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Huntington Homes: 40 Years of Experience in Modular Housing

Huntington Homes: 40 Years of Experience in Modular Housing

Emma Wright
  • Huntington Homes combines variety, craftsmanship, and energy-efficiency in each of its 75 prefab home plans. Today we took a closer look at their modular home plans and picked our favorites!
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Many aspiring homeowners are attracted to prefab homes’ affordable prices and superior quality but shy away from “cookie-cutter” floorplans. Huntington Homes solves this common concern by offering a staggering 75 model catalog that fits all tastes and design choices.

From 600 square feet properties to 3,000 square feet four-bedroom homesteads, Huntington Homes offers durable, eco-friendly homes with gorgeous exteriors and highly customizable interiors to their prestigious clientele.

Huntington Homes Guide you Every Step of the Way.

Owning a property and dealing with all the red tape and project management that goes with it is a challenging experience even for savvy real estate owners. Huntington Homes takes a different approach and offers guidance from start to finish to make sure you get your dream home at the best possible price.

Their talented team educates and guides you through the design and material-picking process, explaining the pros and cons of each depending on your model of choice and area. You, as the customer, will always have the last word, but you’ll be able to make an informed decision at every turn!

Huntington Homes also offers various energy efficiency packages that include insulation material, HVAC components, and optional solar panel systems to save money and the environment. Whether you’re going for the smallest carbon footprint or seek to save some money on monthly bills, their team has the right package for you!

We’ve taken a look at their vast prefab adu catalog and chose what we believe are some of the most attractive floorplans in terms of style, energy-efficiency, and cost. Here’s what we found:

The Harrington Model

huntington homes 1Source: Huntington Homes
The Harrington is a multi-purpose prefab home with spacious interiors.

The Harrington prefab house is perfect for empty nesters, young professionals, and singles alike. Even though it has more limited space (almost 800 square feet), it’s still ideal as an artist’s studio or even a traditional getaway cabin. The Harrington features a floorplan in which two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open floor kitchen & dining area combine pretty window views and a front-covered porch. This setup is one of those traditional prefab homes that come with timeless cozy features and commodities.

The Halburg Model

huntington homes 2Source: Huntington Homes
The Halburg home plan features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two stories in its 1,536 square feet floorplan.

Reminiscing America’s colonial northeast architecture, its inviting front-covered porch dazzles your guests from the get-go. As you enter the property, a narrow entryway leads you to a large dining room and spacious living room area. The Hallburg floorplan can, however, be tailored to homeowners that prefer a more contemporary indoor distribution.

This prefab home model will always offer a spacious kitchen with plenty of counters and cabinet space to offer intuitive circulation and plenty of storage. Lastly, the rear deck is accessible from the dining room and offers additional space so homeowners can relax or entertain family and friends.

The Fairfield Model

huntington homes 3Source: Huntington Homes
The Fairfield can feature a durable and versatile board and batten siding.

The Fairfield house plan is another versatile prefab home option from Huntington Homes. The latter features a charming exterior façade and indoor spaces that feel spacious thanks to its open floor distribution.

Huntington Homes builds its exterior with a curb appeal thanks to its double gable front view and a spacious front-covered porch that allows you to enjoy warm sunsets. The Fairfield traditional design guarantees a welcoming setting for friends and family while discretely placing both bedrooms on its second story.

The MT Pleasant

huntington homes 4Source: Huntington Homes
The MT Pleasant combines modern conveniences with traditional design elements and expansion opportunities.

The MT Pleasant is a prefab home model that pays homage to the Georgian-styled homes by featuring a ranch floor plan. Its 1,540 square feet floor plan includes a covered front porch and plenty of windows to allow natural lighting to flood the interiors.

The Mt Pleasant offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home office, an ample dining room & a living room area, and it can also feature mudroom & garage modules. The ample spaces and room choices make it an ideal home to host holiday gatherings and parties.

The Weathershead Model

huntington homes 5Source: Huntington Homes
The Weathershead takes after a modern farmhouse room distribution.

The Weathershead is a beautiful, two-story prefab home with a traditional country appeal. Its original architecture features two trademark features: an expanded, covered front porch and a brick chimney.

The large entryway delivers guests a mix of spaciousness all the way to the home’s great room. This feeling of amplitude goes hand-in-hand with luxurious interiors to dazzle visitors every time. Notice how the dining room connects to the kitchen through sophisticated slidable doors to offer additional privacy during special dinner occasions.


Huntington Homes was founded over 40 years ago under a powerful premise: to build better homes. Over the last forty years, the company has built and delivered thousands of homes: each build comes with a level of creativity, precision, and dedication unique to Huntington Homes’s strict production standards.

Under the Webster family, Huntington Homes has managed to change the way we conceive homes today. By simplifying processes and controlling the build process from start to finish, their modular homes are sturdy, green, and cost-efficient structures that the market desperately needs. The fact that most of their sales come as referrals from previous customers speak to the company’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.


Huntington Homes are pioneers in an industry traditionally bogged down by outdated methods. Their incredible 75+ model catalog turns modular prefabricated homes into a highly-customized experience that offers something for every customer. Their wide range of materials allows you to modify exteriors as well as cabinets, flooring, and fixtures to make sure you get the dream home you deserve, down to its last detail.

With energy efficiency packages that go from ultra-green to practical money-saving alternatives, each home is carefully thought-out to match your lifestyle and needs. By following their 5-step plan, you’ll finally get a home you’ll be proud to call your own, with an outstanding 1-year warranty to boot!