8 Amazing Gun Concealment Furniture Ideas

  • Need secure, hidden storage for your valuables? Check out our review team's top concealment furniture ideas for this year!
gun concealment furniture

If you value safety and privacy, then concealment furniture are a must-have in your home. Whether you’re a responsible gun owner or wish to keep sensitive material safely stashed, you’ll want to take a look at our top ideas and products for this year!

Concealment furniture can come in the form of just about any piece of “regular” furniture. From sofas to benches, these creative pieces will allow you to keep your valuables safe and hidden in plain sight at all times.

Top Concealment Furniture Ideas

Discrete and secure, these pieces come with innovative locks and keys that guarantee you have exclusive access to the valuables or documents inside. Without further ado, here are our review team’s top concealment furniture ideas for this year!

Integrate Shelves with Hidden Compartments

gun concealment furniture 1Source: TacticalWalls
Shelves tend to seamlessly blend into the rest of the room, making them excellent concealment furniture options.

Shelves are some of the most practical, and décor-friendly storage pieces for any home. They’re traditionally used to hold pictures, décor, or books and tend to blend into the rest of the room, making them perfect storage and concealment furniture options.

When it comes to concealment furniture, Tactical Walls has some of the best pieces today. The 1242 Top Locking Shelf comes with a foam-lined 12″D x 42″W secret compartment that keeps valuables or home defense solutions at arm’s reach. The 1242 Top Locking Shelf comes with two security keys that allow you to unlock and lower the bottom half of the shelf, which comes with a fully customizable polyurethane foam insert. This piece comes fully assembled, is easy to install, and uses secure magnetic keys to prevent unauthorized access.

Turn your Mirrors Into Cabinets

gun concealment furniture 2Source: GoSecretStorage
Mirrors not only help you stay presentable, but they’re also excellent gun concealment furniture options!

Most households have at least two full-body mirrors, making them some of the most commonly owned furniture. Everyone uses their mirrors to tidy up and try new outfits before leaving for the day, and thanks to their popularity, they can turn into inconspicuous gun concealment furniture.

The Go Secret Storage Mirror is an excellent example. This gorgeous mirror turns into a custom-built wall cabinet capable of holding valuables or home defense solutions conveniently. The piece comes with a mirrored door that opens on ball-bearing slides, revealing an ample and fully customizable interior. The Go Secret Storage Mirror features seven finishes that adapt to any home design style and color scheme, making this gun concealment furniture stylish as it is safe.

Nightstand with Concealed Storage

gun concealment furniture 3Source: American Concealed Furniture
Nightstands help you keep your home defense solutions at arm’s reach.

Having your private stash right next to your bed is extremely convenient. New gadgets and devices are released every year, and traditional nightstands can’t seem to keep up with them! This is why we recommend getting a nightstand with hidden storage for additional privacy and everyday convenience.

American Concealed Furniture offers a beautiful maple nightstand that adds a modern and rustic flair to your room, as well as ample secret storage. Hidden behind cleverly designed sliding doors, you’ll find space for your firearms as well as an array of shelves for additional items. The nightstand comes with a steel pin mechanism as well as a unique magnetic key to keep your home defense solutions, jewelry, and cash safe from children and potential intruders.

Introduce Concealment Décor to your Living Room

gun concealment furniture 4Source: TacticalWalls
The “Issue Box” hides in plain sight and offers quick access to your firearms.

Every now and then, an incredibly creative décor article takes the form of concealment furniture in fun ways. Such is the case with the Tactical Walls Issue Box: behind this clever play on words stands this stylish tissue box and its hidden compartment. This tissue box naturally blends into any location in the home, making it an excellent addition to your home defense plan. The Issue Box comes with a customizable foam and a US-sourced ABS plastic Cover and base.

Coffee Table with a Concealed Twist

gun concealment furniture 5Source: Wayfair
Coffee tables are perfect for eating takeout in front of the TV and keeping secret stashes hidden.

Coffee tables are must-have pieces for your living room. Coffee tables are perfect for having takeout in front of your TV or enjoying the game with friends over some drinks, but they can also be the ultimate storage solution in reduced spaces. Meet the Tilden Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage.

The Tilden Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage features a lift-up top with a spacious, hidden storage compartment underneath. The coffee table also comes with partitioned lower shelves for all your books, spare blankets, and magazines, allowing you to fully utilize your hidden compartment for home defense purposes. This model comes with a neutral wood grain finish that fits into almost any design style, making it an incredibly versatile piece in all aspects.

Turn your Bench Into a Storage Unit

gun concealment furniture 7Source: American Furniture Classics
This tufted, stylish bench comes with a hidden locking compartment capable of holding up to six long guns.

Benches fit into any room of the house. They’re stylish pieces you can keep at the foot of your bed, in your living room, or even the dining room. They provide additional seating and support, but they can also help you store firearms or supplementary décor.

American Furniture Classics created the Wood Gun Concealment Bench precisely for this purpose. This bench features a stylish dark walnut stain finish and gorgeous nailhead accents that fit traditional and classic interiors. Its ample concealed compartment can hold up to 6 large guns, numerous blankets, or just about any valuable décor you’d rather hide from clumsy guests. This gorgeous piece is easy to assemble and comes with a removable wood tray and removable butt and barrel rest.

Home Office Desk with Concealed Compartments

gun concealment furniture 8Source: NJ Concealment Furniture
A home office desk should always have hidden compartments for sensitive documents.

Designing a workspace that will help you maximize productivity is more important than ever. Buying a home office desk with enough surface space and drawers for your work tools is incredibly important, but anyone that handles sensitive documents will also agree that concealment furniture is a must-have.

The N.J Executive Desk is no doubt the go-to choice for executives that work from home. This desk features hidden latches and two baseboard pullouts to guard delicate information and valuables. The NJ Concealment Furniture Executive Desk is made out of solid red oak and red oak plywood, delivering a stylish and highly-functional desk for your home office.

Bedroom Sign with Hidden Compartment

gun concealment furniture 9Source: Liberty Home Concealment
The Always Kiss Me Goodnight wooden sign is perfect for concealing valuables or firearms.

Wooden signs with brief quotes are trending big time. The Always Kiss Me Goodnight is a customer favorite thanks to its concealment properties and considerable style.

The Liberty Home Concealment Always Kiss me Goodnight wooden sign spices up any bedroom. This 12”x42” sign comes with a hidden compartment capable of holding just about anything from jewelry to firearms. The piece comes with a child safety lock and stylish LED lightings that add attitude and flair to your master bedroom too.


Gun concealment furniture and its designs have evolved from an interior design point. Not only do they seamlessly blend into rooms, but they also significantly improve your home’s safety and privacy levels.

Responsible gun owners will recognize that safes, while sturdy, not only draw attention from curious toddlers and would-be intruders, they’re also fairly expensive pieces of hardware. Concealment furniture, on the other hand, represents an incredibly convenient and safe alternative to keep firearms and valuables away from prying eyes. The ideas and products featured are also elegant solutions to storage problems in reduced spaces, making concealed furniture affordable solutions for anyone looking to reduce clutter in their own homes.