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Idle Sleep Double-Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress

Idle Sleep Double-Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress

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Hybrid Latex Mattress from Idle Sleep

The hybrid latex mattress from Idle Sleep is one of the highest quality mattresses we’ve come across and offers a quality of sleep unmatched by most of the competition out there. This mattress features double-sided latex for flippable firmness selection, a middle layer of microcoils, and everything is wrapped in organic cotton. We were blown away by the performance of this mattress and are excited to tell you all about it.

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Double-Sided Latex Design

Natural latex is one of the highest-quality materials used on mattresses today. Its dense and flexible composition makes it ideal for weight distribution and contour support. Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic material (assuming you don’t have a latex allergy of course) and is also naturally antibacterial. Compared to memory foam, latex mattresses offer a bit more spring in their overall experience and are much less often reported as “swallowing” one up in the middle of the night!

best luxury bed in a box mattress we’ve seen and we’d recommend it to anyone—including friends and family.

Idle Sleep’s double-sided latex hybrid has brought one of the most original mattress designs that we’ve seen to market in a big kind of way. This mattress features two natural Talalay latex layers separated by a middle layer of 6” thick layer of edge-to-edge microcoils (meaning they completely cover that layer.) Unless you tell Idle otherwise, this mattress will ship out with the topmost latex layer being an 8/10 firmness and the bottom-most latex layer being a 6.5/10 firmness. This allows one to flip the mattress over and completely change the comfort level.

Idle sleep organic cotton mattress cover
Idle Sleep’s hybrid latex mattress features an organic cotton cover

Breathable & Organic Materials

Latex is naturally much more breathable than most memory foams used in the mattress market today. The latex used in mattresses is poured in a porous fashion that leaves holes to allow for greater flexibility, which also results in better breathability. Idle Sleep’s hybrid latex mattress goes one step farther—actually adding a layer of open-air “Quantum” microcoils in the middle of things. Not only does this provide a really unique experience in the context of latex, but it also promotes a higher level of airflow.

an organic cotton + natural latex combination is about as eco-friendly and toxin-free as one can get

One other major advantage of microcoils run in an edge-to-edge manner is overall edge support for the mattress. This layout design helps to prevent “rolling” sensations when one rests near the edge of the mattress. In addition to the micro-coils, Idle has chosen to wrap the entire mattress in organic cotton. In the world of mattresses, an organic cotton + natural latex combination is about as eco-friendly and toxin-free as one can get!

natural latex mattress closeup
The Hybrid Latex Mattress from Idle has two sleepable sides and is much thicker than most mattresses

Long Lasting Comfort

All mattresses have a life expectancy and no one should expect anything to last forever. Compared to many other types of mattresses on the market, natural latex has a much longer life expectancy. Natural latex mattresses often last as many as 15 years without having any noticeable change in shape or performance. The Idle Sleep latex hybrid offers an even longer life expectancy through its double-sided design. If your mattress starts losing its zest—just flip it over and you’ll think you have a brand new mattress! Just to be sure your mattress outlasts any others on the market—Idle includes a lifetime warranty with all of their products. Lifetime—meaning you’ll never have to buy another mattress for as long as you live!

Micro coil illustration
The microcoils in the Idle Sleep latex hybrid allow much greater airflow compared to conventional latex designs

Warranty, Shipping, & Free Trials

Mattresses are among the most over-marketed products in the world today. There’s little chance one can go online anymore without being blindsided by a plethora of mattress ads, articles, and reviews. We’re of the mind that more advertising isn’t usually a good thing—but with mattresses, we tend to consider some exceptions. Mattress brands like Idle have forever changed the insidious markups and disingenuous practices within the mattress industry. Rather than spending $5,000 on a luxury mattress from a local mattress store, consumers are now able to buy from brands such as Idle Sleep directly. This passes along a tremendous amount of savings, but also comes with some extra considerations that need to be made. Below you’ll find a quick overview of some of the company policies we felt deserved mentioning. For a full overview, we recommend reading the official Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress FAQ section.

Free Shipping

Free shipping for something as large as a mattress may seem like to much to hope for, or at least not something you’d be surprised if it weren’t included. Direct-to-consumer brands such as Idle have rethought the entire manufacturing process in such a way that allows them to ship their products directly to consumers via standard ground carriers such as FedEx or UPS with no charge to consumers. You should be aware however that the larger latex mattresses out there, such as Idle’s luxury double-sided hybrid, are often required to shift via freight due to their weight.

