Helix Sleep Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

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The Helix Sleep Hybrid memory foam mattresses offer a greater degree of customization options than nearly any other mattress on the market. This mattress is made of 2 layers of contouring polyfoam material, another layer of individually-wrapped springs, and final base layer of supportive foam. Depending on your sleeping style, or on the style of your sleeping partner, Helix will arrange these layers to meet the needs of different sleeping styles. For those seeking straight-forward customization options this might be the best mattress on the market for you.

Personalized Mattress Design

While other mattress companies scramble to uncover the single designs able to address the concerns of the many—Helix has developed as system to address the needs of the few. Their unique system of personalization can cater to the needs of side sleepers, back sleepers, athletes and even couples. Based on results from their Sleep Personalization quiz they are able to determine how best to design your mattress. Based on the results of this quiz Helix may add a soft or fix top for your mattress, more supportive lower layers for those with larger frames, or even a combination of different approaches split down the middle of the mattress to address needs of couples. The one constant option seems to be the inclusion of a highly-breathable layer of individually-wrapped coils. This layer offers support for any sleeping style while promoting continuous airflow. Consider the image below for a better idea of how this setup works.

Helix Sleep Mattress Customization Options
Helix Uses Different Layering Options to Offer Truly Personalized Designs

Hybrid Material Design

There is an avid debate on which type of mattress offers the best design raging on among manufacturers, researchers, and consumers as well. Traditional luxury mattresses have been mostly steel spring designs which feature a pillow top resting on a bed of intertwined coils. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s memory foam mattresses begin to become wildly popular for their ability to contour to shape and avoid pressure points. The downside to this new material was that it retains heat and can often leave one feeling ‘stuck’. More recently several mattress brands such as Helix have developed hybrids that take the best of both worlds. By individually-wrapping smaller coils rather than using traditional steel coil designs Helix is able to provide a better overall motion support for their mattress. This lends advantage towards not being disturbed by any movement on any part of the mattress. Helix’s hybrid mattresses utilize two layers of polyfoam materials to provide the contour support of memory foam while also providing a layer of individually-wrapped coils for overall motion support and breathability. Hyrbid mattresses are often regarded as offer the best of both worlds. Helix’s ability to offer custom arrangements of layers offers an even further advantage for those looking for total comfort and support from their mattress.

The Nitty Gritty

Without doubt the Helix Hyrbid mattress is one of the best mattresses, from one of the best mattress brands, that is currently available. No single mattress can address the needs and sleeping preferences of everyone so it’s important to understand the risk involved in making such a purchase. No matter how many positive reviews the Helix Mattress has received and no matter how personalized you make it—it might end up not being what you’re looking for. This is true for any mattress, which is why understanding the warranties, shipping policies, and trial periods is of utmost importance. Helix Sleep offers a 100 night in-home trial for their mattresses during which you can return your mattress if you aren’t 100% satisfied. This is a no-questions-asked window of time during which you can make sure the Helix mattress is what you want. After the 100 night period, Helix mattresses are covered by a 10 year limited warranty that asserts your product will be replaced if any manufacturing defects or performance issues are discovered. All Helix Mattresses ship for free via UPS in a vacuum packed container that is roughly 16″ x 16″ 48″ in size for easy installation. This type of direct-to-consumer shipping is why Helix mattresses are priced so much lower than traditional luxury mattresses one might find in local stores.

Overall Impressions

The Helix Sleep Hybrid Foam mattress is among the best mattresses on the market today. It is arguably the most customizable mattresses currently available and accommodate a wide range of sleeping styles and preferences. This mattress has been designed by Helix to provide excellent support for every aspect of sleep including temperature control, avoiding pressure points, and for supporting natural spinal health. This mattress comes in all standard sizes and are made special for each order. The only downside that we’ve seen is that Helix mattresses can take 6 to 10 days to ship, though that’s only because they are making a mattress based on personal preferences. We wouldn’t criticize a 5 star restaurant for taking an extra 5 minutes to specially prepare our meal and we won’t criticize Helix sleep for taking an extra couple of days to ensure such deeply personalized mattress construction! If you’re looking for the most best option for mattress customization the Helix Sleep Hyrbid mattress may be the best choice for you!

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Helix Sleep Memory Foam Mattress