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Helix Sleep is a rising star among mattress brands and has been working tirelessly to disrupt the market as we know it. Their incredible, direct-to-consumer, pricing model has allowed them to offer one of the best luxury mattress designs at a fraction of what stores typically charge. Among modern mattress brands Helix Sleep offers some of the most personalized mattresses available that can help accommodate a huge range of sleeping styles and preferences.

Personalized Hybrid Mattresses

When most people hear the term personalized they think of buying options, maybe some custom embroidery, or maybe a selection of optional colors. When Helix Sleep talks about personalized they do so within the context of meaning their products are manufactured based on buyer feedback. When Helix Sleep receives a new order for a mattress, they first instruct buyers to take a sleep personalization quiz. This allows Helix to gather useful information about sleeping styles, partnership sleep styles, and other relevant insights. With this information, Helix actually arranges the layers of their mattress (sometimes splitting them in half to accommodate multi-side customization) based on that user survey!

Hybrid Mattress Design

Hybrid mattresses offer the best features of memory foam and traditional coil systems. Helix Mattresses include layers of each, though all are considerably improved in comparison to typical mattresses. For example, the Helix Sleep hybrid mattress deigns features a bed of individually-wrapped micro-coils rather than the traditional large coil designs often found in a tangled mess. This allows for a greater reduction in motion transfer while still providing an incredibly breathable amount of continuous airflow. Helix also makes use of several different layers and types of polyfoams in accordance with preferences described during the initial buyer’s survey.

Buyer Cadence

Helix Sleep seems to ‘get’ the pain points of buying a mattress. They recognize that such purchases are among the largest consumers will make in their lives and take extra effort to help make things as positive as possible. They do this through direct-to-consumer sales to drastically cut back on cost, they offer a money-back 100 night in-home trial period, and their products ship for free via standard ground carries in vacuum-sealed boxes. The combination of these factors has been vital to Helix’s success in recent years and are a testament to them wanting to help people feel confident in their purchase.

Overall Impressions

Helix Sleep reviews have been overwhelmingly positive among buyers since the company launched. The ability to offer such incredibly personalized products has put them among the best mattress brands on the market today. For those seeking a modern luxury mattress with a large degree of customization options—Helix Sleep may just be the best mattress brand for you.

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