Lifetime Warranty

Another magnanimous by-product of the bed-in-a-box mattress revolution has been incredible to extended warranties. Historically, mattresses manufacturers were considered to be going above and beyond their call of duty when providing warranties greater than 5 years. A common mattress warranty is 10 years which is arguably the industry standard. Idle Sleep offers an unheard of lifetime warranty to ensure that buyers can rid themselves of the arduous task of buying a new mattress once and for all. Once you buy an Idle mattress—you can be done.

Risk-Free Trial Period

One of the biggest fears when buying a mattress from an online brand is the uncertainty that comes with not having physically slept on the bed. Sure, some people have probably had a chance to try out these types of mattresses at some point but the majority of buyers are, essentially, taking a leap of faith when buying a mattress online. Idle Sleep recognizes that no two sleepers are the same and that promising satisfaction would be as shady as one can get. Rather than making empty promises, Idle Sleep mattresses are part of a 120-night in-home trial guarantee that states each buyer has the right to sleep on their mattress for 120 nights without being committed to buying. That’s to say, if you buy the Idle Sleep hybrid latex mattress, sleep on it for almost 4 months, and then decide you don’t like it—you can get a full refund!

Full size idle sleep mattressSource: IDLE Sleep
The Idle Sleep mattress is 14″ thick a features two 3″ thick layers of natural Talalay Latex.

A Personal Perspective

Reviewed by Claire from Pennsylvania

I was given the opportunity to sleep on an Idle Sleep double-sided hybrid latex mattress for 2 weeks and can say it was the best 2 weeks of sleep I’ve ever had. I’d heard people (mostly my chiropractor) rave about how comfortable natural latex mattresses are but hadn’t ever tried one myself. My husband and I try to be as health-conscious as possible and the organic cotton cover of this mattress really got us excited.

How Firm is the Mattress?

I’d say this mattress is somewhere in the 8/10 firmness range for the top side and somewhere in the 5.5-6/10 range for the underside. I’ve never had a strong preference for mattress firmness but don’t like really soft mattresses because I feel like they cause lower back pain. This mattress had a great level of firmness and knowing that I can flip it over if I want something else is nice to know.

Did This Mattress Improve Sleep Quality?

We have currently been sleeping on a mattress that our in-laws gave us without ever giving it much thought. In hindsight, it’s probably considered to be barely higher quality than a sheet of plywood wrapped in a bedsheet. Since we’ve been sleeping on the Idle hybrid latex mattress I’ve found that I actually get excited about bedtime, and have been enjoying reading at night much more than usual.

What’s the Best Thing About this Mattress?

Wow, this is a tough question to answer honestly. I really like everything about the mattress but if I had to pick one I guess I’d have to say the responsiveness. It’s hard to describe really, but this mattress feels like it pushes back more than other mattresses out there. Rather than feeling like my body is a burden to the mattress each night, I feel like I’m laying on something solid that cares about me!

Pallet platform wall bed idle sleepSource: IDLE Sleep
Idle’s mattresses work great on platform beds, the floor, and even kitsch designs transcendent of any common design category.

Final Thoughts

The Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex mattress is a luxury mattress sold a below wholesale cost of comparable store brands. This mattress offers an organic cotton cover, double-sided Talalay latex layers, and an ample middle layer of microcoils to provide an all-night cool. Latex mattresses are incredible experiences and we’d recommend this mattress to anyone seeking a top quality example of just how comfortable and restorative such mattresses can be. The only precaution we’d offer is that this mattress is heavy and you’ll likely need someone to help you position it before unboxing. Overall, this is the best luxury bed in a box mattress we’ve seen and we’d recommend it to anyone—including friends and family. Don’t forget to check out our bed and mattress size guide to help ensure your new mattress is going to actually fit inside your bed frame!

Hybrid Latex Mattress from Idle Sleep
Idle Sleep Double-Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress
The Idle Sleep double-sided hybrid latex mattress is a one of a kind, best-in-class design, that got our attention from the moment the box opened. This mattress is built from natural and organic materials and provides a truly luxurious experience. HIGHLY recommended to anyone that wants the best.
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