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10 Original Housewarming Gift Ideas

10 Original Housewarming Gift Ideas

Emma Wright
  • Need a thoughtful housewarming gift idea? Our housewarming gifts will make the recipient think of you long after you give them!
housewarming gift ideas

Moving into a new place often marks the start of a new chapter in a person’s life. It’s customary to offer a good housewarming gift that eases your friend or loved one’s transition into a new place and beginning.

When it comes to housewarming gift ideas, there are no set rules as to what you can gift. Many opt to give something capable of turning that unique housewarming gift idea into a gesture that the recipient will remember for as long as they can. Others prefer to go for a practical, safer route and get the perfect housewarming gift for their friend or loved one.

Ideas for Housewarming Gift

While there are, thankfully, no set rules that make up for a good housewarming gift, this also means that there’s a wide range of things you could get. So, should you get them a personal or practical gift?

Answering this question is not always easy, so we’ve decided to add something for everyone on our list. These gift ideas for a housewarming party are guaranteed to surprise the recipient and make the rest of the guests wish they came up with it first!

Utility Kitchen and Living Room Rolling Cart

housewarming gift ideas 1Source: Wayfair
Rolling Carts are great housewarming gift options that can help you organize kitchen and living room spaces alike.

The best housewarming gifts are the ones that make your host’s lives easier. One of the most versatile accessory furniture pieces you can find is a rolling cart. The Asonflower Utility Cart is a super practical house addition that works perfectly in small or large spaces. This model comes with a low center of gravity that makes it extra-stable, allowing you to stroll drinks and snacks if needed.

A Book-lovers Delight: Gardner Bamboo Bath Caddy

housewarming gift ideas 2Source: Wayfair

This housewarming gift takes cozy and relaxing baths to a new level.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, well-crafted housewarming gift, then this free-standing bath caddy can be just the thing.

If your hosts have a bathtub at their new place, imagine giving them something that can turn a relaxing bath into a soul-nurturing experience. The Gardner Bath Caddy is a sturdy shelf capable of holding bath essentials, cups, books, and tablets, all the same. Perfect for bibliophiles that enjoy their books the old-fashioned way, or tablet users that wish to browse the web while enjoying a bath, this good housewarming gift is a must-have in any household.

The Classic Cuisine Rotating Waffle Maker

housewarming gift ideas 3Source: Wayfair
Rotating Waffle Makers turns a boring Monday morning breakfast into a feast you’ll look forward to.

Why settle for the same old housewarming gifts when you can make a gift that people can remember you for? This rotating waffle maker will sate any morning waffles craving in a jiff.

This rotating waffle maker comes with indicator lights that let you know when the iron has finished preheating and even lets you know when your waffles are ready to be served! This waffle maker not only allows you to experiment making brownie waffles, but you can cook some delicious panini-style sandwich waffles as well!

Techy Decorating Tools: Nix Color Sensors for Smartphones

housewarming gift ideas 4Source: Nixsensor

This neat smartphone add-on can go a long way for interior design projects.

Painting walls is almost a given when getting settled at a new place or renovating a room. All in all, it’s a painless and relatively inexpensive task, but before we grab our rollers and get started, we need to have the perfect color palette for our project.

The Nix Mini Color smartphone sensor detects and saves the exact color code of any wall. Once you place the device on top of the surface, it’ll scan it and begin to search for a match in its 150,000 color catalog. This handy housewarming gift can capture color values from wall prints, beddings, upholstered furniture, and any decorative item in seconds.

The PureSpa Natural Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

housewarming gift ideas 5Source: Wayfair

A neat housewarming gift that keeps spaces fragrant and pleasing at all times.

One of the first things we notice when we enter a home is its smell. It can be welcoming and pleasant or downright repulsive, and it’s not something your hosts might be able to control just yet! An essential oil diffuser is a unique housewarming idea that could prevent the housewarming party from turning into a disaster.

This model can easily hide in corners or serve as an attractive decoration for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, making it an equally stylish and useful addition to any home.

Guest Bathroom Useful Accents: Vanity Accessory Set

housewarming gift ideas 6Source: Wayfair
With regal color and lovely texture, this housewarming gift decorates any bathroom.

Bathroom accessories certainly have an impact on all of our bathrooms. These accessories can turn a standard bathroom into a sophisticated space that mirrors interior design choices found throughout the home, making it a good housewarming gift.

This resin-based vanity accessory set is a great look for any bathroom. This set comes with a hand soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and a soap dish that looks elegant and classy. Furthermore, it perfectly matches the traditional neutral colors found in residential bathrooms.

Super Convenient Kitchen Tools: Quart Power Air Fryer

housewarming gift ideas 7Source: PowerXL
Helping you cook healthier meals without too much effort.

Air fryers can be one of the best housewarmings gifts you can give. Moving into a new home is a demanding task that often leaves you with little to no time to cook even a meager meal. Thankfully, Air Fryers help you cook delicious meals with little to no supervision required!

From a culinary standpoint, you’ll be surprised to know that you can make dishes such as chocolate-hazelnut croissants, honey-roasted salmon, bang-bang shrimps, or delicious chicken nuggets. The sky is the limit with these nifty appliances that let you get rid of cooking oil once and for all!

Versatile Living Room Additions: Eco-Friendly Bean Bag Chair

housewarming gift ideas 8Source: Big Bean Bag Company
Bean bag chairs are cozy and cute additions that can help hosts beyond the moving stage.

Bean bags might not be the first housewarming gifts that come to mind, but they’re super-useful, long-lasting additions to any household.

Hosting housewarming parties often come with the added difficulty of not having enough seats for everyone, as there’s probably not much furniture, to begin with. In this context, an eco-friendly bean bag chair, such as the Sunset & Orca, can be a lifesaver. From browsing on your tablet to taking a much-needed nap, eco-friendly bean bags are sure to keep family and guests comfortable and relaxed no matter the occasion.

Water Distillers: The Gift of Pure of Water

housewarming gift ideas 10Source: Waterwise
Water distillation is still one of the most effective water filtration methods.

Gifting one of the best home water distillers is another unique housewarming gift idea. Many consider that water treatment plants do a decent job at preserving our drinking water’s purity, but when it travels through old water pipes and into our mouths, sediments and other chemicals might find their way inside too.

Water distillers can eliminate most bacteria, volatile organic compounds and filter these sediments, making it a good housewarming gift for anyone that values their health. Some of the best water distillers are easy to carry and perfectly adapt to a housewarming gift budget as well.

Ionic Air Purifiers: The Gift of Clean Air

housewarming gift ideas 9Source: Biotabot
The best ionic air purifiers can filter mold particles and neutralize odors.

If you’re looking for an original (but super practical!) housewarming gift idea, then you should consider ionic air purifiers. The best ionic air purifiers come with a HEPA filter, which together can protect your lungs from mold particles and other pathogens, making them good housewarming gifts for just about anyone.

Another underrated benefit of gifting an ionic air purifier is that it uses activated carbon filters to neutralize odors! This means that this unique housewarming gift idea will save you from dealing with your host’s smoking habit or other strange smells whenever you visit.


When it comes to housewarming gift ideas, a good rule of thumb is to get something practical and aesthetically pleasing. A good housewarming should be something that the homeowner will find useful but would probably refrain from buying because of their limited budget (moving can be expensive after all!). We hope our housewarming gift ideas have helped you pick a sensational gift your friend or loved one will deeply cherish and enjoy!