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Honomobo: Creative Shipping Container Prefab Homes

Honomobo: Creative Shipping Container Prefab Homes

  • Honomobo transforms shipping containers into stunning modular homes. These gorgeous homes also come with proven electric systems to offset some or all of your house's energy usage. Check out their best models for this year!

Honomobo creates factory-built homes with authentic materials and unique modern flair. Their prefab homes are guaranteed to stay on a set budget thanks to their strategically designed floorplans and factory-controlled building process.

By controlling every variable involved in the house’s building process, the company can minimize waste and avoid time and logistic setbacks that affect traditionally-built structures. In doing so, Honomobo is able to offer you a breath-taking home at a fraction of what it’d normally cost in today’s crazy housing market.

Honomobo: Energy-efficient, Creative Homes

Honomobo creates living spaces that feel connected to the outdoors. This connection to vibrant urban settings or peaceful retreats in the wilderness brings us closer to where we chose to live (and our planet!). The company not only seeks to foster this connection: it also aspires to protect Earth by creating energy-efficient homes with a low (or null) carbon footprint.

Their durable and eco-friendly homes not only offer an affordable solution to aspiring homeowners, but they also represent an effective answer to our complex climate situation. Our review team took a deeper look at the company’s catalog and hand-picked what we consider their best models for this year. Here’s what we found:

The HO6 Prefab Home

honomobo 1Source: Honomobo
The HO6 Model features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large open concept kitchen and living room.

The HO6 comes with spacious interiors comprised of 6 x 40’ shipping containers. This model is, without question, one of Honomobo’s best affordable prefab ADU homes. The company seeks to connect homeowners with their surroundings and offers an optional floor-to-ceiling glass wall on one of its sides to accomplish this.

The interior finishes are breathtakingly beautiful, featuring authentic cedar wood for its ceiling and crystal white or carbon polished quartz in the kitchen countertop. You can also pick between light or dark luxurious vinyl tiles for your floors, allowing you to implement just about any interior design style. The authentic materials and spacious floorplan make the HO6 a luxury shipping container home designed for those who wish to enjoy glamourous interiors without breaking the bank.

The HO5 Modular Home

honomobo 2Source: Honomobo
The HO5 features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a stunning open concept interior.

The HO5 prefab home is a slightly smaller yet highly-functional version of the HO6. The standard HO5 version comes with 40’ x 42’ dimensions that can expand to 42’ x 42’ with the second floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

The HO5 comes with three possible interior finishers: gloss white, excellent for minimalist homes that wish to leverage natural lighting, matte black for a sophisticated black and white color scheme, or a neutral ash finisher for added glamour.

This modular home also comes with an optional fireplace. The fireplace can come in white, red, or black and instantly adds a sophisticated mid-century flair to your interiors. The stylish fireplace can work with wood, natural gas, or propane, allowing it to fit your lifestyle and surroundings.

The HO4 Modular Home

honomobo 3Source: Honomobo
The HO4 prefab home comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This model is ideal for indoor/outdoor living.

The HO4 modular home, like all models in the H series, features a certified 2lb polyurethane closed-cell foam that eliminates any air gaps or air transfers. This eco-friendly insulation allows your stylish cabin or summer home to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter while keeping energy bills low.

You can also outfit your HO4 to create additional energy through the use of solar panels. All you have to do is request that your house is solar-ready, and the talented Honomobo team will include all the necessary wiring and modifications as they build your dream home.

The HO3 Modular Home

honomobo 4Source: Honomobo
The HO3 prefab home includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a living area, and an in-suite laundry.

The HO3 model is one of the more compact models in the H series. Perfect for couples, this strategically-sized prefab home can easily connect to city services thanks to the connections found underneath the structure. You can connect it to existing city services, a sceptic field, or well water. Plus, you can include solar-ready setups to stay off the grid, which works wonderfully for summer homes or rental homes. The choice is yours!

This model is about a quarter of the price of most traditionally-built homes, making it one of the most popular choices in their catalog. Like all Honomobo homes, the structure is built to meet local building codes and can be delivered and installed in record time!

The HO2 Prefab Home

honomobo 5Source: Honomobo

Honomobo can give your home a Charcoal, Grey, or White exterior finish, providing your home with a timeless exterior appeal.

The HO2 model stands as a very viable option as a cabin, guest house, or even an office studio. Aesthetically speaking, it uses minimal accents and exterior fixtures to create a very sleek look in true Honomobo fashion. Likewise, this model runs on the production of clean, renewable electricity by being equipped with a solar photovoltaic electrical system, saving you money each month on your energy bills.

honomobo 6Source: Honomobo
The HO2 features a spacious kitchen/living area with an optional wood or gas-powered fireplace.

This Honomobo prefab home model comes in two variants regarding its indoor spaces: a master bedroom with one bathroom floorplan or a two-bedroom & one bathroom floorplan. Each variant includes a kitchen and living room open floor area with an ion-suite laundry preceding its bedrooms.


Honomobo catalog is full of opportunities and solutions. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, an office space, or a cottage you can rent for additional income, the company has an answer to your needs and wants. By combining durable materials and top-notch energy-efficient systems, their prefab ADU homes become appreciating assets that can go head-to-head with any traditional builds at a significantly lower price.

Honomobo combined rigorous quality control and incredible price tags with breath-taking exteriors and interiors, making them one of the best prefab modular home builders in the industry. We invite you to visit their website and browse some of their models: we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!