary space to allow a water piping system, sanitary facilities, and electrical wiring to feed your house.

Ecofriendly Homes for Informed Consumers

gablok 4Source: Gablok
Gablok stands as a very green alternative to traditional construction

The concept of self-built houses dates backs to times before antiquity. Its humanity’s conquest of a safe place for each individual and their families that nevertheless, originated with a deep connection to our environment.

When we referred to the Gablok process as going back to our roots, we weren’t just referring to the fulfilling significance of building a home: we also understood that it stands as a very green alternative to traditional construction.

The Gablok insulated wooden blocks are designed in Belgium with 100% recyclable materials such as compressed wood slats. To create insulated homes, Gablok uses expanded polystyrene (which requires little energy and water for its manufacturing). Additionally, thanks to their engineered design, these blocks fit together without the need to use a toxic joint.

Company History

In his early childhood, Gabriel Lakatos (founder of Gablok) was a fan of interlocking and construction games. Recognizing his calling for construction, he worked in this field for over 25 years, allowing him to have a first-hand understanding of how troublesome and complicated construction projects can be due to the multiple dependencies and unforeseeable events that take place during a project’s execution.

These burning problems spiked his interest in developing an insulated wooden stacking block (what we now know as Gablok). The company may only have started in 2019, but it’s also the product of a life-long process of understanding, research, and work experience that aims to create sustainable and affordable homes for all.


Self-build housing is a remerging concept in history that is now propelled by technological breakthroughs in materials & civil engineering. Strained housing markets have also sprung visionaries such as the Gablok team to offer financially viable solutions to aspiring homeowners.

Gablok also seeks to close the gap most aspiring homeowners have when it comes to construction. Their process gives you all the tools and technical support you’ll need to build your home in a fulfilling, safe, and responsible manner.